Political Unity HOW?

How Quality Aura Reading Can Help

Auras aren’t mere “colours.” They’re full of practical insights.

During his inauguration President Biden has told us the need for unity is urgent. But does America have a prayer of doing that!

Hey, you know what could work better than thoughts and prayers for unity? If you really want unity and respect in this country, learn aura reading. It can help. Seriously.

Important to Note: Although written for ANY reader, from aura newbies on

This article includes new info for even our most experienced Blog-Buddies

Here’s WHY Aura Reading Can Get Us that HOW.

All Politicians and Voters Have Auras

In order to appreciate why that matters, let’s answer three big questions:

Humanly, it’s a fabulously useful set of info about integrity, leadership, values, and more. If you’re going to be technical, your aura is a set of energy bodies. Long as you’re alive, you’ve got this set of bodies around your physical body.

All that info, of course. Automatically, that brings us to the really-truly, super-practical question:

To read auras, learn effective skills. Once you’ve got those, auras can reveal a great deal. Especially if you’re patriotic, you’ll want to learn about the auras of politicians. Just to pull this part of our conversation together, here’s a YouTube video: “What I Read Your Aura.”

Auras Always Tell the Truth

Maybe this truth-finding aspect is the main reason to learn aura reading skills.

At a minimum, excellent reason to read a blog like this one. Given all the free aura readings that I make available here.

Imagine if you could gain access to the truth about neighbors. Or family members. Or politicians. Sure, you might agree or disagree on policy. But integrity could become the universal standard for credibility regarding American politics.

Thus, the fake news era could really end. As Jake commented recently, in an article about a public figure with a magnificent aura:

What an inspiration! I wish that all journalists had Eugene Robinson’s dedication to truth. Maybe someday when most people have Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, we will insist on truth in our press.

Auras Always Tell the Human Truth

Just to bring some clarity… Pardon my saying… Everything you know about auras so far is probably wrong. Not your fault. Almost every Google search will lead you to psychic readings about “seeing the colours.” Definitely traditional!

According to this teacher of aura reading, also definitely obsolete. Incredibly limited. Learn more about that at this article about having a “Red Aura.” Even more knowledge is yours with a click-and-read at “Black Aura.”

Bottom line: Aura readings from psychics and intuitives come from working with astral spirits. Why would these discarnate entities offer trustworthy insights into being human? (When they’re not human, are they?)

For that matter, what else is limiting about aura readings from psychics? All the predictions and generalizations sure won’t help you vote in elections. Especially since astral spirits generally aim to make clients dependent. Not to tell clients the truth.

YOU Can Learn Skills of Energetic Literacy

Personally, I’m glad to offer you an alternative to psychic-style aura readings. Consider today’s aura reading to be a form of literacy. Like in this photo below.

Neither kind of literacy has to seem woo-woo.

Today’s energetic literacy is just as normal as word literacy.

Look, while you’re reading this article right now, do you have to be clairvoyant? Of course not! Nor do you have to study psychic development. In order to learn word literacy, such as you’re using right now…

Did you have to put yourself in the hands of spirits?

Did you need predictions to learn about people? Of course not.

I wonder, what will it take before mainstream voters get this: Today’s aura reading isn’t just a normal thing to do. It’s essential for voting wisely.

You Can Read Auras from Photos and Videos

Forget about all the hype from the New Age years about aura photos. Once you learn good skills of energetic literacy, every photo is an aura photo. Which means that newspapers of record tell you the facts.

Meanwhile their photos of politicians can tell you how they really are doing. At a time when certain Republicans warn against “divisive” behavior And alternative media are dispensing fake news, “alternative facts.”

Want to stop all the conspiracy theorists? Often they’re so persuasive. But what destroys their credibility? Their seriously messed-up auras.

Wouldn’t it be great if citizens had the energetic literacy to learn conclusively about public figures’ integrity. Dependability. Leadership. Can we develop these skills? Definitely.

Sure, you can read auras from photos on your laptop

For example, consider a certain twice-impeached disgrace to the American presidency. Back when he was running in 2016, I did a little aura reading that revealed plenty of details about Trump’s crazy-messed-up aura.

Aura Reading Helps You to Tell Which Is Which

After the Trump years, many Americans have had it with the Trumpian ploy: Whataboutism. Pretending there’s a perfectly valid side to a story, when really, there isn’t.

In truth, there’s sometimes just one side. In the name of “fair and balanced” certain politicians dangle some shiny object. Merely some distraction.

Aura reading can help us to halt this nonsense. Because the auras of the distractors reveal their lack of integrity, such as this senator. Maybe you’ve read about Josh Hawley’s truly disgusting aura, for instance? If not, that blog post is just one click away.

Personally, I especially look forward to calling out religious hypocrisy. Such as preachy-mouthed legislative hotshot, Kristin Waggoner. You might find it worth clicking on that last link just to read this part: Waggoner’s Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source.

You see, it would be one thing if this religious zealot had the standing to speak for people who love God. But auras are really useful for discerning who just uses religion. Like the Bible quote about “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Yes, that’s a Bible quote.

Do you think Jesus would have put up with the likes of Kristin Waggoner? Today’s aura readers aren’t fooled.

In Conclusion: How Can You Learn to Read Auras?

How can you learn the system of Aura Reading through All Your Senses®? (So far, this is the only system today… that can teach you to read auras from regular photos. And read chakra databanks.)

  1. No question, what’s the best resource? Our Aura Reading Collection of Online Workshops. And it even starts with a five-lesson Free Intro.
  2. On the other hand, if you’re good at learning from books, you might wish to start here. With my one national bestseller so far — in German, I’ll admit. ;-) Although in America this book was a selection of a division of the Book-of-the-Month Club.

I yearn for a time when every patriotic American has learned both kinds of literacy:

  • Word literacy, for reading newspapers of record.
  • True energetic literacy, for researching politicians. Friends. Neighbors.

When you learn good skills for aura reading, you won’t just make my dreams come true. Plus, you’ll help to deliver what President Biden has asked us to do. Helping the American Experiment to succeed.

Beyond all that, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how aura reading… Everyday aura reading, today’s energetic literacy… It can help your other dreams come true.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.