Spiritual But Not Religious

Spiritual But Not Religious — because purity doesn’t have to come from church membership.

Have you ever considered calling yourself “Spiritual But Not Religious”? That’s me. But why?

Learn five reasons why this Enlightenment Teacher lives that way.

And maybe you’ll even think or rethink… What benefits could come from living this way, benefits for you? Likewise, benefits for society.

Today’s article is uncommonly personal. At least, that’s how it felt to me, writing it.

In no way do I aim to insult those of you with a beautiful religious faith and a fine worship community. Not all those worship communities are beautiful though.

Personally, I’m done with making excuses for their alleged superiority to other ways of being in relationship to God. (Or simply in relationship to life.)

Here goes!

Why I’m Spiritual But Not Religious. Reason 1.

Never Having to Brag about Being in the “Best” Religion

Probably doesn’t impress God much. (Surprise!)

For sure, brags like that have never impressed me, either. How about you?

Although I can’t quote you a single scripture verse, I have actually read some religious scriptures. Including the New Testament. Nowhere have I heard Jesus quoted as saying, “Please brag about your connection to God.”

Quite the opposite. To quote Matthew 6 from the New Testament:

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men.

I tell you the truth. They have received their reward in full.

But when you pray, go into your room. Close the door. And pray to your Father, who is unseen.

Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

If you’re spiritual but not religious, it’s personal. No need to brag to anybody. However, you do have the right to mention that you personally make a distinction between spiritual and religious.

Not necessarily shouting this from the rooftops. More like mentioning this to a friend who doesn’t know this about you yet.

Possible benefits for you

Less bragging about belonging to the superior religion could help you. Since folks who are spiritual but not religious also value learning about life every day.

And we’ll learn better if we’re looking directly at our fellow humans. Rather than looking down our noses and sneering.

Also, possible benefits for society

Humility, folks. Opposite to that is bragging about belonging to the “superior” religion.

Look at political life today. Look at any social problem that matters to you.

Don’t the biggest bullies assume that their religious beliefs are superior?

Why I’m Spiritual But Not Religious. Reason 2.

My Relationship with God Is Nobody Else’s Business

Private, not for public consumption. And not any form of show business. To me, as a spiritual teacher and Enlightenment Teacher, that distinction matters.

Simply put, you get to decide about the sort of relationship you have with God. Whatever your choice, it will result in a cascade of consequences. (Incidentally, that last links takes you to my favorite book ever… about religion and its consequences.)

If you’re spiritual but not religious, you have freedom to choose that relationship. Even allowing it to grow, over time. And not grow in some prescribed direction.

Unquestionably, your relationship with God can become the great love relationship of your life.

Religion Aims to Link You to God.

However, I’m one who finds that most organized religions make for a crowded relationship. My personal relationship with God is a club of two. How about you?

Possible benefits for you

Religious freedom can grow when you feel no requirement in any particular way.

So many exvangelicals and other clients of mine… Used to feel downright trapped within their church communities. Considering that Jesus said, “Judge not,” what’s the reality of many Christian religions today? Hmmm, pretty confusing that the pushiest church members are so ready to brag about following Jesus!

Also, possible benefits for society

For starters, there’s the social benefit of freedom of religion. America was founded on that principle, remember? As well as the separation of church and state. I sure wish our elected officials and Supreme Court Justices would familiarize themselves with these two concepts. And enforce them.

Why I’m Spiritual But Not Religious. Reason 3.

Who Needs Flypaper Faith?

Presumably, you know how flypaper works. From a distance, the sticky paper strip can look like a fashionable party for insects. Like, the more, the better.

Only what’s the reality? A large number of flies on that flypaper shows you how many are stuck there. Not necessarily which flies are staying because they’re having such a fabulous time.

Personally I think of flypaper whenever I see a crowd of people looking at an ambulance. Or a car wreck.

What is there, for some people, about joining in whenever they see a crowd? As though, “This must be something good.” Probably, all the onlookers learn is… how to improve their skills at gossiping.

Hey, What Does Being Spiritual, Rather than Religious, Have to Do with Flypaper?

Living Spiritual But Not Religious — that’s opposite to the flypaper experience of religiousity.

Incidentally, did you know? America is hardly the most religious country on Earth. According to this list, we rank #104. Farther below Somalia than above China!

Compare that to the extreme pride of megachurch members. “So many members!”

Look, during the Age of Faith, the best folks could do was to worship. To surrender. Faith-based groveling was encouraged.

But ever since the Shift on Dec. 21, 2012, hello! Humanity has been living in the Age of Awakening.

Likely, we can now do far better than sweetly-and-faithfully following a religion. (For more details, keep reading.)

Possible benefits for you

Independence in spiritual life is a good thing. At least, according to this Enlightenment Teacher.

How can I put this? Gaining Enlightenment is sacred and personal. Almost like a marriage with God. (Despite being wholly unlike the traditional “Bride of Christ” arrangement in Catholic convents.)

By contrast, the megachurch approach to religion reminds me more of this: A YouTube video of a marriage proposal at a sporting event. Designed to be caught on a jumbotron. Where the couple hopes to go viral.

Also, possible benefits for society

Connecting to God through a religion or club makes this a social experience. By contrast, what happens when you live Spiritual But Not Religious? That sacred relationship remains a one-on-one.

Remember the saying, “Two’s company but three’s a crowd?”

Seems to me, our society could use more people who personally connect to God. Not more club members.

God doesn’t care about going viral. God can live within your heart.

Why I’m Spiritual But Not Religious. Reason 4.

Aiming to Be God’s GROWNUP.

At this point, it’s not as if most folks who choose their own way of being spiritual… each have their own copy of “Let Today Be a Holiday.” (As if that were happening now!)

However, this Energy Spirituality daybook describes one way of being spiritual in a way where… You can become God’s grownup.

Basically, this book teaches you how to cocreate with God, using skills that really work. As a result you can connect with God in a very Age of Awakening way. Not in the Age of Faith way, as a supplicating, pathetic, dependent child. Meaning, you can use your full potential of love, light, and power.

Possible benefits for you

Growing up spiritually — however you define that.

And learning from whichever teacher you choose. Assuming that you manage to find a spiritual teacher who can really help you fulfill your spiritual ideals.

To me, living as Spiritual But Not Religious suggests a kind of soulful maturity. Worthy of respect!

Also, possible benefits for society

Imagine how much better society could be if people would solve problems in human ways. At this writing, America is “recovering” from our latest latest hate crime atrocity. One of a series where a white supremacist goes online touting crazy-talk about “Replacement Theory.”

Media go wild over all the pain. There’s so much collective wallowing, as the faithful offer up their Thoughts and Prayers. As if this were going to get guns off our streets, or out of the hands of crazies! (14,600,000 results on Google at this writing for “Thoughts and Prayers.” But zero legislation.)

Why I’m Spiritual But Not Religious. Reason 5.

Avoiding Missionary Work. (Ick!)

Religion often involves Missionary Work, one of the ugliest versions of man’s inhumanity to man. (And don’t get me started on what missionary work does to women. For evidence, look no further than the religion-fueled antiabortion law in Texas.)

For example, when Mitch and I married in 1990 we camped out in Hawaii. Heavenly Hawaii, with rainbows and perfume everywhere!

At our first state park, fellow campers warned us of the thorn bushes. “Stay away,” Joe told us. “Those thorns will go right through your flip-flops.”

Bad enough. But then told us where those thorn bushes came from:

Christian missionaries were shocked by seeing bare-breasted native women. In order to “encourage” everybody to dress like themselves, the missionaries — those religious idealists — planted thorn bushes.

Personally, I find this an excellent example of how well-meaning religious zealotry… really backfires.

Although I don’t believe in “sin,” hello! If I did, missionary activities would qualify.

Possible benefits for you

Prevent bad karma by living as a humble, fallible human being. Not a self-righteous missionary.

Also, possible benefits for society

Help society become slightly less cruel-and-confused than it already is: Don’t encourage missionary work.

To Be Clear

In no way is it necessary for you to agree with me about the topic of today’s blogpost. Energy Spirituality can help you however you do (or don’t) affiliate with any religion.

As the founder of Energy Spirituality I ought to know this is true. (YouTube video link there. After you watch, please give it a THUMBS UP.)

Fact is, Spiritual But Not Religious describes many of my clients. Although not all of them.

For instance, among the folks I’ve helped move into Spiritual Enlightenment have been who? Seekers of truth who happen to be, or have been raised:

  1. Agnostic
  2. Atheist
  3. Buddhist
  4. Catholic
  5. Evangelical Christian
  6. Hindu
  7. Jewish
  8. Muslim
  9. Protestant (Mainstream, Not Evangelical)
  10. Sikh
  11. Unitarian-Universalist (UU)…. OR
  12. #SpiritualButNotReligious

In Conclusion

Up until now have you considered yourself to be Spiritual But Not Religious?

Feel free to comment at my version of this article over at my personal blog. Come share your thoughts.

Photo credit for the gorgeous glowing flower at the top of this blogpost? That goes to JULIE BLAKE EDISON. Incidentally, Julie has recently opened her own shop on Etsy. Click there to view, and even purchase, digital downloads of her magnificent photographs.

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