Wisdom Chakra Databanks of Judge Luttig

What the judge DID was impressive. How about the man himself?

Bring on this Judge Luttig Aura Reading! Maybe you already know, or can guess, the historic significance of today’s research. What he did was glorious. Is his wisdom equally glorious?

Did You Already Know?

This former federal judge was shortlisted for the Supreme Court by Republican President George W. Bush. Instead Bush chose John Roberts. As a federal judge, he’s one of the most respected Constitutional authorities in the U.S. But that’s not why he’s going down in history.

At the third Jan. 6 Select Committee Hearing, Judge Michael Luttig said “there was no basis in the Constitution or laws of the United States at all, for the theory espoused by Mr. Eastman.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Luttig said that Eastman’s plan was “incorrect at every turn.”

Furthermore, he said:

“I would have laid my body across the road before I would have let the Vice President overturn the 2020 election…”

In today’s aura reading, I’ll be researching this top Conservative intellectual. Using the chakra databank array of “Wisdom Chakra Databanks.”

Why Devote Any More Time to J. Michael Luttig?

First of all, I must admit this. Watching the Hearing, I found his words hard to follow. Despite being bowled over by his gravitas. Not merely his status as a pre-eminent Conservative Judge, no no! That presence of his struck me as truly aura-reading worthy. In order to do justice to the gourmet flavors of Judge Luttig’s gravitas. Let’s do that today.

If you watched him speak, during the third Jan. 6 Hearing, whoa! Surely you noticed the judge’s imperturbable way of taking his time. Hearing him speak was like seeing a master watchmaker tinker with a super-elegant, crazy-expensive, old-fashioned watch. So many gears and whatsies!!!

One knew they were important. In a way, it felt like a privilege to observe him. And yet it was sooooooooo hard for me to make sense out of his words.

By now you know this, too, right? How Judge Luttig and others made sure that Trump, plus John Eastman and his other coup plotters knew…

And knew well in advance of Trump’s incitement of the mob on January 6th 2020

How it would be constitutionally unlawful for Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the results of America’s election.

Therefore, It Can Be Fascinating to Share this Judge Luttig Aura Reading with Your Political Friends

You’ll quickly appreciate the significance of what follows. Yet, to be practical, hmmmm.

If you already understand what a “chakra databank” is, DO keep reading what follows.

Otherwise, first educate yourself by reading about:

Once You Know these Essentials…

Then you can appreciate any aura reading published here. Very likely, we’ll have more to come.

Meanwhile you can read what I’ve researched recently about Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Also, at this Energy Spirituality Blog you can find chakra databank research into hundreds of other public figures. Go for it.

Note that the door is always open for you to comment at any of these aura reading blogposts.

Which photo will I be using for reference, doing today’s aura reading for wisdom? The one at the link just provided.

Judge J. Michael Luttig Aura Reading #1. Root Chakra Databank for…

Distinguishing OBJECTIVE Reality from SUBJECTIVE Reality

Symbolic Size

14 feet. (Quite under-functioning.)

What would be Judge Luttig’s normal range for chakra databank sizes?

At the time of this photo, that would be 25–50 feet out from his physical body.


Ripped apart, practically duct-taped together. The problem at this chakra databank doesn’t impact the great man’s sanity. But, by this time in his career, Michael Luttig has messed up his coordination between noticing life versus analyzing it.

Rose Comments

Ideally, this is the more desirable order for intellectuals:

  • First one notices life. Namely, what happens in objective reality.
  • Then one rolls up one’s sleeves (as it were) and sets to work analyzing. To one’s heart’s content.

Unfortunately, the brilliant Judge Lutting has made a mistake not unknown to academics. (And sometimes others, as well.)

What exactly did I observe from the quality of this chakra databank? It’s as though intermittenly — as a subconscious and energetic procees — Luttig does this:

  • Mentally use the equivalent of a stiletto to cut the “muscle” responsible for coordination between mind and objective reality. Analyzing away!
  • Following that he’ll reluctantly make a split-second leap back to objective reality.

Regarding what I observed in this particular chakra databank, he’s developed an astounding amount of scar tissue. As if having recovered from repeated stabbings.

Yoicks! Maybe Not Quite as Gravitas-Worthy After All?

If the man weren’t so deeply sane, he wouldn’t be able to speak at all.

As it was, maybe you noticed. Whenever he spoke during the Hearing, Luttig proceeded haltingly, as if extremely elderly. (See my related question near the very end of this blogpost.)

Ever notice? Pauses like this can confer gravitas. As though he were pausing due to his extensive knowledge and deep wisdom.

Well, let’s keep learning about him through the rest of this aura reading, shall we?

My guess so far, from Michael Luttig him speak, is that he’s brilliant AND wise AND responsible.

Even this far into reading his aura, I suspect this to be true as well: Much of Luttig’s gravitas comes from what I would call: An “Unintentional, self-inflicted, intellectual disability, disrupting his flow of thought.”

Judge J. Michael Luttig Aura Reading #2. Belly Chakra Databank for

Creativity to Solve Problems

Symbolic Size

3 inches. (Pretty darned close to shut down)


Creativity and innovation are both pretty absent from this chakra databank. Rather this eminent Conservative values the wisdom of the past.

Rose Comments

I think it’s fair to say that Luttig would consider the only worthwhile “creativity” to involve what?

Finding current direction in terms of the past wisdom.

However, had this kind of thing truly counted as creativity? Both the size and quality of this chakra databank would have been big-and-bodacious.

Illustrating, Perhaps, a Larger Point

One reason I love the truth we uncover by using good skills of energetic literacy: How the rubber meet the road at our chakra databanks. In other words, we humans are welcome to our illusions and substitutions, our vanities and snobberies.

Yet, these don’t necessarily have what I’d call a “High Truth Value.”

Researching chakra databanks helps us to separate truths from even the sweetest illusions.

Michael Luttig Aura Reading #3. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for…

ASSESSING CHOICES in Objective Reality

Symbolic Size

2 inches. (Almost completely shut down, at the time of this photo.)


Such a heavy weight! A weight of arrogance, personal pride, even preening.

Rose Comments

Quite different from wisdom, well-worn pride versus a working ability to assess choices in real life.

Awfully well hidden, this arrogance of the great Conservative.

Readers, do you consider yourself an everyday expert at expression and body language?

  1. I’d consider myself pretty skilled at that, although I prefer supplementary ways of learning about character. Although none of my 1000+ media interviews has been about body language.
  2. In Energy Spirituality, there’s a technical term for quick “reading” of people. Whether through interpreting body language or expression or vibing somebody out, we call that “Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.”
  3. By contrast, this article is based on using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Quite a skill upgrade by comparison!

Unsurprisingly then, I had no clue about arrogance when watching Judge Luttig during the Third Jan. 6 Committee Hearing. Did you? (I’m not coordinated enough to do Stage 3 Energetic Literacy or higher while engaged in watching TV, etc. Instead, the default is to use Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.)

Mine sure didn’t tip me off to pride, let alone a studied habit of concealing great pride. But that’s what good quality energetic literacy skills can help a person to do.

Judge J. Michael Luttig Aura Reading #4. Heart Chakra Databank for…

Balancing Emotional Abilities with My Other Abilities

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. (Completely shut down. For now. At the time of this photo.)


The brilliant Michael Lutting analyzes emotions. Rather than experiencing them.

Rose Comments

Yes, there is a difference.

Judge J. Michael Luttig Aura Reading #5. Throat Chakra Databank for…

Communication for Social Connection

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. (Totally flatlining.)


Atrophied! As in, not used for a very long time.

Rose Comments

Why hasn’t Michael Luttig aimed for social connection in years?

Public intellectuals and others with superior social status can get to a point where they live in an ivory tower. Why bother to communicate with the hoi polloi?

One reason why not? They’re not interested in developing their full potential in life. Nor do they care about helping “ordinary people,” the little people.

Judge Michael Luttig Aura Reading #6. Third Eye Chakra Databank for…

Spiritual Sense of Self During Conflict

Symbolic Size

Fills the room plus two inches. (Routinely over-functioning.)


Michael Luttig’s “spiritual” sense of self is a kind of substitute.

“Fake spiritual” is the simplest term that comes to mind.

Rose Comments

Intellectually superior to others? Undoubtedly. he’s conflating his intellectual brilliance with the completely different thing.

Cautionary observation from this spiritual teacher: We don’t grow in our spiritual sense of self… by imagining any one thing about us counts a spiritual. Unless that thing IS spiritual.

  1. Social status has nothing to do with spiritual superiority. Or even beginner-level interest in the Divine.
  2. Nor does white privilege.
  3. Nor does male privilege.
  4. And fame doesn’t cut it either.
  5. Oops!

Judge J. Michael Luttig Aura Reading #7. Crown Chakra Databank for Connection to Collective Consciousness…

Pressures to Be Popular

Symbolic Size

Extremely large.


The people who count are those who revere him. That simple.

Others don’t matter.

Rose Comments

J. Michael Luttig may not care about connecting (in Collective Consciousness) to lesser intellectual lights. Nor to writers like me without Conservative bona fides.

That kind of snobbery could be pretty hard for him to emerge from, at least during the rest of this lifetime.

Particularly since, whatever you think about this man’s aura, or his Conservative philosophy of life…

What has America learned about him from the January 6th Hearings? Judge Luttig almost singlehandedly saved American Democracy. (At least, regarding Mike Pence’s decision.)

History may eventually show Pence to be a weak, sychophantic vice president. Some of us have already arrived at that conclusion.

Consequently, what if Luttig hadn’t spoken to the VP so firmly, so adamantly?

Pence might well have gone along with the scam to overturn America’s presidential election.

That’s why liberals like me owe Luttig a debt of gratitude. Deciding which way to go, Pence called Dan Quayle, who is largely given credit for helping Pence to decide. But I doubt that any of them was impressive enough for that to seem conclusive to Mike Pence. Except that J. Michael Luttig weighed in, influencing Pence’s legal team.

Yes, I believe that Judge Luttig almost singlehandedly saved American Democracy.

My Only Fear about the Hearings

It’s that the people who most need to understand this info are not…

How shall I put this?

You remember how Trump said, “I love the poorly educated”?

Heck, I’m college educated, even did some grad school. Yet I found it mind-numbing, trying to follow the technical arguments in this third Hearing of the Select Committee.

However, I’ve chosen to spend time to learn enough to appreciate the takeaways. Which were epic.

Blog-Buddies, how about you? Please share your takeaways.

In Conclusion

Sure, we can talk wisdom. And gravitas.

Most cordially, I invite you to comment on all that and more.

What stood out for YOU from the third Jan. 6 Select Committee Hearing?

Were you able to follow what Judge Luttig said?

  1. Any favorite quotes from any portion of that Jan. 6th Hearing?
  2. Any favorite quotes from newspapers of record? Like the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Did you watch highlights with commentary on any news networks?
  4. How about your emotional and personal reactions to what you learned?
  5. Anybody want to guess the AGE of Michael Luttig?

Feel free to share urls and specific quotes, folks. Go over to the version of this article at my personal blog. (Responding to blog comments at one place is plenty for me.)

Such vital information. And the more we share, the better we’ll play a role at this pivotal time in American history.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. It’s so important, I think, to learn the truth from these Jan. 6th Committee Hearings.”

Incidentally, If you’ve enjoyed this article, please consider FOLLOWING me here on Medium. I’d appreciate it.



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