Why Name this Era the “Age of Awakening”?

Should we name this Era “The Age of Awakening.” Or what?

Maybe finding a good name is trickier than it seems.

In this article, let’s consider: What’s the best name for the era that began on 12/21/12?

Specifically, what IS the Age of Awakening. And why use that name? Rather than the Aquarian Age, the Age of Enlightenment, etc.

Funny Thing about Naming Important Eras in History

People tend to suck at getting that right. For instance:

  • Did folks who lived in Athens in 440 BC wake up one morning and think like this? “Hello! I’m living at the height of Greek civilization. Now is the birthplace of democracy for all of human history.”
  • How about the average Joe living in 1450 AD? While he and his friends sat around drinking wine, what happened with naming? Do you think, suddenly they burst into operatic song? Maybe puffing out their chests and crooning, “Hooray, I’m living in the Renaissance.”

Weirdly or not, when living through important world history, these folks had no clue. And this wasn’t only because our forebears lacked internet connectivity.

Even today, despite living with the internet, many of us struggle….

Naming this Era, What Exactly to Call It?

First of all, some folks don’t even know that anything changed. Perhaps they never heard about the Shift on 12/21/12. Nobody told them (before today’s article, anyway) that humanity moved into a historic new era. What I — and a growing number of others — call “The Age of Awakening.”

What is the Age of Awakening?

It’s a time on earth when human consciousness is more awake than before. When every human with a normally functioning brain now has… what?

Each of us has the gift of a “New Vibrational Freedom” of our consciousness. Which you can learn to master in a how-to book called “The New Strong.”

Using our potential with skill, we can greatly enhance our personal growth. And we can gain so much spiritual awakening.

Alternatively, if we don’t learn how to adjust well, we’re going to suffer. Often suffer a lot!

But First Things First

Naming matters. What is the best name for the time when we’re living?

Let’s consider the choices before us.

Naming this Era the Age of Enlightenment Vs. the Age of Awakening

In a way, that’s a grand idea. My research into consciousness lifestyles has shown that we’ve got a better shot now. Hundreds of people now live in Enlightenment. (For example, see this ongoing research into living in Spiritual Enlightenment.)

But I find two problems with calling this era the Age of Enlightenment:

  1. Unfortunately this name doesn’t take into consideration how there are now two different versions of spiritual Enlightenment. Traditional Enlightenment continues to be an option. However, the majority of people in Enlightenment are living in “Age of Awakening Enlightenment.” So are we going to start calling this era the Age of Age-of-Awakening Enlightenment? Pretty awkward.
  2. Even worse, the name’s already taken. For instance, check out what Wikipedia has to say about the Age of Enlightenment. (For starters, it happened during the 17th and 18th centuries.)

Naming this Era the Age of Aquarius Vs. the Age of Awakening

If you’re an astrologer, sure. Go ahead and think of this time as the long-prophesied Age of Aquarius.

Except, oops! That long-ago name doesn’t tell us much about the quality of human life, does it?

Nor does it include any acknowledgment that a psychic barrier, or veil used to limit human consciousness. And now, with that barrier gone, human beings have a new vibrational freedom.

One that requires a bit of skill to use wisely.

Besides, wouldn’t it be a bit of a paradox for ancient astrologers to know what it would be like to live after the Shift?

If human consciousness really did change in subtle ways… (And, trust me, it has.) Why would storied astrologers of yore be in a position to describe it properly? Paradox time!

Naming this Era the New Age after the Shift… Vs. the Age of Awakening

What’s not so great about that moniker? For one thing, it’s pretty darned clunky.

It doesn’t trip blithely off your tongue. More likely, it trips UP your tongue.

More important, the New Age Years already happened. Specifically, they lasted from 1980 until the Shift on 12/21/12.

You and I lived through some of those years, at least.

This was an exciting era, because so many people became energy sensitive. In retrospect, though, that was just the lead-up to the Age of Awakening.

Many people today still hope for great results from their New Age practices. Be that wearing crystals or channeling or other forms of psychic development. Or so much more.

Sadly, many of those hardworking people are working harder than ever. Yet receiving diminishing returns. Often, these days, they’re moving into the consciousness lifestyle of spiritual addiction. In short, they’re spiritually stuck. Due to sticking to the same old, sweet old spiritual practices. Even while the planet has moved on.

In Conclusion… Or More Exactly, In Acknowledgment of a Beginning

Might I suggest? Keep your eyes peeled for reliable info about the Age of Awakening.

Search out “The New Strong,” which is the Energy Spirituality method for adapting to the Age of Awakening.

Maybe, too, it will be worth your while to learn good skills of energetic literacy. (Namely, contemporary aura reading: Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.) Because here’s one last thought about life in this Age of Awakening:

During the Age of Faith (or whatever you call the time that preceded the Age of Awakening), the breakthrough skill for humanity was word literacy. Far back in the day, those lucky few who could read became thought leaders.

By the end of the Age of Faith, word literacy became nearly universal. You depend on it, don’t you?

By contrast, in the Age of Awakening, the hot new skill is energetic literacy. So useful for consumer choices. And for choosing a path of personal growth that will work for you now. Consider learning good skills of energetic literacy. That will bring you clarity as you move forward into this new era on earth.



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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree


Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at rose-rosetree.com. She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.