Your Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness isn’t just a mood. For best results, use SKILLS.

Your Pursuit of Happiness — will that be part of your life TODAY? In order to help you find more happiness, this article offers unique insights:

  1. What can work for you.
  2. What might work.
  3. And what simply won’t. No matter how much time and money and hope you throw at that particular “solution.”

But Why Would Our Happiness Perspective Here Be Helpful? Even Unique?

Short answer: Because this blog offers you an Energy Spirituality perspective.

Energy Spirituality aims to help people like you with personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Using energy skills that work NOW, in the Age of Awakening.

Discoveries abound at this website. Probably you have no idea how many, but this article summarizes the essentials.

And today’s blog expands the reach of our self-actualization approach. Since America’s founding fathers were right about this: You have an inalienable right to happiness.

For Starters, Consider This

Imagine that you woke up this morning in an amazing home. The part of the world where you, personally, live, has been created by God.

No wonder God’s loving presence is everywhere.

Granted, this place is hardly built like a Heaven. Since you have — and require — a bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen complete with a garbage can.

Other people may live with you too. Pets, perhaps, as well. So the place smells funky and often looks funky. Complete with noise, this home of yours. Also, machines like appliances and computers… can break at any moment.

And yet, God’s loving presence is everywhere. If only you could occasionally pause long enough to notice.

Now, that’s what I call a Pursuit of Happiness!

Hey, Your Pursuit Can Include…

“The Boredom Experiment”

Suppose that you’re making breakfast. Or taking out the trash. Or otherwise doing one of innumerable not-fascinating chores that still need to be done… even in the Age of Awakening.

Might you have the habit of reaching for some entertainment?

How long does it take before you cure the “boredom” of being alone with your own thoughts and feelings?

How many seconds do you allow yourself to NOT be entertained before you turn on the radio or TV or check out what’s trending or text somebody?

What would happen if you just did the human thing?

Differently put, are you, or aren’t you, a self-actualizing person? If you are, please know this. One consequence of constantly entertaining yourself with electronic toys is this: Outsourcing your mind.

Strong words indeed! Have you ever thought in that way?

Have you ever been in a subway car or a restaurant… And just about every single person is playing with a phone? Or listening to earphones? So much entertainment!

Some is fine. But is that much entertainment really good for us?

Ever Notice This?

Society invites us to feel a perpetual need for attention-grabbing entertainment. Which leads to…

  • Constant entertainment, with skinner stars. Bigger implants. Tinier costumes.
  • More and more violence. Complete with replayed video clips of violence. Whether about devastating war in Ukraine. Or manufactured outrageous “entertainment” from fame-hungry celebs.

Hey, do you catch my drift? For more clarity…

Let’s Do One of Our Violet Link Experiments

These newly-colored links were first presented in this blogpost. A lot of those fascinatintg links!

Since the number of Google hits on any particular item can reveal what? Current popularity in Collective Consciousness.

Which of the following do you think has more hits? Take a wild guess. (Then click on each link.)

  1. “Will Smith hits” fellow entertainer Chris Rock in the face.
  2. America’s Infrastructure Bill.

Can you summarize what each of topic is about?

Either way, what does your answer show about your priorities?

Hello! Your Pursuit of Happiness Doesn’t Demand Trivial Pursuit

First, a Simple, Powerful Way to Find More Happiness

It can work for you.

Second, This Secret of Happiness Won’t Work Unless…

Collective Consciousness won’t tell you this. Not yet. So read our newsletter!

Third, When Habits of Unhappiness Lurk at Your Kitchen Table

Unlurk that lurking, Blog-Buddies. You sure can.

Questions Worth Considering

Maybe join our Comment Conversation at the Energy Spirituality Blog.

  • Do you believe in actively pursuing happiness? Or is your motto, “Life is what it is.”?
  • When it comes to the latest celebrity gossip, do you pride yourself on keeping up?
  • Spend many hours each day on breaking news?
  • To the extent you are glued to your mobile phone, does that bring you happiness?
  • As for those of you who are empaths, do you think it’s harder for you to be happy. Harder, compared to when non-empaths seek happiness? Could real-deal Empath Empowerment ® make a difference?

Meanwhile, thanks for reading.



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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree


Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.