Some Self-Help Methods Are Good…

Self-Help Smarts matter, unless you’re just playing a game

Why do Self-Help SMARTS matter? Mainly because: Many an A-list influencer teaches growth techniques that are downright bad for you.

Let me help you learn what to look for in a self-help technique. A meditation technique. Any personal development method.

Granted, this is an enormous topic. At least I can provide you with an intro to those vital smarts, an intro based in good skills of energetic literacy.

Ta Da! You Could Consider this Article a Publishing Prequel

Since, very soon, I’ll publish a book in the self-help category. The spiritual growth category. And the Spiritual Enlightenment category. The new title will be: “Seeking Enlightenment in the Age of Awakening”

Yes, that’s what it’s called. More, much more, about that to come in future blogposts.

If you like, you might call today this an advanced bloggy mention in advance of Publication Day.

When It Comes to Personal Growth, Know that You Can Choose Wisely

Fact is… assuming that you seek authentic results…

If You’re Doing Self-Help ANYTHING, Don’t Assume This:

That Popular Teachers Will Necessarily Be Your Best Teachers

In order to help you develop discernment, consider the following Five Tips for Self-Help Smarts.

Self-Help Smarts Tip #1. Standing

Who Has the Standing to Teach You This Kind of Self-Improvement?

Look, any time that you consider learning any self-help advice. Or technique. Or free YouTube video…

For heaven’s sake, don’t choose based on, “Is this free?”

Pay attention to the credentials of the person offering that advice.

By Contrast

Here’s an example of some scary teaching that is messing up people’s lives. (Definitely check out the comments as well.)

And why has that Fifth Dimensional Nonsense seemed so attractive? Very likely, because it is FREE.

Self-Help Smarts Tip #2. Will that Technique Work NOW?

Hello, We’re Living in the Age of Awakening

Does this technique work now, in the Age of Awakening?

Or was it developed by somebody who doesn’t know what has changed with the Shift? Meaning, the subtle but very important shift that took place on Dec. 21, 2012.

Quite an important question, don’t you think?

Living now, in the Age of Awakening, isn’t optional. All of us humans are, know it or not, like it or not.


Here’s some background, just to add to your knowledge about living now:

  1. Essentials about the Age of Awakening
  2. True Signs of the Age of Awakening
  3. Age of Awakening Confusion

Self-Help Smarts Tip #3. Sniff Test

Does that Technique Pass Your Personal Sniff Test?

And here I mean the technique as a technique. Not truth and beauty by association, such as: “If it’s at, it’s got to be good.”

Or the Fad Reason. Such as, “It’s popular, so it must be good.”

For instance, maybe you’ve heard that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is THE WAY to become more self-actualized.

By all means, click on that link just provided. You just might think again.

Self-Help Smarts Tip #4. Honesty

Either Play a Game OR Get Serious about Growing Emotionally or Spiritually

Because you can’t really do both. Might I suggest, if you’re seeking entertainment? Watch a movie.

Don’t play around with your consciousness. Nor do any other version of playfully “fixing” your mind-body-spirit system.

Besides, Did You Know This?

In the Age of Awakening you can find just about any “growth technique” endlessly fascinating.

(Mainly this is due to your New Vibrational Freedom for Positioning Consciousness!)

That makes choosing wisely more essential than ever.

Self-Help Smarts Tip #5. Don’t Treat Yourself Like a Guinea Pig

What, Treating Yourself Like a Guinea Pig in Your Own Experiment?

That is, don’t do whatever. And then afterward decide if you like the results.

Any poorly designed technique can hurt you. But the hurt won’t probably show physically. Even worse, the damage may take weeks, months, or years to show up.

Which brings us to the detailed analysis in our upcoming newsletter. (See Article 2 especially, coming up in the list below.) Oboy!

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  1. Incredibly Important Smarts — the Back Story
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  3. Ways that YOU Can Research a Self-Help Technique
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In Conclusion

Whatever standards YOU use for evaluating any self-help activities, please. Make sure your standards include good discernment. Otherwise, it will be your loss — a loss that doesn’t have to be.

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