When You Stand in the Presence of God…

A Practical Perspective from Energy Spirituality™

Rose Rosetree
5 min readJan 9


How you stand before God might be the cumulative result of MANY choices.

Actually, are you used to thinking that you even have a choice about how you stand before God?

First, about How to Stand in the Presence of God

You’re doing that right now, you know.

Does that mean God sees — or cares — whether you’re wearing gorgeous makeup? Or your facial hair is arranged just so?

Doubtful. In fact, I doubt that God even cares if your face is clean.

Remember — or consider now, for the first time — you’re human. Living in a human body, as a matter of fact.

You and all your fellow students here at Earth School are living WHERE? On Earth. Consequently, our bodies, our world, and everything in it exists…. First and foremost, at Human Vibrational Frequencies.

Human-type perception is your natural, healthy range. Goes with having that human incarnation.

If you’re a spiritual seeker, it can help you considerably to learn more about this. Including all three main types of vibrational frequency, and what each kind is like. This knowledge — plus a few skills — can lead to your living what I call “The New Strong.” Essential for just about every kind of success in life.

Meanwhile, While You’re Here, You Can LEARN How to Stand in the Presence of God

Does This Next Part Make Sense to You?

How you think about God is your business.

If God insisted that you think about God in one particular way, you’d already be doing that. Admit it.

No relationship is more personal than this one. And it sure doesn’t have to stay exactly the same, like some kind of self-inflicted tattoo.

Besides, if you’re like me, even if you have some other magnificent human relationships…

Your relationship with God is THE love of your life.

So You’re Free to Evolve and Experiment, Regarding Your Beliefs about God

One excellent resource for choosing how to define that relationship might be:

Booking a personal session of Energy Spirituality™ for that purpose. (Think Soul Thrill® Aura Research, among other possibilities.)

In a session, this spiritual teacher can help you to evaluate possible religious paths, spiritual paths, etc.

  • To be clear, Energy Spirituality is not a path. Plenty of other experts offer a path. Or you might even create your own.
  • Energy Spirituality is a resource for living your path.

For a second resource, might I suggest? Read this superb book on “America’s Four Gods.

  • The link just supplied will take you to my book review at Goodreads. Just in case you’re curious.
  • You can also, boldly, buy yourself your own copy of “America’s Four Gods.” Read it and learn so much!
  • For instance, you’ll gain a powerful education in the consequences of who you believe God to be. Since the way that you stand before God… also shapes YOU.

Shocking Age of Faith Lessons:

How NOT to Stand in the Presence of God

Just as you’re not forbidden to develop your own relationship with God. (And you’re totally allowed to stand before that presence.) Guess what?

You really are allowed to pay attention, like starting a new hobby… From time to time, then, you’re invited to… Pay attention to how random people you know personally, and also famous entertainers… seem to you… To be standing before God.

Also, Auras and Chakra Databanks Reveal the Truth of Who We Be

Considering that RIGHT NOW you’re standing in the presence of God, what do you think is showing!

Personally, I think the most significant truth of our being is in our auras. Every single moment. Ever-changing.

Maybe you know all this:

Even humans learn the entire truth of any human’s aura… through Auric Modeling. Only a subconscious download for mortals: But I do suspect that omniscient God can handle that entire truth with full awareness. Don’t you?

As a teacher of “Deeper Perception Made Practical” I know how even we humans can learn a great deal through quality skills to seek High Truth Value.

BTW, if you go to that link just provided, you’ll find an excellent summary in SIMON’S Comments #116–120.

Also, if you go to any of the following links, you may get a taste for the kind of thing God would notice about each of these people:

  1. Albert Einstein (a Skilled Empath Merge)
  2. Ketanji Brown Jackson (Aura Reading, Age of Awakening Enlightenment)
  3. Stewart Rhodes (Aura of a Convicted Domestic Terrorist)

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In Conclusion

Hey, you.

Right now.

You can choose how to stand in the presence of God. Actually, you can’t not stand in the presence of God. Therefore, the big question is HOW.



Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at rose-rosetree.com. She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.