The Shift into the Age of Awakening

Your 9th Anniversary of the Shift. Let me help you to see it through the eyes of wonder.

Put on Your Eyes of Wonder

’Tis the season for wonder and joy. Even for us, the responsible adults. Really, we don’t have to be kids… In order allow ourselves a bit of awe.

And what deserves your wonder these days? Merely an anniversary of worldwide-and-historic significance!

Celebrate along with me, Blog-Buddies. Because all week — and beyond — we can find spiritual inspiration. Giving credit where credit is due. Because this is when to celebrate the 9th Anniversary of the Shift into the Age of Awakening. That main anniversary date will, of course, be tomorrow: December 21st.

Altogether You’ve Been Given 9 Amazing Gifts

Only these gifts must be unwrapped. That is, actively used. You’ve got to meet them halfway.

In order to benefit from a single one of these amazing gifts, you must do your part. And then you’ll enjoy something… well… amazing. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Amazing Gift 1 to Celebrate:

Your New Freedom

Granted this new freedom is subtle. It involves your consciousness.

Yet nothing about your inner life could be more significant. You’ve been given a New Vibrational Freedom for positioning your consciousness.

Unfortunately, most people are squandering this on Energy Talk. As if that really helped anything!

We can do better. For instance, we can parlay that New Vibrational Freedom into living The New Strong. Here are some ways that has helped people like you.

Amazing Gift 2 to Celebrate:

Accelerated Personal Growth

Yours for the claiming, Blog-Buddies. If you’re seeking emotional growth, personal growth, self-actualization?

Congratulations. You’ve come to the right planet: Earth School, now that we’re living in the Age of Awakening!

Just avoid cult-like side trips, like Fifth Dimensional Nonsense. Since these can stall your personal growth. Quite opposite to what the cult leaders promise.

Amazing Gift 3 to Celebrate:

Spiritual Awakening

Unless you live in a cave… Make that a cave that’s not part of an ashram… Surely you’ve heard plenty of people talking about their spiritual awakening.

Experience like that comes far easier now. Only every wise spiritual seeker requires a teacher. Until you find one to help you make use of your sweet experiences, you can grow more and more confused. Instead of growing closer and closer to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Amazing Gift 4 to Celebrate:


Definitely I don’t mean effortless at everything. For instance, did a fine money tree begin growing in your front yard on 12/21/12?

Didn’t happen to me, either.

However, from a spiritual perspective, we’ve received something even more enriching. No longer does spiritual growth, or academic learning, or emotional growth… have to involve the old Age of Faith standby of strain-strain-strain. Such as the outdated clichés that:

  • Spiritual growth requires that you concentrate.
  • Learning demands that you focus really hard.
  • In order to have a good love relationship, you and your sweetheart must work terribly-terribly hard.

Have you been learning to evolve SMART, not by sweating or straining or analyzing? So very Age of Awakening: Choose a good teacher and go!

Amazing Gift 5 to Celebrate:

Spiritual But Not Religious

Maybe you remember when it became a thing. #SpiritualButNotReligious sure didn’t originate with Martin Luther’s Protestant reforms.

As I recall, this idea became moderately popular during the New Age Years. (Namely, years close to the Shift. Specifically, a few decades preceding the Shift, from 1980 until 12–21–12.) Behind the scenes, humanity was emerging from the Age of Faith. Spiritually, intellectually, and perceptually… folks like us were preparing to live in the Age of Awakening.

Now we’re here. And humanity is adjusting to this subtly different age. So many of us have become Spiritual But Not Religious, few of us bother to even notice this any more. Doesn’t the option seem obvious?

Welcome Age of Awakening, when lovers of God don’t require priests, rabbis, imams, or gurus. (Not unless we find their assistance helpful. In which case, we’re free to enjoy the support of religious leaders and their religions.)

Simply put, you’re free to explore your own relationship with God. And explore it in your favorite way(s).

Amazing Gift 6 to Celebrate:

Now You Can Successfully Cocreate with God

Before the Shift, what kind of relationship could we hope to have with God?

For thousands of years, spiritual seekers would believe that angels were God’s messengers. Practically identical. (Which they’re not. Spiritual is not psychic.) Used to be, psychic was the best that most people could do.

Otherwise, lovers of God would turn to religion. Have faith. Try to have more faith. Often, begging God.

One of the most amazing gifts to you and me is that we no longer need to act like God’s dutiful, supplicating children.

We can learn how to cocreate with God. As a result, we can cocreate that way. Every single day of our Age of Awakening Lives!

Long story, not short but… unfolding… Your ability to actively cocreate with God definitely counts as a gift since the Shift.

Amazing Gift 7 to Celebrate:

Age of Awakening Enlightenment

For thousands of years, only one kind of Spiritual Enlightenment was possible: Traditional Enlightenment.

Now? That’s not so. If you check at our Spiritual Enlightenment List, here at the blog, you’ll find hundreds of examples of people living in Enlightenment. Nearly all of them are living the new kind, Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Some of you might be skeptical about this newer kind of Enlightenment. However, it has only been possible since the Shift. So why would traditional, Age of Faith, teachings have included it?

As an Enlightenment Teacher, I’m just getting started, spreading the word, doing all I can to help the field of spiritual teaching expand to include this fact:

Age of Awakening Enlightenment is more popular now, compared to Traditional Enlightenment. You can expect to see that trend continue.

Amazing Gift 8 to Celebrate:

Energetic Literacy — Now Yours to Enjoy

Aura Reading used to be a pretty exclusive club. Like, “Only clairvoyants need apply.”

Moreover, if you look closely at traditional teachings about auras, the teachings were so limited: Both limited and limiting, by today’s standards.

Absolutely, click on these three previous links to see some quick-and-useful videos about what energetic literacy really is… From the perspective of the Age of Awakening.

Nowadays you don’t need clairvoyance to read auras. Make it your business to develop good skills of Energetic Literacy. You sure can! And the practical benefits are numerous.

Amazing Gift 9 to Celebrate:

Chakra Databanks, Your Treasure Troves

Speaking of essential skills for learning about people, Stage 3 Energetic Literacy makes use of a major discovery.

By all means, browse among these aura readings. All are loaded with info on chakra databanks.

And I know for a fact that chakra databanks weren’t discovered until after the Shift into the Age of Awakening. The article at the link just provided… will explain why.

In Conclusion

Today’s a big deal, this 9th Anniversary of the Shift into the Age of Awakening. And you can make that a big deal for YOU.

Among other purposes, the Energy Spirituality blog aims to provide a historical record.

What has it been like for us spiritual seekers and lovers of truth?

What has been like for us to live through the end of the New Age Years? Then emerge as the first human beings ever… to live in the Age of Awakening?

Feel free to share your thoughts at my blog, “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Rose Rosetree says, “Thank you for reading. Aren’t we lucky, to be living in this new Age of Awakening!”



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