The Future of Energy Healing.

What’s the future of energy healing… for you?

Discover a perspective you won’t find in today’s mainstream embrace of mind-body-spirit. “Healing Crystals Are Big Business. But Do They Actually Do Anything?”

Actually, one might ask the same question about all energy healing. Granted, I’m a professional at energy healing. However…

Which Form of Energy Healing DO I Use?

Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING. Definitely, that’s the only kind of energy healing that I use with clients. And also the only kind I use personally.

Important to note, what do most energy healers think what about Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING? Probably nothing. Like, they’ve never heard of it. So here’s a definition, straight from the founder:

Energy Spirituality helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening. Using energy skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

By contrast, did you know? Whichever mainstream energy healing skill you’re familiar with now… Probably comes from the Age of Faith.

Such as Crystal Healing, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Healing Touch, Thetahealing®, EFT, Pranic Healing.

And just as we’re all living in the Age of Awakening now. Whether we know it or not. Whether we like it or not! Guess what?

Age of Faith methods of energy healing just might be on the way out. They’re decreasingly effective, even, as we move forward now. However, there’s hope for energy healing. Seems to me…

Consider: The Future of Energy Healing Lies Elsewhere

Hold on! Isn’t mainstream energy healing supposed to be self-actualizing? Well, is it, really?

Consider this YouTube video entitled, “Transcend Beyond Self-Actualization With Spiritual Fitness.” Energy Healer Vishen Lakhiani does a really good job of articulating IT. Namely, articulating big promises for energy healing.

Modestly, he tells us, “Maslow, admittedly, forgot the last step to achieving complete human fulfilment. But you can learn it here.” Well, I wonder if Lakhiani lacks energetic literacy… Just like most energy healers.

For this article, I’m researching his “consciousness lifestyle.” Well, how interesting! Aura reading shows him to be a sweet guy. Quite frankly, he’s doing better than most other energy healers I’ve researched.

Except that he’s in Human-Based Spirituality. Really far from self-actualization or Enlightenment. (Unlike Abraham Maslow, incidentally. According to my research, by the end of his life Maslow attained Spiritual Enlightenment.)

Ironically, Mainstream Energy Healing Isn’t Helping Folks to Self-Actualize

You see, it’s not just Mr. Lakhiani. Since 1986, I’ve had many energy healers as clients for personal sessions.

In addition, I’ve read auras of many professional energy healers for clients. Such as when I help clients find a good energy healer, facilitating Soul Thrill® Aura Research.

Consequently, what have I learned about auras of these healers? How well are they doing in the Self-Actualization Department? Or even the “Doing okay, personally” Department.

Shockingly to me (at first) the answer has been, “Not too well.”

Quite consistently! Take a look and see for yourself. How many New Age energy healers today are doing so well, they’re in Enlightenment? By contrast, all Energy Spirituality experts are well on their way to self-actualization. Actually, the majority are now in Enlightenment.

For that reason, I hope you’ll agree that I have the standing to generate some tips. In addition, this article gives you background about my standing to bring innovations to energy healing. Please take these seven tips in the spirit intended, which is aiming to help.

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 1.

Stop Drifting off into Energy Sensitivity

About five years ago I spoke at an international conference of energy healers. Quite an honor for me! Although it also proved to be a rude awakening.

Wherever I went at the conference I saw people in spiritual addiction. And not just obvious when I read some of their auras. Instead, in regular human reality, I witnessed:

  • Constant energy talk. Not just during meetings but everywhere else.
  • Incessant squinting at people’s energy.
  • Or waving their arms around, feeling other people’s energy.

Isn’t that pretty common among today’s energy healers? But 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time is really the limit.

Otherwise we’re setting back our spiritual evolution, not moving it forward. Learn why from this how-to resource about adjusting to this Age of Awakening. I’d recommend it to every energy healer today.

Based on my experience, what will be really important for the future of energy healing? Learn effective skills that do not involve personally paying attention to energies.

Nonetheless the energy healing skills can still be effective.

Because the sweet people who devote themselves to helping others with energy healing? Surely they deserve better protection than they currently have.

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 2.

Start using Energetic Literacy Skills

Imagine going to a physician who doesn’t know how to read words. (Quite different from writing prescriptions with illegible handwriting, right? ;-))

Of course we expect professionals to be able to read. Yet energy healers don’t teach their students enough about energy reading.

Instead they settle for Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. On rare occasions, some attain Stage 2 Energetic Literacy. And that’s it.

In that case, how can you really help people’s auras to improve beyond the BODY part? You know, the BODY part of mind-body-spirit.

At a minimum, energy healers in the Age of Awakening need Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Personally, I’ve developed up to Stage 21 Energetic Literacy. And I need every bit of that, as the founder of a system for energy healing. At least a system of energy healing that’s effective in the Age of Awakening.

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 3.

Stop Working with Spirits

Back in the day, as a hobbyist, I studied these systems of energy healing:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki (Several levels)
  • Janet Mentgen’s Healing Touch (Two levels)
  • Eden Energy Medicine

Sadly, guess what? Not a single one of these was done with clarity about spiritual source.

Before the Shift into the Age of Awakening, that was okay.

But Now?

Given all the opportunistic astral entities in this new Age of Awakening? Inadvertently or not, nearly every New Age energy healer is working with spirits. Discarnate beings, just as psychics do.

I promise you, if you only gain skills of energetic literacy, hello! You’ll see for yourself the mess in so many auras: Both practitioners and their trusting clients.

Energy healers, like psychics, have really-really suffered energetically since the Shift. Even if they don’t have the energetic literacy to see it.

Heartbreaking for me, again and again, consequences for friends I cared about… Still doing same old, same old Age of Faith practices? Simply put, that doesn’t work now.

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 4.

Stop Calling Yourselves Energy “Healers”

One step in the right direction would be that simple. Honestly, that “energy healer” business isn’t helpful at all. Do your energy healing techniques really make you a cosmic hotshot?

  • Too many energy healers believe they’re like Jesus.
  • Or otherwise so super-special.
  • As if feeling energy going through them makes the fancy-dancy “healers.”

“Using your skills for energy healing” is a better way to put it, imho.

In fact, it’s rare for me to read the aura of a self-styled “healer” without encountering one of two lifestyles. Either spiritual addiction or else spiritual addiction.

Partly, that kind of problem could be connected to developing a sense of personal specialness. Like, “I’m so special, since I read energy and I am an energy healer.”

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 5.

Learn How to Cocreate with the Divine

Sure beats personally taking credit. Also you’ll protect yourself from the dangers of working with discarnate spirits.

Might I suggest? Learn to cocreate with the Divine. During the Age of Awakening people can learn to do that. For sure, Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING requires that way of sourcing the healing. Such a world of difference it makes!

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 6.

Help with Emotional Growth? Yes or No.

Look, this part can be simple. As humanity moves further into the Age of Awakening, we can get over this dated fantasy: “Mind-body-spirit. All connected. Heal them all at once.”

Instead, choose one or two. You simply can’t do all three.

For example, Energy Spirituality aims for emotional growth. And spiritual awakening. That’s plenty!

Might I suggest that you energy healers specialize more, assume less?

The Future of Energy Healing. Tip 7.

Delivering Self-Actualization? Yes or No.

This last point fascinates me. Really it does. How often well-meaning folks act like the enthusiastic young man who bragged on YouTube: “Maslow, admittedly, forgot the last step to achieving complete human fulfilment. But you can learn it here.”

  • So many people high on spiritual addiction
  • And nowhere close to Enlightenment or Self-Actualization
  • Are so ridiculously confident about how well they’re doing!

Might I suggest you take a look at this Discernment Jamboree about validating Enlightenment? Feel free to nomination your favorite energy healers. Share with us all what they offer. Especially when claiming that they really help people with mind-body-SPIRIT.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading this article. Discernment matters so much in this Age of Awakening!”

Photo #1 by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Photo #2 by Rose Rosetree’s husband, right in her pink office



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