Yes, You Have a Good Weight Point

Probably It’s Higher than You Think

Rose Rosetree


To what extent are you pushing yourself to fulfill a false goal about how much to weigh? How strong is that pressure for you? Today’s post can help you to overcome it.[

About Your Good Weight Point — Did you even know that you have one at this time in your life? Sure do! Read how yours might help you with creativity. Power. Handling personal criticism. Even physical health.

Overcome social pressures that let others choose your ideal weight. I’ll bring you a sample of an alternative, an empowering alternative. Before reading this research, you might want to grab a hankie.

Also, yes, today’s blogpost will include a Newsletter Announcement. You’ll see. Close to the end. Now…

What IS Your Good Weight Point?

Likely you’ve never heard that expression before. So what does it mean?

Define Your Good Weight Point as the weight which is ideal for you. Not just what will allow you to squeeze into a Size 2 pair of jeans.

Rather, this weight is just slender enough. Imagine a weight that’s ideal for your optimal emotional growth and spiritual evolution. Yeah, also great for your health.

A lower weight might make you feel more attractive. But at a cost. As you’ll be reading in today’s article.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, the term “Good Weight Point” makes its debut. At the Energy Spirituality® Blog and also here on Medium. How do I know? While first-drafting this article, I googled “Your Good Weight Point”. Zero hits. So far.


Might I suggest? Be a leader and keep reading.

Overcome that Horrible Pressure. You Can

As I discovered recently, yes! There’s a simple way to dermine your Your Good Weight Point. Soul Thrill® Aura Research is the name of this method to bring you perspective. Empowering you because this Energy Spirituality specialty reveals the true reaction of your soul. The reaction to any choice you might make. This reaction shows in those parts of your aura known as “chakra databanks.”



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