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Each Aura Tells a Story

Rose Rosetree
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Each Aura Tells a Story. And what an inspiring story you’ll be reading today!

Today I won’t be reading just anyone’s aura. Rather, I’ve selected somebody more important than you may know. At least, know so far.

First of All, Meet Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids

According to her website:

  1. Sharice was raised by a single mom who spent more than 20 years serving in the US Army.
  2. A proud graduate of Leavenworth High School, Sharice was the first person in her family to attend college.
  3. She worked her way from Johnson County Community College to Cornell Law School, juggling multiple jobs to put herself through school.
  4. Sharice went on to work in economic and community development on Native American reservations, helping tribes to create programs and initiatives for growth.
  5. This work inspired her to apply for the prestigious White House Fellowship program, where she served under President Barack Obama and continued to create economic opportunity for others.

Hey, did this little detail pop out for you? Native American reservations?

Indeed: Of all 146 women in the current U.S. Congress, how many are Native American?

Just one. And you’re looking at her. At least, you can look at her, Sharice Davids, if you click on the photo link just supplied. This is the aura photo that I’ll be using to read her aura today.

As you may know, once somebody learns good skills of energetic literacy…Every photo is an aura photo.

Next, Introducing One Way to Tell Sharice’s Human Story

Basically, one of the most powerful ways to tell anybody’s story is to read her aura.

As a matter of fact, this next link will take you to a blogpost that leads off with a fine education in It. “It” being the importance of chakra databanks: Specifically, what they are and why they matter.

How about the Array Called “Achievement Readiness Chakra Databanks”?

Definitely fun! Maybe you know, I’ve already announced these Achievement Readiness Chakra Databanks nearly a month ago. See the link just provided.

And, yes, I do recommend that you take a look. All the better for understanding the very human story that follows.

Today will be the first blogpost where I’ve used this array of chakra databanks for an aura reading. Now, here goes.

Each Aura Tells a Story #1. Root Chakra Databank for

Persisting at Adult Responsibilities

Symbolic Size

80 feet. On the large side of normal.


Divine presence shines through this chakra databank. Markedly, the first thing I notice.

For example, you know how some folks might say, “While driving I brake for squirrels that might be hit by my car”?

Well, I brake for the active, lively presence of God in somebody’s aura.

Besides this, what else shows here? Sharice Davids persists as though this were a normal way of carrying responsibilities.

Quite some contrast to many folks today, for whom lifting a finger is considered a terrible imposition. Or maybe they fall into self-pity. Believing hooey like, “I can’t lift my finger. That’s because of my terrible Imposter Syndrome.”

Each Aura Tells a Story #2. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Problem Solving

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Again, on the large side of normal.


Serenely, Rep. Davids goes about solving one problem at a time.

  • Proceeding step by step.
  • Usually feeling deep down safe.
  • Of course, it’s easier to feel deep down safe when the active presence of God is part of a chakra databank.

Each Aura Tells a Story #3. Right Elbow Chakra Databank for

Responding to Criticism at Work

Symbolic Size

80 feet. In this case, right-sized, being on the large side of normal. Due to being totally appropriate for Sharice Davids right noe.


Have you guessed yet?

  1. Although I wasn’t expecting anything in particular when I began today’s blogpost
  2. Right from the first chakra databank, this fairly experienced Enlightenment Teacher suspected:
  3. Congresswoman Davids is more person to put onto my Spiritual Enlightenment List.
  4. Specifically, she’s living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Regarding this particular chakra databank, Sharice Davids is bigger than any criticism of her work. Of course, it helps that God’s presence is strongly established within her entire aura. Namely, every one one of her 1,000+ chakra databanks.

Each Aura Tells a Story #4. High Heart Chakra Databank for

Trusting Myself, This Soul Expression

Symbolic Size

80 feet. To clarify, this chakra databank is within normal range for Congresswoman Davids at this time.


Overall, in this incarnation, the Kansas Congresswoman is having such a good time.

Specifically, what did I find at this particular High Heart Chakra Databank?

“I’m glad I returned to Earth for this lifetime. How I’m enjoying this opportunity to live in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.”

As an ancient being — call that the opposite of a Baby Soul, Blog-Buddies — oh, I’ve encountered this before. On occasion.

Seems to me, Sharice Davids made a very informed choice to live now. Namely, in these early years since the Shift.

Her Life Contract was lit up by a certain rare opportunity: Becoming one of the first human beings at this Learning Planet to live in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Each Aura Tells a Story #5. Right Knee Chakra Databank for

Using My Power as an Authority Figure (At Work)

Symbolic Size

80 feet. What’s more, Blog-Buddies? In similar fashion to her other chakra databanks, yes! This large-ish size is just fine for Sharice Davids, at the time of this photo.


Noteworthy context: Chakra databanks have a subconscious quality. In addition, they have a (mostly) astral-energetic quality. Certainly not a conscious quality.

Quite possibly, what you’re about to read would be news to Sharice’s conscious mind. But here goes.

In addition to Sharice’s total readiness to use her personal power in this lifetime, guess what? In the background, there’s a bit of a joke. Like the sort of thing that might make a person giggle just a bit, subconsciously, within the chakra databank. To paraphrase, as best I can:

How much fun is this? Many people look at me and see “just a woman.” They see “just a minority.”

Seemingly disqualified from ever seeming powerful… according to what they expect and believe. Yet here I am: An ancient being, teaming up with God to bring more truth into this world. Interesting!

Each Aura Tells a Story #6. Right Ear Chakra Databank for

Listening To OTHERS at Work

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Definitely fine for Rep. Davids.


Sharice Davids automatically steps back. Following that, she calmly listens. Evaluating without any sense of inner pressure.

Hey, Blog-Buddies, you know how sometimes people today play with trying to “Step Back”?

  1. Whether to seem more like a leader. (Questionable assumption. Nonetheless.)
  2. Or else to move themselves into Spiritual Enlightenment? (Absolutely a nonstarter for reaching that goal. Rather, this is a way to take a spiritual side-trip.)
  3. For instance, I just googled “Step Back” while first-drafting this article. Click on that recent violet-colored link. Preposterous or not, you’ll see over 74 MILLION hits.

By contrast, Rep. Davids’s ability to Step Back flows from her particular way of living in Enlightenment. Zero effort involved!

To repeat, this is no affectation. No schtick. All natural!

Each Aura Tells a Story #7. Left Ear Chakra Databank for

Listening To MYSELF At Work

Symbolic Size

80 feet.


Listening to herself is the easiest thing in the world. Typically for somebody in Age of Awakening… Other than herself, who else would she be?

When you live as the team called God-and-me, the spiritual Enlightenment Team, hello! One’s sense of self is whole, harmonious, natural.

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