See the Christ in Others

Why All that Trying & Yearning Are Bad for You

Rose Rosetree
4 min readJan 7, 2021


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See the Christ in Others? Please don’t even try. Here are seven good reasons to stop wasting your time on this idealistic project. (Which can cripple your aura.)

Temporarily crippling it, anyway. Auras can always bounce back, depending on your choices in life.

So why not choose to do something better than try this impossible self-imposed task? Together, let’s explore.

What Does It Even Mean, Actually?

Choose one. (Or maybe more than one.)

  • I want to be more spiritual.
  • I want Jesus to love ME.
  • Spiritual people must see the Christ in others. (Even if we’re Ex-Evangelicals!)
  • People are soooooo annoying. Maybe if I do this Christ-gazing, it will help me to get through the day. :-)

BTW, what if the above list doesn’t include why you have tried this impossible job? Why else aspire to See the Christ in Others?

Please, COMMENT below and tell us.

#1. See the Christ in Others?

Mood Making

What, seeing other people as though they’re Jesus in disguise? They’re not.

What, pretending other people aren’t in animal bodies?

Or pretending that they don’t have STUFF in their auras that messes them up? Why: Is denial supposed to be an effective form of Energy Healing?

Nah, this is mood-making jazz. Among the many ways it’s a waste of time, trying to see the Christ in others changes nothing about them people. Or their behavior.

Heck, you’re not even killing them with your (excessive) kindness. ;-)

#2. See the Christ in Others?

Adds Fakery to Your Relationships

Pretending that up is down? Or making excuses to turn bad into good, selfish into lovely?

Personally I doubt that Jesus would have been a big fan of this fakery.

But hold on. In all the New Testament, did Jesus ever recommend this “See the Christ” jazz?

I thought not. (But correct me if I’m wrong.)

#3. See the Christ in Others?

Subtracts Putting YOURSELF in Your Relationships

Indeed. Who else is going to say things to selfish people, things they deserve? Such as:

“Stop that right now.”

“How dare you? No, you have no right to do that/take that/steal that.”

“Would you take responsibility for that great big lie you just told? How are you going to make that right?”

#4. See the Christ in Others

Makes It Impossible to Use Your Power

Forgiving other people is also doing something with a very different reputation: Enabling other people.

  • Enabling them to take advantage of you.
  • And encouraging them to belittle you,
  • Even treat you with contempt.
  • All the while, feeling superior to you.

How “spiritual” is any of that? And if you’re religious, how high-mindedly godly is any of that? On either side of the badly balanced equation!

#5. See the Christ in Others

Is a Spiritual Lie

They’re not Divine. Neither are you.

Wishing doesn’t make it so.

#6. See the Christ in Others

Won’t Keep You from Feeling Homesick

Homesick for Heaven, that is. Sure many deeply spiritual people feel that way.

However, the remedy isn’t to push yourself into spiritual addiction. And, sadly, that’s the outcome you’re likely to get. Assuming that you’re living now, in the Age of Awakening. While you keep detaching from reality, attempting to live in a fantasy world.

#7. See the Christ in Others

Means Trying to (Impossibly) Live in the Age of Faith

Only the Age of Faith ended on 12/21/12. Whether you know it or not. And whether you like it or not.

See the Christ in Others creates big problems in the Age of Awakening. As outdated as using lamplight at night. Or putting warm cloths on your forehead because aspirin hasn’t been invented yet.

Besides, the harder you try to do impossible things, the more you’ll suffer. Ever notice?

In conclusion, I implore you:

Quit Trying to See the Impossible and the Unhelpful. Instead…

This might help you to feel better. And help others more, too boot.

Learn how to live The New Strong. Namely, explore a skill set that works now. Because the Age of Faith is over. Now it’s the Age of Awakening.

Forgive my mentioning this, please. But turning yourself into a spiritual sacrifice? That sure won’t turn back the clock.

Another excellent way to bear witness to your love of God? Allow yourself to use more creativity. This online workshop just might help you with showing forth your glorious creativity. Put slightly differently: Showing forth the glorious creativity that God gave you!



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