Spiritual Objectives of Life

These Seven Life Priorities can help you to walk through the door into Spiritual Enlightenment.

Spiritual Objectives of Life?

Sounds Big. So Let’s Make It Manageable

From a spiritual perspective, here’s a simple summary of what matters in a human lifetime. Yours, for instance.

Eventually this incarnation will end. What will happen if you live in such a way that you give beautiful answers…

To all seven questions in this post?

These Can Become Your 7 Priorities

Designed to Help You NOW

Because it matters, believing in Spiritual Objectives of Life. And following them as best you can.

Just in case you’re wondering, where did these 7 Priorities come from?

The answer is, Energy Spirituality. And just in case you’re wondering, what’s that?

Energy Spirituality helps people like you to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Using energy skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Of Course, Let’s Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Blog-Buddy JANICE HOOPER inspired today’s short-and-sweet post. While writing Comments #160–162, over at “What Is My Soul?

At the main article, and our developing comments, see how these seven ideas came into play.

Janice asked, “Do you mind if I just post them again, all together?” Great idea!

Thus, Here They Are. All 7 Priorities for Doing Justice to this Soul Expression of Yours

In fact, I’ll give them to you in two batches.

First Set of Spiritual Objectives of Life

Depending on how you choose, you can turn this lifetime into something spiritually beautiful.

1. What would you learn?
2. How would you use your free will?
3. In which ways would your consciousness evolve (such developing as what, now, would be called your “consciousness lifestyle”)?

From my perspective as an Enlightenment Teacher, these first three questions are extremely important.

Somewhat less important? We could call the following to be “secondary considerations about a human soul expression.”

Second Set of Spiritual Objectives of Life

4. In which ways would the version of you in that lifetime help others?
5. How would you treat other people? (Impacting both your own spiritual evolution within this lifetime. Also presenting opportunities for evolution to those other people.)
6. Within yourself, how much integrity and self-honesty would you develop?
7. In what ways would you contribute to human-type Collective Consciousness on Earth, at that time in human history?

Although I Offer No Conclusion in Particular…

You’re all cordially invited to comment here. And thanks again to JANICE HOOPER.

I hope today’s article inspires you.

Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree says “Thanks for reading. Here’s to good answers for all seven questions, and a magnificent life!”




Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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