RED AURA Means What?

For fun, compare this aura photo (of me) to the one at the end of this post. In between, you might learn new info that really helps you.

Red Aura, Blue Aura, Black Aura

Lately a lot of people have been talking up a storm. Like a storm of colors.

Why Are So Many People Talking Today about Red Aura, Green Aura, etc.?

Seems to me there’s a trend, alright. In particular, would that be a trend about people getting really good at reading auras? As if!

Definitely, now we’re well into the Age of Awakening? Therefore, what does it mean when somebody volunteers to tell you “the color of your aura”???

Basically, it’s bragging. That is to say, that somebody’s doing a variation on humble-bragging. Like, “I’m such a special person, I see the colours. Shucks, I can’t help it.”

Assuming that You Have the Stomach to Get a Little More Technical…

First of all, any good quality aura reading involves way more than calling an aura RED or BLUE or BLACK.

Long Story Short, What Does it Mean Having a “Red Aura”?

Nothing very specific. The aura-blabber, like aforementioned Joe, is either:

  • Energy sensitive, and infatuated with his Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.
  • Bragging about how special and energy sensitive he is.
  • Studying psychic development. (Possibly obsolete now that we’re in the Age of Awakening. And definitely not very safe to do any longer, in my professional opinion as the founder of Energy Spirituality.)
  • Joe’s into the color-by-number school of aura reading: clichés like black aura means evil and red aura means angry. You know what? A smart five-year old knows more about real life and real people.

Concerning the Two Aura Photos in this Article

Here’s the second one. Taken of me the very same day as the aura photo at the top of this post.

Aura photo of Rose Rosetree, using a good aura camera.

Here’s the Thing

Because I sure think that I can explain the difference between these two pix.

  • Basically, the aura photo immediately above? It shows me, just being me.
  • While the aura photo at the top of this post? That was taken the very same day, only while I was doing what? Doing a Skilled Empath Merge on my friend Gladys, who did New Age Energy Healing. (Gladys was very into the astral, at the time. Which explains why my aura temporarily took on a kind of fairyland appearance.)
  • After you finish a Skilled Empath Merge, your aura goes back to normal.

In Conclusion

There’s a time and a place for everything. Such as a time for kindergarten. And then a time to move on from kindergarten.



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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree


Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.