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Chakra Databanks reveal the truth. Zelensky inspire you.

The Zelenskyy Aura is notable for courage. Admittedly, you might have guessed that. But the details here are a spiritual goldmine.

Those of us who stand with Ukraine are awed by President Zelensky. Especially his courage.

So let’s devote this Energy Spirituality blogpost to learning more about that extraodinary courage. In particular, how does this show at aura level?

Aren’t You Curious?

What’s it like, being the Ukranian leader? Where does it it show in his aura?

Maybe you know, I’ve already blogged here about leadership. In detail, aspects of leadership (or its lack) shows in an aura.

In other words, there are many kinds of leadership, right? Courage may not be included at all.

To be sure, I wanted to honor Zelenskyy. For that purpose I developed today’s new set of chakra databanks: Courage Chakra Databanks. Click at that link just provided. Be among the first to explore this new research instrument. In order to supplement this Monday article at the Energy Spirituality Blog.

But Why Blog about these New

COURAGE Chakra Databanks?

Most important, newbies, this post can fill in gaps of knowledge.

For example, at “Courage Chakra Databanks” you’ll find out:

  • What is a chakra databank?
  • Which chakra databanks are in this new array, so useful for aura research?
  • Most important, why have I included each of the seven chakra databanks you’ll find below. (Exactly what does each one mean?)

While you more experienced students of Energy Spirituality? Purposely I included some new knowledge treats for you, too.

Exploring Volodymyr’s Courage Can Help Us All

Quite possibly we need more courage now, need it more than we think.

In general, good skills of nergetic literacy bring such clarity: Authentic perspective, that can’t be faked.

Undeniably, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is world famous. Indisputably, his valor and leadership have earned him a place in history. Yet spiritually inquiring minds still want to know: Who is he.

Exactly what we’ll start exploring in today’s article.

By All Means, Ukraine Deserves an Quick Intro

That is, just a bit of Energy Spirituality-type introduction. Since I’m sure you thoughtful readers have been following this unprovoked war. Besides that, you might remember that Trump’s first Impeachment involved Ukraine.

Did you know how many defenders of Ukraine have been in Enlightenment? Maybe you read our related blogpost dedicated to that impeachment.

Besides featuring historic perspective, that blogpost opens into a series of useful links. By which I mean useful if you follow American politics NOW. Magnificent public servants all. At least I can give you this summary:

  1. Fiona Hill, Intelligence Expert and former White House Adviser. In Spiritual Enlightenment.
  2. George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. In Spiritual Enlightenment.
  3. Marie Yovanovitch, Former Ambassador to Ukraine. Definitely in Spiritual Enlightenment.
  4. William Taylor, Ambassador to Ukraine. Also In Enlightenment.
  5. Alexander Vindman, Lt. Col. Instrumental in setting in motion Trump’s first impeachment. Magnificently, in Enlightenment.

Since then, Trump has called Putin “a genius.” I think not! And if you don’t known the mess of Trump’s aura? Certainly. I’ve made a YouTube video for you.

Now, Getting Ready to Research the Heroic Ukranian President

First of all, this is a Wikipedia introduction to Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Supplementing that, here’s a recent video link, via CNN: ““I’m ready for negotiations with Putin, but if they fail, it could mean ‘a third World War’”

In addition, here is the photo of Zelensky that I’ll be using as a basis for today’s energetic literacy research.

Now, here goes. Bring on some high truth value!

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Belonging to My Social Group

Symbolic Size

97 feet. (Somewhat over-functioning.)


Protective of his social group. Fiercely protective!

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #2.

Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy During Conflict

Symbolic Size

97 feet. (Somewhat over-functioning.)


Strong flow of energy, energy for protecting his people.

The quality here seems related to his standing as President of Ukraine.

For example, this article explores how Pope Benedict changed for the better. Changed after assuming the office of Pope of the Catholic Church.

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #3.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict

Symbolic Size

3 inches. (Under-functioning at the time of this photo.)


Mostly, Volodymyr Zelenskyy feels exhausted. As though, humanly, he can’t take any more conflict.

However I notice two additional qualities, well worth noting:

  • Absolutely refusing to give up, no matter what.
  • And so much Scar Tissue is being created in his aura. Almost as though more of these golden thread-like structures are being created, even in the midst of the President’s making this video.

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #4.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Steadiness under Pressure

Symbolic Size

40 feet. (Finally, a chakra databank in today’s research… That’s within normal range!)


Steadiness emotionally is like a free-will choice. Functioning like a kind of clamp, or restriction. Limiting the flow of emotions for now. (Presumably, while his nation is in existential, political crisis.)

President Zelensky’s normal emotional range is temporarily unavailable. Situationally, though, this is ideal.

One other thing I notice within this chakra databank: Inwardly he insists upon not becoming a hater.

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #5.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Courage Specialties During this Lifetime

Symbolic Size

8,000 miles. (Considerably overfunctioning.)


Most noticeable is a Divine blessing, filling this chakra databank. Elevating the way courage works for Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Divine assistance, flowing freely within this chakra databank, is the ultimate spiritual resource. Essentially, this is an ever-renewable resource for the President of Ukraine.

Rare for humans in general. Yet inwardly comfortable to him.

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #6.

Throat Chakra Databank for Speaking with Power

Symbolic Size

80 feet. (Basically, normalish: On the large side of normal range.)


Tremendous seriousness. Authentic earnestness.

Mostly, Zelensky doesn’t let this show.

In terms of how chakra databanks work, did you know? Only one lights up at a time: Split-split-split second duration!

In order to get the picture, think of bits and bytes of causation. Impulses where free will meets up with human reality.

Seldom does this particular chakra databank light up within President Zelenskyy. Other chakra databanks are easier to take, less alarming. Especially now, when so many of his countrypersons are scared practically out of their minds.

Zelenskyy Aura COURAGE Chakra Databanks #7.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Presence During Conflict

Symbolic Size

5 feet.


Spiritually, Zelensky doesn’t feel particularly blessed. Humanly he doesn’t feel particularly “spiritually supported.”

In this way, he may be having an experience that’s quite typical of other Ukranians. Especially after a one-month seige from deranged dictator Putin.

Regardless, this particular man, this President of Ukraine, hello! Can he afford to have his head in the clouds, feeling “richly blessed”?

I doubt it. Rather, he’s receiving exactly the quantity and quality of spiritual presence to see him through.

Incidentally, about Zelensky Vs. Zelenskyy.

Does the Spelling Matter?

Sure does! No less than a source than the Washington Post explained it this way:

What about the surname of Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, or Zelenskyy?

The single-y spelling reflects a more Russian approach. With the double-y appearing more Ukrainian. One notes that the president of Ukraine’s Twitter handle is @ZelenskyyUa.

Depending on which U.S. publication you’re reading? (The Post and the New York Times, among others, prefer the single “y.” While USA Today, the Associated Press and others go with “yy.”)

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Glad you KEPT reading, because only then did you find the real goodies, like the part about Zelenskyy’s scar tissue in his aura.

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