Vinay Gupta Aura Reading.

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect

Oh my, the possibilities are vast. If you like learning about what makes people tick, you’ll find this article fascinating. Especially if you’re curious about big-deal leaders in technology!

First of All, Why Choose Vinay?

Given the fact that there are so many self-proclaimed “Renaissance Men,” why select Vinay?

Obviously, now is a golden age for companies like his Mattereum. Yesterday I was sitting to write this new blog post. And I didn’t feel inspired enough about my original candidate. Fortunately, fresh comments came in from ANNE. Quite thought provoking. See for yourself:

Hi Rose, please could I also nominate Vinay Gupta? [Namely, for our Spiritual Enlightenment List.]

He is someone who founded a company focused on Blockchain. I, personally, think Blockchain is useless, lol.

I do like to read about it every now and then. Because for a number of years I was trying to stave off including blockchain in the project I was working for.

I was reading something he wrote and he had written: “I am an enlightened householder yogi”

Undeniably thought-provoking, isn’t all that? Although I’m always eager to meet somebody new in Spiritual Enlightenment…. Seriously?

“Enlightened Householder Yogi” Is Just One of Gupta’s Brags

Specific quotes from his bio at the website include: Besides being Founder and CEO of his company, guess what? Evidently he’s a Renaissance man and futurist. Also his experience as a programmer and visionary has covered fields as diverse as:

  1. Medical imaging
  2. Flight simulation
  3. Cryptographic applications
  4. Energy policy
  5. Disaster relief
  6. And grand strategy for poverty alleviation

Hey, I can’t wait to meet him. Particularly meeting him through brag-free spectacles. Namely, via his aura!

Technical Bits

Today’s aura reading will include a new term in Energy Spirituality: Emotional Autocorrect. Thus far, Google doesn’t show this term. (As you’ll see by clicking on the link just provided.)

Sadly, it’s somewhat common in folks who are living in their own reality. More than living in our shared, human, objective reality. As of today, let’s make it official. Emotional Autocorrect is a thing. Definitely.

Regarding the more usual technical bits for an article like this one… Which photo can we use for aura research? This Vinay Gupta image will do just fine. Of course, when you’ve got good skills at energetic literacy, phew! Every photo is an aura photo. So easy to find! Regarding the chakra databanks that follow, please do yourself a favor. They’re from an array developed to research Vanity Vs. Self-Respect. Might I suggest? Click at this next link. And take the three minutes to inform yourself about how this kind of aura research will work.

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness

Symbolic Size

4 inches. Quite close to shut down. At least, at the time of this photo.


Evidently, consciousness-wise, Mr. Gupta is living in his head. (At least, at this chakra databank.) As if all that matters is his massive, brilliant intellect.

Note: One of my specialties as an Energy Spirituality Practitioner, is to help solve this kind of problem. To date I’ve helped quite a few intellectually gifted people to self-actualize more. Needful to say… And do this without dumbing down. Not the least bit.

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #2.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

Symbolic Size

45 feet. Essentially, on the large side of normal.


Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Remember how political adviser Henry Kissinger was famous for this quote? Quite similarly, Vinay Gupta’s sex appeal is related to something other than sexiness.

In his case, he’s a mover-and-shaker in business, a technology “marvel.” (Or some similar language, to his subconscious mind, where I’m researching this chakra databank. Then wrapping around the informational download I receive… the best words I can find.)

Seems like a huge confidence, tinged by vanity: That is taking the place of actual sex appeal. As if his career success makes him sexually irresistible.

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #3.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

Symbolic Size

To the moon. Definitely over-functioning.


Just in case you’ve clicked on that photo of Gupta… And here’s the link again, for easy reference…

What think you? Does it seem to you as though this man might have considerable self-esteem. Including sexually? Because that’s what this chakra databank proclaims. As if he really is the very-very greatest lover around.

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #4.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Quite over-functioning.


Not. That’s the main message in Gupta’s chakra databank about sharing power. He doesn’t. Instead, he tells other people how things will be around here.

  • Although the self-proclaimed “Renaissance man” is a leader in today’s technology marketplace
  • When it comes to listening to other people’s ideas
  • Or, probably, compromising at all?

Look, you could proclaim that Vinay has well-deserved self-respect. However, reading this chakra databank alone? That might be enough to suspect that vanity far outweighs his self-respect. Of course, this could change during his lifetime. People can grow emotionally and spiritually. In my experience, though, this doesn’t happen without the person’s consent.

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #5.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

Symbolic Size

2 inches. Extremely close to shut down.


How can I put this? Like quite a few people with a lot of vanity… or other emotional limitations… guess what? It has probably been years since Vinay Gupta felt a simple, spontaneous emotion. Instead, he’s got a bunch of STUFF in his aura that causes him to do a kind of Emotional Autocorrect. Yes, here’s our latest term from Energy Spirituality.

You know what software autocorrect is like on your phone, right? Emotionally something like that can happen at a subconscious level. Quite specific autocorrections are related to that person’s significant patterns of STUFF. For example, seems to me that at the astral level of Vinay’s energies. (Namely, corresponding to what happens with his subconscious mind):

  • Happy “auto-corrects” to: “They recognize my genius.”
  • Sad “auto-corrects” to: “Like so many other people, these simpletons aren’t capable of appreciating me.”
  • Scared “auto-corrects” to: “Nothing ever frightens me. Nothing bothers me.”
  • Angry “auto-corrects” to: “As usual, fools like these people… don’t understand me.”

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #6.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Definitely over-functioning.


If you were friendly enough with Vinay to ask him about this aspect of his life, hmmm. I suspect he’d express pride at his exceptional emotional honesty. Only problem is, this isn’t quite the real deal.

Instead, seems to me, this businessman has a special storyline going. Inwardly he creates versions of “self-honesty” that make him the hero. Regardless of the situation. Particularly if other people aren’t showing him the deference that he considers his due.

Vinay Gupta Chakra Databank #7.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally shut down. At least for now.


Ain’t happening. That’s the deal, currently, with Vinay Gupta. Spiritual Growth could happen. But for now? Not really. In my experience as a Spiritual Enlightenment Coach, extreme vanity isn’t compatible with spiritual growth.

Actually, having observed that sometimes when reading people’s auras… Actually that’s one reason why I’m publishing this occasional series of chakra databank research. Exploring Vanity Versus Self-Respect.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”



Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.