When a Pianist Moves into Age of Awakening Enlightenment

What has it been like for Pianist Aria, moving into Enlightenment?

Aria is that rare musician who has made a career of her passion. Not just a music-loving hobbyist, she works as a performing artist and also as a teacher.

Teaching where exactly? Sooooooo impressive!

At this Point I’d Play an Arpeggio. If Only I Could

Aria teaches at a music school. Plus, she gives private lessons. Also, she teaches in the music department of a university. Quite some career path after first starting to play piano as an eight-year-old!

At the risk of embarassing her, it must be thrilling to witness her live performances. In my opinion, Aria’s face is astoundingly beautiful. To me, she looks like a walking lighthouse. (Just ordinarly noticing. What I’m wont to call, “Appreciating her with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.”)

In case you’re wondering, which are Aria’s favorite composers? (Audio-peek, Blog-Buddies, into their astounding music. Since these next YouTube performance links… Can help you sample some glorious sounds.)

First Movement, Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation

Blog-Buddies, I invite you to read-hear-feel the duet. As she improvises something beautiful with her Enlightenment Teacher, Rose Rosetree. Because our Enlightenment Validation interview was spontaneous for both people concerned, Pianist Aria (PA) and her joyful teacher (RR). Here’s how that conversation begins.

RR: Have you cared about attaining Spiritual Enlightenment for a while?

PA: As a teenager, I loved the idea of self-actualization. It meant reaching my full potential. I didn’t know how to do that.

Sometimes I read self-help books ; mostly this was a dream I had. I just knew deep inside, this was one of my most important goals in life.

RR: Later on, did you actively do anything to use more of your full potential?

PA: I came across your booth at the Pathways Expo in Maryland in 2010, in the spring.

Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation 1.

Empath Empowerment®, How the Wonders Began for Aria

PA: At that Expo, where Rose gave a workshop, I learned about Empath Empowerment . That was a really big deal for me.

Becoming a Skilled Empath lined up inside with that idea I had of self-actualization. I was so intrigued and interested, and went through Rose’s 30 days book for empaths that summer.

It was my life-changing moment. Because that’s when I stopped doing unskilled empath merges. I began living more effectively and being happier.

Then I started reading this Energy Spirituality Blog, and that’s how I learned about Enlightenment now, in the Age of Awakening.

RR: What did you think about that?

PA: I thought, “That’s what I want.”

Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation 2.


RR: Any milestone along the way?

PA: I had several sessions throughout the years. In one, you told me that, at the time, I was in Spiritual Addiction.

That was a wakeup call for me, because I’d read about Spiritual Addiction on your blog. But I thought, “I don’t have that.”

You educated me personally: how I was doing all sorts of unofficial Technique Time.

For example, I slipped into doing a kind of Technique Time while at the piano, practicing. During our session you described what that was like. I developed this way of noticing how my hands moved, noticing my own hands in a detached way, analyzing them.

RR: ARIA, in that session you learned that this was optional, unhelpful, and was contributing to Spiritual Addiction. What then? How did you stop doing that kind of detached, floaty, watching yourself practice?

PA: I just stopped. After you described this to me, I realized I had been noticing my hands in that analytical way.

In retrospect, this was a bad habit I had slipped into for positioning my consciousness.

Once I understood this wasn’t good, I got back to simply playing the piano in a spontaneous way.

Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation 3.

Spontaneity Works Better than Detached Observing Oneself

In my experience as an Enlightenment Teacher, one of the ironies of Spiritual Addiction is just what Aria had fallen into. Unintentionally that “Watching her hands playing the music” was a kind of technique. Only this hadn’t been designed by a consciousness engineer; it wasn’t good for her at all.

Note: What if any of you Blog-Buddies have figured out a “workaround” or “personal method to make excellent progress” at some aspect of life? Please bring that to a personal session.

  • Consciousness Positioning Consults®, or other session centerpieces, can protect you from “great” discoveries that aren’t really so great, not for you.
  • Or maybe you’ll learn what you’ve been doing was wonderful. And why, exactly, it is so wonderful for you.
  • Possibly I may be able to help you to tweak that technique, so it works better than ever.

Now, back to the interview…

Yes, Spontaneity

When Aria stopped using her “Detachment Method” for improving as a pianist, what then? What did she do instead?

Quite simply, playing spontaneously. That’s what. Resuming this interview…

RR: In general, do you think that spontaneity has helped you in your musical career?

PA: Your work has taught me a lot about living spontaneously.

Also, another time we had a session where I asked if you could help me to be a better performer. You wound up helping me to live in the present while while performing.

There was some Healing Centerpiece or other, and it worked. After you removed the STUFF, there was PUT-IN, toward the end of that session. You recommended, “Play one beat at a time.”

I still think of that session often. Years later, I had an important performance that was scheduled on short notice. I didn’t know how I would get through it; I hadn’t had time to prepare.

But then I remembered what you taught me. I thought, “I will play one beat at a time. That’s how I’ll get through it.”

Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation 4.

Speaking of Sessions, Last Time, Learning You Were in Enlightenment

RR: Were you expecting Enlightenment Validation when you booked that session?

PA: Not at all. In fact, I wanted to attain Enlightenment but I’d sort of given up. I just wanted to be more effective at life.

I thought, “Maybe I won’t reach it.” Enlightenment wasn’t in the forefront of my brain any more.

RR: Then you got the Enlightenment Validation anyway!

After That, Did You Notice Anything about Living in Enlightenment?

PA: Absolutely shocked, that’s how I felt. At the same time, what you said validated my feeling of the presence of God.

In the background I had felt that but when you validated, I thought, “Yes, yes, I do feel that.”

Subtle. I didn’t know if I was imagining it!

After the Enlightenment Validation I acknowledged that presence to myself. Although this remained subtle, it became stronger.

I also felt more MYSELF than ever before. Sometimes, not so long ago, I would look in the mirror and be shocked: “I am a person.”

RR: Did you read in one of my empath books how many empaths have that experience?

PA: Yes. Now I hardly look at myself I just feel myself. No need to look at myself in the mirror or take a selfie or any of that.

Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation 5.

Anything Else to Share, Aria?

RR: Finally, Aria, do you have anything else to share in this interview?

PA: For me, I was surprised when you validated Enlightenment. I hadn’t been focusing on that as a goal. Instead I was living my life the best I could and doing my reasonable best, living in integrity.

I’d read Adrian’s Enlightenment Validation article at the blog, and I really related to what she said there. She’s a teacher who talked about how her approach to problem solving had changed, now that she was in Age of Awakening Enlightenment. That article really resonated with me.

Reading her words, I realized that I felt exactly the same way. Only I hadn’t been thinking that I could also be in Enlightenment.

RR: Do you think this blog can be helpful in other ways for people who aim to self-actualize?

PA: You clarify ideas in Collective Consciousness that are unhelpful. Appreciating that background confusion can help a person to live with more clarity.

And you empower us with knowledge. There’s a wide range of knowledge here at this blog.

For example, you research public figures, like a celebrity who’s in Spiritual Addiction. This helps me to move past illusions about who they really are.

RR: As I see it, Aria, that’s part of my job. You know, moving past illusions can help us significantly for moving toward Enlightement.

Pianist Aria’s Enlightenment Validation 6.

Maybe Interesting If You’re Enlightenment Curious

For you, Aria, I was pretty sure for a few months that you had moved into Enlightenment. Highly unusual.

How could I tell, when we hadn’t spoken for at least half a year? Because you wrote some posts on social media that struck me as sounding like a person in Enlightenment. However, I waited until you booked a session with me, so that I could research you properly.

Thank you, Aria, for this magnificent interview!

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. If you care about spiritual awakening, personal growth, and/or using your full potential in life, it can help you to learn more about Age of Awakening Enlightenment.”

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