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Best to Take FIRST?

Rose Rosetree
5 min readMar 5, 2021


So many unique Energy Spirituality workshops are available. Let me help you choose wisely. Because this is an unusual kind of consumer choice.

First, What’s Unique about this Kind of Choice?

Since I doubt you’ll find another article like this one at my blog. Usually I set you free to explore any and all of the distinctive specialties here.

  1. Energy Spirituality AURA READING. Because it makes such a difference to gain good skills of energetic literacy.
  2. Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING. Many of the leading-edge, trademarked systems of Energy Spirituality can be used for self-healing.
  3. Energy Spirituality EMPATH EMPOWERMENT® COACHING. What a Godsend those skills can be! Incidentally, I promise to never pretend that non-empaths are empaths. Sadly, not everybody working in empath teaching today… holds to that standard.
  4. Energy Spirituality ENLIGHTENMENT COACHING. In this capacity I spread the word about Age of Awakening Enlightenment, as well as Traditional Enlightenment. Your soul will choose which one you head toward, btw.
  5. And even Energy Spirituality FACE READING. (Sadly, I don’t write about this nearly as much as I like. But this is such a GREAT way to explore Deeper Perception Made Practical. Both practical and super-easy to learn.)

Overall, Energy Spirituality aims to help people like you with personal growth and spiritual awakening. Using skills that work NOW, in the Age of Awakening. Usually I figure that you know best what will help you. What interests you. Therefore, it’s great for you to take any direction you like.

However, with online workshops, it’s a bit different. I’ll explain. :-)

#1. Which Energy Spirituality Online Workshop Is Best to Take, No Matter What?

There really is one answer to that question.

Emphatically I recommend that everyone take “The New Strong” Collection of Workshops. Because this knowledge is indispensable for having a good life, living now.

How come? For starters, you’re living in the Age of Awakening. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not. Pretty simple understandings and skills can make a HUGE difference for your quality of life.

#2. Which Online Workshop Is Best to Take Next…

If You’re an Aspiring Writer. Or Actor. Or Artist. Etc.

Quite some Creativity Online Workshop! We’re talking “Creativity Secrets with Soul.” Perhaps you know, Julia Cameron has been helping teach creativity to writers for 25 years.

In case you’re curious, the approach here is altogether different. Beautiful results reported by students!

IF you’re interested in an approach that is powerfully spiritual and personally transformative, check out the Free Intro. Then there’s just one power-packed, follow-up creativity workshop to deliver the rest of these life skills.

#3. Which Online Workshop Is Best to Take Next…

If You’re into Energy Healing. (Or Energy. Or Healing. ;-) )

Oh my goodness, it would be worth devoting my life to Energy Spirituality…. just for the sake of teaching the uniquely effective skills we offer for energy healing.

Your very best resource is the Spiritually Sparkling® Collection of Workshops. Start with the Free Intro. Incidentally, taking “The New Strong” first is still my recommendation. Because that way you’ll prevent so much aura mess. You’ll see!

#4. Which Online Workshop Is Best to Take Next…

If You Want to Read Auras at Last!

Of course, I’d love to teach you Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. But don’t start here, taking this workshop.

  • Why not? Because this workshop requires some independence of thought, and also trusting your own self-authority.
  • Also, if you’re used to living in your head, constantly analyzing everything? Do yourself a favor. Get over that first. (For instance, by having some personal sessions with me.) Being super-smart doesn’t have to mean barely living in other ways.

Like all Energy Spirituality workshops, this course of study is not compatible with doing psychic development. At a minimum, while taking any Energy Spirituality workshops, it’s essential that you avoid any intuitive work for the entire time you’re taking the workshop.

(Later, if you want to go back to that, fine. Just never mix that in with any Energy Spirituality skill. Not good for you!)

When you’re ready, here’s a juicy 5-lesson Free Intro. And click here for info about Aura Reading 101. Also here for Aura Reading 102. Incidentally, when I’ve graduated another 50 of you, or so, I can make available a couple more advanced workshops. Like how to do Soul Thrill® Aura Reading.

#5. Which Online Workshop Is Best to Take Next…

If You’d Like to Progress Even More as an Empowered Empath

What do I mean by “even more.” Please do yourself the favor of readingEmpath Empowerment in 30 Days.” If you’d like even more knowledge and skills, then turn to Book 2 in our 4 book series for real-deal Empath Empowerment: The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy.”

But some of us really love these on-demand, self-paced, learner-friendly workshops. In which case, you’re in luck. Start with this Free Intro for Empaths. Then go through our Empath Empowerment Collection of Workshops.

Surprisingly, Please Avoid this Way of Choosing an Online Workshop

Can you guess what is The Terrible Choice? Take every Free Intro I offer. Gobble them up like free candy.

Only instead of a sugar rush, check to see if anything impresses you. To be clear, many students at my online workshops have enthusiastically told me what? How helpful these workshops have been for them.

However, I am not a psychic. Nor an intuitive. I don’t promote what I call “The Romance of the Astral.” (Words that are decidedly not a complement.)

Instead, how about this? Save those thoughtfully-and-lovingly created Free Intros… Until you’re seriously curious. Therefore, if you like what you find… you might be ready to sign up for at least one workshop in that series. That’s treating yourself with respect. (And me, too.)

What Else Would You Like to Know?

Because there’s really quite a lot I can tell you about Energy Spirituality Online Workshops. Thanks so much for reading all the way through.

Every one of these online workshops was created with joy… In order to help you live with more joy. Plus, of course, the unique subject matter of every one of our workshops.

Now it’s your turn to COMMENT. I’ll do my best to answer every question. Also, if you’ve taken any of these boutique workshops, why not let folks know about some of the results-and-benefits you gained?

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