Orgasm Shot Aura Research #2

Orgasm Shots Can Cost You: Aura Reading #2 in Our 3-Part Series on O-Shots

Orgasm Shots Can Cost You

Social Pressure May Just Be Starting. So Please, Start Evaluating NOW.

Just in case your doctor’s office, like mine, prominently displays an ad for O-Shots. Seems as though these marketing efforts are targeting older women. (Although if we think it’s going to help us compete with 20-year-olds, we might think again.)

And Now, Meet Today’s O-Shot Fan

Presence in the Room

Flow of Energy When with Other People

Flow of Sexual Energy

Sexual Self-Esteem

Using Power

Within this chakra databank, here’s what’s lively:

Imagine, me being so sexually gorgeous that people will give me whatever I want!

Intellectual Growth

Evidently, Jen is getting really excited about learning more in life. Specifically, learning more about sex!

Emotional Giving

Emotional Receiving

Spiritual Growth

Soul Thrill

How about some context for understanding this last bit of research



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