Why Do People Believe Conspiracy Theories?

Rose Rosetree
4 min readFeb 5, 2021


Living now, most people around you are not cooking on all four burners. They don’t play nice. Sadly, their current consciousness lifestyles won’t allow them to notice objective reality, not much.

Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories. Our Most Important Point.

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By all means, consider friends and family members you know.

  • For example, has your favorite relative — Uncle Joey — really just told you:

“What do you think about the secret group controlling the world? Naturally I mean the Iluminati. Folks in the know are onto them. Members of this group have been controlling the world. Looking to create a one world government. I’m afraid they’re getting closer to their end-goal. Are you?”

  • Another example, do you have a neighbor-friend who told you something like this?
  • “There’s a giant active volcano under Yellowstone in Wyoming. And if it erupts, it could wipe out the US. Worst of all, the government knows when this eruption will happen.”
  • What’s more, have any recent posts from Facebook-type friends made you catch your breath? Then breathe out a kind of incredulity snort!

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Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories, Point 2.

Spiritual Enlightenment Coaching Brings a Different Perspective

And guess what? Enlightenment Coaching is what we do around here. It’s one of the four specialties of Energy Spirituality. As a matter of fact, this perspective aims to help you with personal growth. Also spiritual awakening.

  • Instead of being about politics
  • Or focusing on theories concerning conspiracies in media and politics
  • Here you learn ideas to help you to move forward on your path. Namely, your personal Enlightenment path.

Essential to help you move forward toward using your full potential in life? Pay attention to life. And, these days, that sure includes paying attention to consciousness lifestyles.

Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories, Point 3.

Another Factor Is Consciousness Lifestyles

Maybe you’re wondering, what are consciousness-related lifestyles? To get a good one, must you walk around holding a yoga mat? Here’s my practical definition of consciousness lifestyles: The consequences for a person’s aura of making choices around doing personal growth practices. And here’s an up-to-date survey of consciousness lifestyles in America now. (Probably something similarly goes on in your country, if you live outside the U.S. Maybe a higher proportion of folks in Spiritual Shutdown.)

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