Soul Expression Support — Meet Yours

Obsidian. Your Soul Expression Support is a Divine organ, located in your aura, made of obsidian.


Soul Expression Support is a part of your aura that works for you 24/7.

High time for you to understand what you’ve got there: Especially, how it helps you.

Soul Expression Supports are new. Essential to have in the Age of Awakening. And way important for your personal growth and spiritual awakening!

Let me inspire you with this leading-edge info. After all, it concerns you. Intimately.

First of All, Context for Your Soul Expression Support

Right now, Blog-Buddies, you’re in the midst of a human lifetime. Okay, that’s not the big news in today’s educational blog post. ;-)

As an eternal soul, you’ll always be in some kind of body somewhere.

For this insight, I give due credit to Dr. Coletta Long. (She was my mentor for past-life regression. After graduating from her program I would go on to develop and use the system of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®.)

Of course, you’re not mainly concerned with being an eternal soul. Rather, you’re doing your best to make this incarnation count.

Technically, you’re having a soul expression. Unique. Although kind of different from what folks usually mean when they say “YOLO.

In essence, your Soul Expression Support is one of the greatest assets for this lifetime here at Earth School.

Next, the Fascinating Context

(Most Folks Don’t Know this Yet.)

But you can. And maybe you already know this much: You’re living in the early years of the Age of Awakening.

So, what does this have to do with today’s Divine-glowey new info? Let’s get to that next.

Soul Expression Supports Are New for Human Incarnations

Each person gets one, for spiritual support.

Which is one of those new things about living in the Age of Awakening.

By Contrast, What Is the Traditional Form of Spiritual Support?

Built into every single human incarnation you’ve had. Not just this one!

Before the Shift into the Age of Awakening on 12/21/12, you definitely had something else for spiritual support. In fact, you’ve had it from birth:

  • Your guardian angel.
  • Some spirit guides.
  • Later, as you continued to use your free will to make good choices, your Celestial Team grew.
  • Incidentally, if you’d like to know more about this. You’ll find a great deal of reliable information in this how-to book about Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.

Hey, you’ve still got your Celestial Team. Fear not!

And that’s all humans needed in the Age of Faith! Part of how Earth School was set up.

However, Once the Age of Awakening Began…

You got something extra.

Every human on earth received a Soul Expression Support. Expect that to be standard-issue for human incarnations. Now and for the foreseeable future!

Because this form of support is essential for helping you to navigate this trickier time. Helping you and all other humans, starting on 12/21/12!

You see, the Age of Awakening is a new era on earth. Where all of us can evolve as fast as we wish. (Provided that we pay the price.)

Neither emotional growth nor spiritual awakening depends on:

  • Your family of origin. And what they expect of you.
  • Who your friends are.
  • Your social status
  • That childhood story of your early years. Your Life Contract years. (In the sense that the first 21 or 28 years of a human life today? Often front-loaded with paying back difficult karma. Getting it out of the way while we’re still young and flexible.

Being human, you’re free to evolve at top speed. Becoming truly self-actualized. Energy Spirituality aims to help you with that. However, whether or not you reach out is up to you. By contrast, what’s not? Two lifelong spiritual resources: Your Angel Team. And, as of 12/21/12, your Soul Expression Support.

Divine, Not Astral

Of course, your Celestial Team (aka Angel Team), is astral. Made of the vibrational frequency that psychics and intuitives read.

By contrast, your Soul Expression Support is Divine. Etheric-bodied, rather than astral-bodied.

Yes, simply due to living now, you’ve got one.

What Does Your Soul Expression Support Look Like?

If you like, picture an obsidian-glowing version of your body. Namely, black. Then covered by golden threads of light. And with a surface that sparkles with iridescent light.

Seemingly, this Divine-level body within you is two-dimensional. (Although my sense is, it operates in more dimensions than that. Just not what we humans know and love, three-dimensional.)

Within your aura, this Divine-level Support stands in back of your head. And the rest of your human body.

Stands there, looking at you. (Except that it doesn’t see through eyes, as you do. Or have other human senses. Rather, it learns through consciousness.)

And What’s the Purpose of This Soul Expression Support?

Consider it to be a Divine-level replica of your human self. Updated constantly and consistently.

Within this spiritual helper, the essence of your full potential in that moment shines out:

  1. All the gifts of your soul
  2. What’s most glorious about your consciousness lifestyle. And how you’re progressing spiritually.
  3. Intellectually, how you’re growing.
  4. Emotionally, personal growth at your very best right now.
  5. Strengths within you for using free will.
  6. And high points, living examples, so far. Revealing you at your best.
  7. In short, based on your life experience right now, the strengths that you’ve got.

All this in contrast to what?

Your human fears. And worries. Regrets and shames.

In Conclusion

Energy healers, if you don’t yet know about Soul Expression Supports… You might to get yourself more up-to-date training.

Whether a client or an energy healer, thisDiscernment Jamboree can help you to use your full potential. Go for it!

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Here’s to energy healing that works NOW, in the Age of Awakening.”



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