Using Power? A Surprising Truth

Using Power Wisely? Who Says that’s NASTY!

Probably you’ve never said it out loud: “Power Has to Be Nasty.” And yet you’ve maybe assumed that is true. Think about it, just for a moment.

Such a sweet notion — and yet what do those words reveal about whether you’re or not you’re actively sticking up for yourself? AKA living with empowerment?

Your Three Clean Resources. Power is One of Them.

Being human you have three great resources to help you succeed at life, every aspect of life that you hold dear. Clean resources. Honorable ones.

What are these three resources? Love + Light + Power.

If you’re into personal growth. Or spiritual awakening. Or both! Surely you can’t afford to disable either your love OR light OR power. And yet, have you noticed?

Everybody Loves Love the Best. Theoretically, Anyhow.

Except have you also noticed this? Using love doesn’t disallow… Also wisely using one’s personal power! Quite the opposite.

Incidentally, since we’re talking love, ever notice this? Pouring on more and more love makes a lousy substitute for power skills. Or speaking up for yourself.

For instance, ever been the victim of sweetsy-weetsy behavior that’s downright manipulative? Ick!

Everybody Loves Spiritual Light. But Does that Translate into Personal Power?

Good clean power? Really?

Sure, everybody loves spiritual light… at least if the light-preachers are walking the same path as you. Haha.

But have you ever met a zealot missionary who won’t take no for an answer? That would be somebody who’s trying to force you onto HIS path. Also sneakily or not, disrespecting YOUR personal path.

A power play, in short — and, beneath the sanctimony, often that’s a pretty unacceptable version of “spirituality” or “religion.” At least, to folks living in the Age of Awakening.

Maybe It’s Time to Respect Your Personal Power MORE

Often when I facilitate personal sessions of Energy Spirituality, my client aims to “Stand in my power,” etc. As if power were some kind of magical puddle to splash in.

Consequently, I’ve been teaching clients distinctive skills for personal power… for decades.

Actually you’ll find the word “power” in many of my books.

  • Moreover, the leading edge of Energy Spirituality is learning how to live “The New Strong.” Hmmm, think that might involve a bit of personal power?

Even more practical questions? Ask yourself right now:

  1. What happens when somebody ignores personal power?
  2. Versus how much better life becomes when the person actually uses power wisely.

Truth is, every human alive does have power. And can learn effective skills for personal empowerment.

Ever Wonder? Why Does Power Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Although using power really doesn’t have to make you nasty, it’s also true that many nasty people do use their power. Therefore, you might get the idea that seeking power is what makes them bad.

Only what will you discover after looking deeper? Along with that display of power, guess what the bully is not using? Not using the natural, human ability to love and care about others. Maybe also, ignoring the natural, human ability to connect up with authentic spiritual light.

Some power players among us even do this: use neither their love nor their light. Instead, they triple down on their power. In fact, the most notorious politician in America does precisely that.

Since I serve as an Enlightenment Coach, I’ve learned how important it is to mobilize all three of these vital resources: your love + your light + your power.

For spiritual evolution, this combo matters so much. At the same time, hello! Material success depends upon using your power.

In Conclusion

For sure, you can find a way to harness more of your power. Not just depending on your love and/or light.

How about this, for starters? Why not start sending people in your life: “Blessings of love and light and POWER”?

Making even that one simple change can start pointing you (and them) in the direction of personal effectiveness. Making more money, too. (At least, according to this Enlightenment Coach.)

Seems to me, Enlightenment Coaching with power… Must include helping folks gain clarity about how to reclaim their power. How, specifically, to use it more effectively! Or, to put this another way: The meek won’t inherit the earth until we start using our power.

Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash. Here’s to empowered photographers!



Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.