Young Souls

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Why are some people responding to the coronavirus pandemic in ways that just don’t make sense to you?

Like, How Is this Possible?

Probably you’re NOT saying things like the following. But you hear others going on and on. Maybe whining in a self-righteous way. Definitely saying weird things, causing you to feel weird:

  1. I’m sooooo tired of stayhome.
  2. I want my freedom back.
  3. They have to find another way to keep people safe. I’m going to my favorite bar, and nobody can stop me.
  4. If I can’t have a normal meal with friends in a restaurant, life isn’t worth living.
  5. I’ll take my chances.
  6. Even if I do come down with Covid 19, I’m not scared. Almost nobody dies. It’s all a big conspiracy.
  7. Ooh, you’re right. I guess I’m not wearing a mask right now. Usually I always do. Don’t worry.
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This is Earth School. Like a one-room schoolhouse. Where different levels of soul attainment aren’t officially graded. You could be college age — sitting next to a first grader.

Soul Age

Sometimes the Person Whining about the Pandemic Is a Young Soul

Young Soul, really?

Quite possibly you hate thinking about people in that way. It feels snobby.

Therefore, what seems preferable? Especially preferable to your subconscious mind, which can then screen out what’s true.

Subconsciously choosing to turn a blind eye. Putting the obvious into denial.

Let’s Get Real. Let’s Do Some Math

Statistically doesn’t it make sense? Being an old soul requires thousands of lifetimes. So let’s do some math.

How many people live on earth now? 7.8 billion.

Compared to these previous milestones of world population:

  • 5 Billion: 1987. Supposing that you lived then, did you notice the qualitative difference? Almost 3 billion fewer humans in this world!
  • 4 Billion: 1974. In mysterious ways, all humans are interconnected. Doesn’t that mean a lot more mystery? Much greater HUMAN connectivity!
  • 3 Billion: 1960. Hey, I’ve been alive before that population milestone. Any of you?
  • 2 Billion: 1930. My grandparents lived then. Also you had ancestors living then. In America, folks would have noticed the Great Depression more than planetary crowding. But still, so many people sharing the air! “Your breath has been shared by many before you.”
  • 1 Billion: 1804. Logically, that implies all the world’s history BEFORE 1804. Right?
Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash

Yes, some of the grownups you see walking around and whining? They’re young souls… In grownup, adult bodies.

Really, Do the Math!

The majority of human beings on earth have to be pretty unevolved souls. Because we need many, many human incarnations — productively lived, in terms of learning — before earning the status of “old soul.”

No, it’s not just that you look at your eyes in the mirror and think to yourself:

  • My eyes are so beautiful.
  • I’m a beautiful soul.
  • I must be an old soul.

Nonsense! Every human alive started off as a beautiful soul, an eternal soul. And still is, ultimately.

But “old soul” is not something God gives out like a kind of participation soccer trophy for five-year-olds.

Of course the majority of people in your country are very young souls! And when this truth finally dawns upon you, what will you feel? Maybe acceptance.

Some young souls are ready to live in the Age of Awakening. How can you tell? Because they’re choosing to wear masks.

Others are not. That’s just how it is.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

Every incarnated soul has inherent worth. But times like these can give us a peek at the truth: Not everybody is an old soul. Or even a middle-aged soul. Most of the people on earth are young souls — more like toddlers.

Summing up, a Reality Check

How willing are people to admit that most people are young souls?

  • Google has how many hits on “old soul”? 235,000,000
  • What happens if I google “The majority of souls are not old souls”? 126,000,000.
  • Only catch? My first page of hits is all about old souls. Terms like “young souls” and “immature souls” don’t come up once.
  • What happens if I google “Young souls”? 127,000,000
  • Only catch? The entire first page of hits is about an album.
  • Reminds me of how radio wit Garrison Keillor used to talk about his fictional town. In Midwestern Lake Wobegon, where “All the children are above average.”

Get That?

All the children in Lake Wobegon — or elsewhere — can’t really be above average, can they?

In conclusion, show respect to all people, sure. But please! Stop feeling weird or confused if some young souls keep acting their age.



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