What Makes Bennie Thompson Tick?

Ever read a Skilled Empath Merge before? If you’re a people person, what a treat!

In Order to Complete this Two-Part Article: Background

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A recent report shows that Mississippi has the lowest life expectancy in the country, foregrounding the effects of poverty on the state.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics report released on Feb. 10, the average Mississippian is expected to live 74.4 years. Mississippi ranks last among all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the life expectancy report. The national average is 78.8 years.

Most of the other states at the bottom of the life expectancy report also led the country in poverty rates. West Virginians have a life expectancy of 74.5 years, the second-lowest in the country. The state also has the fourth-highest poverty rate, with 16.2 percent of West Virginians living below the poverty line.

What’s the difference — in voting record, in aura, and in honor between Joe Manchin and Bennie Thompson? Couldn’t be bigger!

IMO, that difference is mainly about one thing: each politician’s use of free will. Leading to character. Leading to voting records.

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When 10% or more of the voting public in America has developed literacy, we’ll find more pillars of integrity to elect.

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America’s Founding Fathers were so wise to recognize, then allocate co-equal powers, to our three branches of government.

Excellence at EXECUTIVE? That’s different from excellence that’s JUDICIAL. Or excellence, like Thompson’s, that’s LEGISLATIVE.

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Skilled Empath Merge takes you out of the box of being yourself. In consciousness you move into an altogether different box. Briefly, fully, and safely, you experience what it is like to be a completely different person.

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I wish more American politicians…

Heck, I wish ALL American politicians… Would speak to the people they promised to represent. While remembering the sacred oath they took before being allowed to serve in our government.

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So many of you are political ignoramuses. Unless you bother to learn the truth about what politicians do. Unless you follow the news in detail:

Do America a favor. Don’t vote.

Also stop complaining about government.

Look, here’s your choice. Either you vote for honest, competent politicians… Or else expect to get very little from “your” government.

Bennie Thompson Skilled Empath Merge, Leadership Chakra Databank 10.

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Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Please talk up the Jan. 6 Committee Hearings. Help them to trend.”



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