What’s the Age of Awakening?

What you learn here can help you to follow your path so much better.

What is the Age of Awakening?

This article explores what’s most important for you to know. Regarding what this new era on earth IS and ISN’T.

Because something happened on 12/21/12. But what?

Gaining clarity can help you to adapt well. Rather than getting sidetracked. Or confused.

Hey, I Don’t Just Mean Helping Philosophers & Mystics

Because many of the folks I’ve helped to adapt better in the Age of Awakening happen to care about:

  • Writing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Or simply learning Life Lessons every single day.

First, What Happened with the Shift on 12/21/12?

A Psychic Barrier — or veil — used to circle the earth. This subtle, causational structure didn’t just impact the world globally.

That veil also limited you and me personally. Namely, all humans with normal mental functioning. For thousands of years, that Psychic Barrier had been thinning. Faster and faster.

By the 1980’s was accelerating like wild. Many people — maybe you? We saw the start of a seismic shift in human awareness of energy in ourselves and others.

Prior to that, what people did and said mattered to us more than the energy behind those actions.

Then came 12/21/12. Obviously — despite predictions — the world didn’t end on that date, but there was a huge energetic change.

Before 12/21/12, the “veil” (that made it hard for humans to sense energies) was thinning. On 12/21/12 it disappeared completely.

Now, in everyday human interactions, we’re able to effortlessly shift awareness to the “vibes” and subconscious motivations of those we interact with. The potential to accelerate spiritual and psychological growth is dazzling.

Welcome to The Age of Awakening

It’s a new era, with a whole new set of consciousness opportunities that few people understand clearly. Which explains why spending more and more time on “personal-growth” work. Yet finding overwhelm and, sometimes, even Spiritual Addiction.

Unless you gain a clear understanding about how to live now? Sad-but-true: You’ll be at a disadvantage.

Yet It’s Surprisingly Easy, Learning How Live Productively Now

One resource is my Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. And one resource to help you start that program and succeed at it?

Consider reading the how-to book “The New Strong.” Because you’ll gain:

  • A practical understanding of life’s three different vibrational frequencies
  • How to have energy awareness enhance your life, not take over your life
  • Targeted strategies for keeping your personal energies strong

Your investment? Far less time than you’re spending now on self-improvement.

What Do You Have to Gain?

By learning how to live well in in this new era, my readers and students report: So many results, and such personal ones.

Here are some of the most common:

A More Powerful Sense of Self

Come to understand yourself better than ever. (And you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much you like what you find.)

Greater Productivity

Develop more confidence for solving problems your way, versus waiting ‘till “things feel right” or “spirit guides show the way.”

Better Relationships

A new psychological stability can help you enjoy relationships more. And without having to work on your issues — or the other person’s….

Want to feel more alive and connected, humanly? Ready to stop working so hard to “fix yourself,” energetically?

Let this groundbreaking book help you use a clearer “energy awareness” to enhance your life — not become your life!

Maybe You’re Wondering, What Are We to Call this New Era?

When I published “The New Strong,” I couldn’t find a good name for this new time. Old names were in use. But they seemed awkward, not doing justice to that big change.

Many names include a great deal of fuss. Some even involve weird far-out teachings.

For that reason, I introduced a new term for this new era the Age of Awakening. Not:

  • The Age of Aquarius? So hippy-dippy.
  • The Aquarian Age? More sophisticated, but is this different era really to be primarily for astrology buffs?
  • The New Age? Despite the enormous financial success of the New Age movement, those teachings and preachings may not be terribly well adapted to now. Specifically, they may not work so well for successful living in this new-new age.
  • The New Age of Aquarius? Putting together two outdated names — maybe not so helpful


On the date I’m publishing this article, July 30, 2021, golly! Check out how many hits are showing up on Google for “The Age of Awakening.”

657,000 Already we’ve got a triumph in the making.

Maybe not 40 million hits. Yet.

But a whole lot more than previously. Since, when I published “The New Strong” in 2016, hello! Back in the day, I don’t think Google gave any hits at all to “The Age of Awakening.”

In Conclusion

I’m calling this the “Age of Awakening” because of… all the spiritual awakening. Celebrating the luscious and lavish potential for personal growth!

Honestly, how do you like living in a new age that is NOT about listening to channelers! Or spiritual addiction! Or trying to make money in ways that don’t much work… Except for influencing folks to live in a dream world.

What are your dreams for this Age of Awakening?

  • Social dreams.
  • Relationship dreams.
  • Sexual dreams.
  • Knowledge dreams.

Will you awaken all the way into Enlightenment? That is the beauty of this age. For the first time on earth, now is a time when millions of people can move into Spiritual Enlightenment. And I’m writing this as an Enlightenment teacher who has helped many students do exactly that.

Of course, living at this historic era on earth, you may discover more dreams than you can even name right now. May you find effective ways to help feasible dreams come true.

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Here’s to a GREAT life for you in the Age of Awakening!”




Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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