Orgasm Shot Aura Reading #1.

Orgasm Shot Aura Reading. Friends don’t let friends get the O-Shot. Here’s why.

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research #1 of 3 Aura Readings

And I’ll tell you right now. It’s a warning.

Ladies, have you heard about the O-Shot? Wonderful-sounding claims are made for sexual improvement. Better urinary continence, too. What wouldn’t be great about getting one of these sex shots?

By all means, read some of the claims. And receive reassurance that “Dr. David Moore, the O-Shot inventor, “also respects Christian values.” How thoughtful of him!

Only let’s keep in mind, these injections might limit consciousness, not just vaginal dryness.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about aura-level research to supplement the medical kind? Like the energetic literacy research you will find in today’s article!

Always fascinating to me? When human people eagerly volunteer as medical guinea pigs!

Especially when buying into trendy medical fixes, whether Botox or, now, O-shots. Seemingly treating these purchase as simple consumer choices. Like buying the latest iPhone.

Meanwhile, have long-term studies been encouraging? Oh, wait. There haven’t been any. But who cares? (???????)

Hey, I do. Incidentally, I caution you about what follows. This article will include uncharacteristic language. Atypical for my blog. Extremely sex-related language. Accordingly, I’ll asterisk *** out some of it.

And you know what? Here’s another caution. You may find the results of the research in this article shocking for other reasons, too.

Why Have I Begun Researching O-Shots?

Thus far, my research findings haven’t been good. Putting it mildly.

First of all, I did energetic literacy research for one of my clients concerning this option: Potentially getting the O-Shot. Perhaps you’re already familiar with Soul Thrill Aura Research®. If not, you’ve got a treat in store. It’s a valuable resource for making many choices. Such as, “Do I really want to get the O-Shot?”

I’ve trained all Energy Spirituality Experts to do this kind of research. Since it can help you so much at making many of life’s everyday decisions. Altogether different from psychic readings, this kind of research is very Energy Spirituality and so it requires advanced energetic literacy.

Background completed, Blog-Buddies, there I was, recently. Simply doing routine Soul Thrill research for Gladys. She was curious about the O-Shot as a research item.

Unfortunately, what kind of aura picture emerged. Terrible! Scary even. Potentially changing Gladys from very self-actualized to… animalistic.

Nearly unique. Only somewhat comparable results to the aura readings where I’ve blogged on the Carnivore Diet Remember them?

Your Choices Matter

Blog-Buddies, what’s true about you? Since you’re reading articles at my website, at least one of the following applies to you. Most likely, anyway.

  • Definitely, you care about personal growth.
  • For sure, spiritual awakening matters to you. In this lifetime you’d rather E-volve than DE-volve.

Guess what? For sure, I care about helping you to keep on evolving beautifully. Frankly, that’s why I’m daring to publish a short series of blog articles… researching the O-Shot.

Let’s Start Researching Auras of WOMEN Who’ve HAD the O-Shot

Success stories. Three big O-Shot fans.

Today’s article is the first in that planned series. Because I’m aiming to do energetic literacy research on these wonderful-sounding new shots.

Like today’s research. Exploring what the Orgasm Shot does to a woman’s consciousness. Not just her vag.”

Here’s the first O-Shot enthusiast I’ll be researching: Good Girl Becka Hays.

Specifically, I’ll be using the image at her O-Shot testimonial video. Researching Becka’s image, as captured at 2:40 min.

Notably, I’ll use the Sexual BALANCE Chakra Databank Array. Might I suggest? Open up this link and read it before going further. You’ll learn details about aspects of sexuality that I haven’t seen others discussing yet on the internet.

Why choose these 10 chakra databanks? That article will explain. Plus you can satisfy your Inner Skeptic: What’s the methodology for Stage 3 Energetic Literacy? Because I’m as serious and committed as any scientist, although I’m not a scientist but rather a pioneer in this field I’ve founded.

Fasten your seatbelts, Readers. Here we go.

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research. Root Chakra Databank for…

Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

5 inches. Quite under-functioning.


Being human means having a glorious complexity. Therefore, most people broadcast a lot of nuance about who they are at this chakra databank.

By contrast, Becka’s screams just one message. Screams it loud and clear: “Look at my cli**oris.”

No, Blog-Buddies, I’m not kidding.

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research. Belly Chakra Databank for…

Flow of Energy When with Other People

Symbolic Size

6 inches. Definitely under-functioning.


Once again, the chakra databank quality is unnerving. Usually human beings show complexity at this astral level of auras. (Corresponding to the subconscious mind, if you prefer a psychological perspective.)

Yet Becka apparently has one concern only:

  • Look at my b****ts.
  • Look at my v****a.
  • All my sexual characteristics are so exciting.
  • Choose me!

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research. Belly Chakra Databank for

Flow of Sexual Energy

Symbolic Size

50,000 miles. Extremely over-functioning.


Evidently, at the time of this video, in her consciousness, Becka lives for sex. Nothing else.

Of course, we’ve got more chakra databanks to explore. By now, Blog-Buddies, you can appreciate the value of a dedicated array of chakra databanks.

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research. Belly Chakra Databank for…

Sexual Self-Esteem

Symbolic Size

50,000 miles. Likewise over-functioning.


Very much like a cat in heat.

(Noted just from having observed some of these felines, after they ran over and started rubbing against me. Although never from having done Skilled Empath Merges with them. Since I don’t have the talent of “Animal Empath,” I can’t do this sort of empath merge. Plus, of course, who would choose to do a Skilled Empath Merge with a cat in heat? Ick!)

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for …

Using Power

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally flat-lining.


Alarmingly, to me, once again there’s a one-note quality to a Becka chakra databank. This one is like, “I’ll roll over and do whatever you want. Just so long as I can have sex. Lots and lots of sex.”

Orgasm Shot Consumer Research. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for…

Intellectual Growth

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Also totally flat-lining. Currently, anyway.


“Who cares about learning things?” Essentially, that’s the gist.

Probably I could refine this a bit, for precision. Ugh! “Who cares about learning intellectual things? All that matters is sex.”

Strangely, does it seem to you that a pattern is starting to emerge, Blog-Buddies?

O-Shot Consumer Research. Heart Chakra Databank for…

Emotional Giving

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally shut down.


Strangely, sadly, it’s as if Becka has erased the very human ability to give emotionally.

O-Shot Consumer Research. Heart Chakra Databank for…

Emotional Receiving

Symbolic Size

4 inches. Nearly shut down.


“If you want to make me happy, give me sex. Nothing else counts.”

Never before have I encountered so much distortion of a chakra databank. And I don’t think this mess comes from Energetic Subroutines. Not this time.

Rather, Becka can give credit to her choices and also her physical chemistry, responding to the O-shot. And yes, Becka may have been overly enthusiastic about sex even before getting the O-shot. Certainly!

O-Shot Consumer Research. Third Eye Chakra Databank for…

Spiritual Growth

I keep waiting for the good part, Blog-Buddies. Are you?

Could there be some beautiful spiritual due to Becka’s choice to get the O-Shot? Like “The purpose of Tantra, fulfilled.”

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Completely flat-lines


Worshiping her vag. Like it has come to stand for God, Becka’s current chosen substitute. Sex parts in symbolic form are lodged in her chakra databank for Spiritual Growth. Ick!

O-Shot Consumer Research. High Heart Chakra Databank for…

Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally flat-lines.


It stinks. Literally, that’s my synesthesia perception of this stumpy, shut-down chakra databank. Literally, it stinks.

Usually I don’t share my perceptions from reading auras. Instead I give you the interpretation of my personal perceptions. (Important distinction! And essential for the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.)

Only in this case, perception and interpretation are pretty identical. Seems to me, sigh! Both literally and figuratively, at the time of this photo, Becka’s Soul Thrill Chakra Databank is rotting.

Furthermore, and interpreting not as an aura reader…. Instead, speaking as an Enlightenment Coach….

Gaining a human incarnation is a privilege. Compared to other worlds where one might incarnate, Earth School is first-rate. This planet offers some of the biggest spiritual payoffs possible. At least, for a life well lived.

Beyond that, Becka is way privileged. After all, she’s clearly scored a lifetime as an American. A white woman. A white woman with blue eyes, yet! (Status-wise only, this combo has given her a big advantage in life.)

And what has Becka done so far, with her excellent opportunity to evolve spiritually? Not only has she chosen to get an O-shot. (Understandable mistake. Hey, I’m hoping you Blog-Buddies will spread the word about this article. And similar ones to follow. Friends don’t let friends get O-shots.)

Beyond that, yoicks! By making her testimonial YouTube video, Becka is aiming to convert other women. Converting them to the dubious religion that we could now call Orgasm Worship.

In Conclusion

Has this article helped to bring you a Sexual Balance perspective on Orgasm Shots?

Does it make sense to you that women might pay a pretty steep energetic price for the thrills they get?

Namely, pay a price in their love lives. Their emotional growth. Their spiritual lives. And their intellectual growth. Basically, every glorious potential that separates humans from animals!



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