Skilled Empath Merge with Queen Elizabeth

This version of Queen Elizabeth is WAX. Just now, could you tell the difference?

Meet England’s Oldest Queen. As She Is Now.

In case you’d like to do some aura reading or explore a Skilled Empath Merge:

Here’s Queen Elizabeth, in all her majesty. And wearing quite some hat! This is the photo I’ll use for facilitating this aura-exploration.

The Process is Partly Personal, Partly Cocreating with the Divine

Skilled Empath Merge Is the Spiritual Purpose of Being an Empath

Rose Rosetree, facilitating a Skilled Empath Merge

Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality

Flow of Energy with People Who Have Lower Social Status

Belly Chakra Databank for Spontaneous Self-Expression

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power with the Divine

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Curiosity

Communicating with People who have Lower Social Status than You

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Service to Others

In Conclusion


At one point, it seemed to me that Queen Elizabeth would really-really have prefered to go into quiet retirement.

Except that she’s horrified what Prince Charles might inflict, if he became king. Unthinkable that she, Elizabeth, could let that happen while there’s still breath in her body!

Empath Coach Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.” Feel free to join our Comment Conversation at the Energy Spirituality Blog.



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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

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