Your New Potentials for Reading Auras

Energetic Literacy Update in 2023

Rose Rosetree


Seemingly abstract, Energetic Literacy Skills in 2023 can make a real-life difference for you now.

Here’s your UPDATE about 27 stages of Energetic Literacy this year

  • Compared to 2 stages in 2011
  • And 21 stages in 2017.

This update gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the leading edge of reading auras.

This article will introduce you to all these super-practical skills.

Which skills are available to me now? More important, if you have a session of Energy Spirituality with me, I just might use one of these Energetic Literacy skills to help YOU.

Incidentally, if you have any questions, here’s where to go to express yourself. And then I’ll respond! Hop on over to the version of this article at my personal blog.

But Why Learn about Energetic Literacy Skills?

For one thing, you personally can master many of them. Every skill that you learn, from Stage 3 onward, will lift you up. Learning advanced skills for aura reading can:

  1. Enrich your life beyond measure.
  2. Grow faster, emotionally and socially.
  3. Grow faster, spiritually.
  4. Give you inside info about people in business, helping you advance in your career.
  5. Greatly increase your success — and decrease your disappointments — when dating.
  6. Help you to move beyond dreadful, dumbing-down cliches in Collective Consciousness.
  7. Each day is ever fresh: especially when you can use some of your daily Technique Time to do what? To read auras and chakra databanks, that’s what.

Also, let’s be clear. You CAN learn quality skills of energetic literacy. No clairvoyance required.

Another Reason to Level up Your Understanding of Energetic Literacy?

Many of you are already doing self-help through Energy Spirituality books. Perhaps you’re also taking some of our online workshops.

Of course, do that because of the benefits to you. For example, THEODORE recently wrote a brilliant Guest Post for this blog: “Covid Is Still Here. How



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