Spiritual Enlightenment Lies.

5 Reasons to Be Skeptical

Rose Rosetree
7 min readFeb 8, 2021


Liberate Yourself. Because seeking Enlightenment can be confusing.

Together let’s consider five common lies. Sadly, lies. Sure, many people today believe certain lies about Spiritual Enlightenment.

Vulnerable Yet Hopeful

Does that describe you, over the years that you’ve been on a spiritual path? Sometimes you’ve felt so hopeful about making progress with spiritual evolution.

Yet other times, you may have felt terribly discouraged. Or confused. I’m writing this article for you as an Enlightenment Coach who helps students get results.

For starters, I’m here to tell you that certain emotions are normal. Even if you’re moving forward beautifully on your personal path of spiritual self-actualization: At one time or another you may well feel four emotions that often go with the Self-Actualization Territory:

  1. Hopeful
  2. Discouraged
  3. Vulnerable
  4. Blissful
  5. Uncertain.

Hey, See What I Just Did There?

Hooray, you noticed a fifth emotion!

Sadly, trusting unhelpful Enlightenment teachers is now quite common. Causing legitimate confusion. Like, “If he’s so perfect, and I’m following him… How come I feel so lousy?”

Of course, you want to trust your Enlightenment teacher. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t honest. In fact, their auras may reveal they’re nowhere close to Spiritual Enlightenment.

More on that to follow later in this article. Including a free resource that can clarify that. Why study something so important with an impostor? Whether sincere or knowingly an impostor!

Frankly, I’m just appalled at some of the Enlightenment advice on the internet. At least, today you’ll learn about some of the most unhelpful half-truths. And even outright lies.

Of course, you’re free to react, ask questions, or give any other kind of respectful COMMENT. That’s why we’ve got those easy-to-access COMMENT boxes at my personal blog. And why I respond to your comments.

Spiritual Enlightenment Lies #1.


Many a spiritual teacher today refers to the goal as “Spiritual Awakening.” Not Enlightenment. For example, some jokey (and crowd-seeking) nonduality teachers do what? They just refer to “awakening.” Like that’s a thing.

To be clear: What is spiritual awakening? It’s a step of progress along your spiritual path. No more, no less. By contrast, what is Spiritual Enlightenment? It’s a long-term consciousness lifestyle. Taught by Hindu sages for 10,000 years. First taught by Buddha 7,000 years ago.

So why teach people to have spiritual awakening? Why refer to it as if it’s the “cool” name for Enlightenment? That’s a lie.

Why the Lie?

Flattery, I suspect. If you want more followers (customers), tell them that they’re already success stories. Besides, not to take away from beautiful experiences you’ve had.

As a matter of fact, everybody who wishes to have experiences of spiritual awakening can have them now. Since we’ve all got a new kind of vibrational freedom of consciousness. (Read about it here.)

To clarify, we’re all living in the Age of Awakening. Thus, this easy knack for having spiritual awakening experiences? It began on 12/21/12. Ever since, this has been available for anybody who’s wanted it.

“But hold on,” you may be thinking. “My meditation teacher/nonduality coach/guru never mentioned the Age of Awakening.”

Definitely, let’s discuss that rather significant omission at Lie #5, below.

What You Can Do

Study with an Enlightenment Coach who can tell you the difference… And doesn’t cheapen Enlightenment by calling it spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Enlightenment Lies #2.

Meditation Will Get You There

You must meditate to gain Enlightenment. Undoubtedly you’ve heard that. Hey, I just gave you the link to a Google search I just did on that old-fashioned idea. Close to 9 MILLION HITS.

However, popularity doesn’t make it true. Actually, that cliché is the opposite of true. Which is why this claim about meditation belongs on today’s list of falsehoods.

Why the Lie?

Basically, during in the Age of Faith… this was true. Nearly always, folks had to meditate in order to have any chance at Enlightenment. Yet that bygone age ended with the Shift on 12/21/12. Humanity has had close to a decade to learn about the Age of Awakening.

What You Can Do

By all means, ask your Enlightenment teacher, “What changed with the Shift into the Age of Awakening?” Find out if you get a straight answer. In addition, you might really-really want to read this article. Discover the holy mess of meditation teaching today.

Spiritual Enlightenment Lies #3.

When You’ve Attained Enlightenment, You’ll “Just Know”

Do you have any idea how many articles — and teachers — promote this preposterous idea? More fun with Google: By all means, let’s research “signs of Enlightenment.” Exactly how many hits? For me, this morning, 17,700,000.

Why the Lie?

More flattery for spiritual seekers. Like, now the more gullible ones can just check their signs off some online list. Then persuade themselves that they’ve “done it.” And smugly go on to the next item on their bucket list.

What You Can Do

Don’t flatter yourself that you can validate Enlightenment. Also, don’t be so sure that your enlightenment teacher has any know-how either. If you do find anything online about how to tell who’s in Spiritual Enlightenment

Besides the article I just linked you to ;-) Definitely do this public service for the world’s online community of Enlightenment seekers: Submit a link to my Discernment Jamboree about Validating Enlightenment.

Let’s continue the powerful learning there. Because properly validating Enlightenment? For sure, that’s one mark of a competent Enlightenment teacher.

Spiritual Enlightenment Lies #4.

Detachment from Life Means Progress Toward Enlightenment

Probably you’ve heard this one: “Detachment is a sign of Enlightenment.” Hey, there’s another link to a Google search. Can you guess approximately how many hits? For the sake of suspense, I’ll provide the answer a couple lines down.

Why the Lie?

Essentially, spiritual detachment means witnessing activity. Or having a sense of self that doesn’t involve human activity at all. Traditional Enlightenment — the old-fashioned kind of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Unfortunately, some Enlightenment teachers encourage just that. Why? Maybe because it gives their followers something to do. Like busywork. Incidentally, back at how many hits for spiritual detachment? This morning I got 6,220,000.

What You Can Do

Never fake your experience. Lying to yourself — or others? Never will that hasten Enlightenment.

Spiritual Enlightenment Lies #5.

Nothing Has Changed about Enlightenment for 5,000 Years

Of course, every religion and spiritual path has its Fundamentalists. Only have you ever considered: Could that apply to teaching about Enlightenment?

Sure does. Fortunately our world has evolved a lot… in your lifetime! You’ve lived through the Shift into the Age of Awakening. Look, I’m sorry if the news hasn’t reached you before this blog post.

On the bright side, at least you’re reading this now. It’s a lie to pretend that nothing about Enlightenment has changed. In fact, there’s a second kind of Spiritual Enlightenment now, Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Read about it here.

Why the Lie?

This Enlightenment Coach used to have friends who were also Enlightenment teachers. Except that they never believed me about Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Due to their insistence upon living in the past, these teachers did a disservice to their students. And also to themselves.

Indeed, I’d call it a lie not to acknowledge today’s more common form of Spiritual Enlightenment. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before this new kind of Enlightenment goes mainstream. Since, again, it’s more common for people to develop this form of Enlightenment now. Plus, it’s more stable than Traditional Enlightenment.

What You Can Do

Consider the possibilities for yourself. At a minimum you might wish to learn about consciousness lifestyles today.

After all, does your Enlightenment teacher use the internet? Drive a car? Then why also stay current professionally? High time to teach about what’s happening now in the field of Enlightenment Coaching!

Unless you rate having Lord Krishna as your charioteer, don’t use antiquated forms of transportation.

Likewise, if you’re seeking Enlightenment now. Or teaching it!!! Don’t pretend to yourself or others that you’re living in some hallowed past.

Resources to Help You Truly Progress with Spiritual Awakening

In general, this Energy Spirituality blog can be a resource for you. To date I’ve published over 2,000 articles that include honest info about Spiritual Enlightenment. More specifically, I’ve got three recommendations to help you on your Enlightenment path:

1. Your Free Resource

Is your current Enlightenment teacher really in Spiritual Enlightenment?

  1. Find out by clicking onto our Spiritual Enlightenment List.
  2. Maybe you’ll find your teacher on the list of people there in Enlightenment.
  3. Otherwise, click onto two links you’ll find at that post, Part 1 of the Nominees List. Maybe you’ll find your teacher there.
  4. If not, click onto Part 2 of the Nominees List. Again, maybe.
  5. Should that fail, nominate your teacher as a candidate. If you’ll follow the simple instructions, I’ll research for you. For free.

2. A Super-Helpful Book for Seeking Enlightenment Today

Although I’ve written several books that have helped my clients move into Spiritual Enlightenment… Most useful for you is probably this one: “The New Strong.” BTW, this YouTube video gives you a preview.

3. Book a Session of Enlightenment Coaching

No need to “live in Rose Rosetree’s ashram” to receive personal coaching. Fortunate, since I run no ashram. Simply book a session of Enlightenment Coaching with me. Together let’s take it from there. Look, are you serious about gaining Enlightenment? Then there’s no substitute for personal coaching. Occasionally… Not needed daily.

In Conclusion

Thank you for exploring this topic along with me.

Perhaps you’re not crazy-rich. Perhaps you sometimes shop at the Dollar Store. After all, it’s a fine place to buy gift bags and other trinkets.

But when your spiritual evolution is at stake, please don’t settle. Choose wisely when deciding, “Who’s going to be my Enlightenment teacher?”

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Wishing you fulfillment on your spiritual journey.”

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