Skilled Empath Merge with a Plant

Meet the Non-Human Consciousness of Rose’s Christmas Cactus

Rose Rosetree


Of course, living plants have consciousness. Learn about what it’s like to be this particular plant.

Turns out, today’s Skilled Empath Merge is my first published article as a Plant Empath. How did I prepare? Mostly by becoming a Skilled Empath.

First published article on all the internet, really? Hey, I just googled “Skilled Empath Merge with a Plant” — since that’s the treat we have in store.Both turned out to be incidental statements I made in other published blogposts.

But today we’ll have The Real Deal, a dedicated exploration of this plant’s consciousness.

Introducing the Star for Today’s Article, My Christmas Cactus

As a green thumb gardener, I love taking care of my one and only houseplant. It’s a Christmas cactus given to me a couple years ago. Although it hasn’t yet bloomed, this adorable plant has grown a lot. Twice I’ve had to repot it.

  1. Incidentally, what makes me a “green thumb gardener”? Every day I research my plant’s aura, in general. What I learn helps me to decide when to water it. Then I follow through.
  2. Also, my daily greeting includes giving my plant a little love pat, using my “Primary Sensor Hand.”

What Will You Find from Today’s Skilled Empath Merge?

First of all, you sure don’t have to be an empath in order to read this article. It’s like hundeds of articles available at my website, on aura reading, Skilled Empath Merge, specialized arrays of chakra databanks, even face readings with the system of Face Reading Secrets®.

Read it like any other article with deeper perception. Explore knowledge that can enrich your life.

Regarding those of you who are among the 1 in 20 people born as an empath… As an Empath Coach, I’ve developed many different techniques for doing a Skilled Empath Merge with one type of non-human “Discovery Person” or another.

Granted, the emphasis in “The Master Empath” is getting good at doing Skilled Empath Merges with other humans. Endlessly fascinating, right there!

Basically, learning to do Skilled Empath Merge is built into the system of Empath



Rose Rosetree

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