Non-Empaths or Empaths? Q&A

Non-Empaths, don’t believe you’re an empath just because somebody told you so. When it comes to being an empath, what’s true? Bring on this Q&A.

You’ll find compassion for what you’ve been through. Plus you can gain the kind of clarity that comes from seeing through illusions.

First of All, Why This? Why Now?

Quite often I’ll encounter a new Energy Spirituality client. And that client will ask me to check: “Please tell me whether or not I’m an empath.”

Happy to do so. Basically that Empath Check takes just a few minutes. Following that we can get on with the rest of the session: Helping my client with personal growth and/or spiritual awakening.

Only what’s not so happy? How clients react when, sometimes, I tell them, “You’re not an empath.” They express such disappointment and, often, a sense that they don’t know what to do now… As if a lifeline has been taken away.

However, what’s really hopeful? Learning the truth. Also, it doesn’t help much, trying to succeed at a job that isn’t really yours. Talk about feeling discouraged!

Besides, the Truth Can Help You More than Confusing “Help”

For example, did you know this about your sensitivity? “Empath versus Non-Empath” is hardly your only option. Have you ever heard of the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale?

(Well, I guess you have now. In fact, you can read about more about it at that last link.)

You see, Blog-Buddies, every score on that Sensitivity Scale brings an advantage in life. In a personal session, I can tell you about what’s great regarding what you’ve really got. But right away, you can be sure of this:

  • It’s not as though empaths win the gold medal in life.
  • Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) win the silver medal.
  • And everybody else gets a participation trophy.

As You Can Imagine, Non-Empaths Have Plenty of Questions for Me

In the rest of this post, I’ll answer one of them at a time. Choosing from the most common questions.

As we get started, please know this. What your about to read draws on a reliable-and-responsible system of knowledge. Namely, knowledge as what? As America’s most experienced Empath Coach. And btw the only empath teacher authorized to teach Empath Empowerment® .

  • For example: In 2001 I published the first book for empaths. Currently sells 5,000 books for empaths. No kidding.
  • Another example: Empath Empowerment® received a trademark in 2010. For the next eight years, it remained the only empath-related trademark in America.
  • One last example: Currently, what do you find if you search at Amazon under the name of my trademarked system? 60 results. Which means a whole lot of empath teachers who are, for whatever reason, integrity challenged. (Real-deal Empath Empowerment® is a system that works, btw.)

If only the quality of all today’s thousands of empath “experts” matched the quantity! But then I wouldn’t get to write today’s clarifications, ha ha! And I really-deeply want to help.

The following questions from clients have been heartfelt. Usually sounding quite painful.

Most non-empaths who learn the truth about their sensitivity express shock and terrible disappointment. As if, “I believed that being an empath was the only thing that could help me. Am I going to let Rose Rosetree take it away?”

Seems to me, it’s better to lose misinformation… Compared to following “expert” advice that hasn’t helped. Won’t help. Can’t help.

You’ll see.

Question #1. How Can I Have So Many Emotions?

Empath teachers are often intone that the defining characteristics of empaths is… their emotions. Supposedly, if you react to life with emotional intensity, that means you’re an empath.

For example: “Empaths have the unique ability to sense and absorb the feelings of others — and that can create some real challenges.” How responsible is this idea? Since it’s false, maybe not that responsible. Besides that, take a moment to think about why somebody would spread such an idea? Purposely or not, these empath advisers offer a non-empath:

  1. Membership in a club to which they don’t really belong.
  2. The promise of help for a problem they don’t really have.
  3. Flattery.
  4. Excuses to explain away real problems in life. (Glossed over in the quote just cited as “challenges.”)
  5. Worst of all, busywork to substitute for receiving help that could make a real difference.

Of course, Blog-Buddies, I think you can do better than believing in this as a lifeline.

Answer #1. Learn What Many “Experts” Don’t Know

What is an empath, really? In the system of (real-deal) Empath Empowerment:

An empath has at least 1 significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

Note the difference between directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Versus supposedly “absorbing emotions” of others. In reality, I’ve identified 15 gifts that an empath might have.

Take a look! Out of this legitimate list, well researched, and part of a system that actually helps people… How many of these empath gifts involve emotions. 2 out of 15. So much for the “defining characteristic” nonsense.

Question #2. Why Else Would My Emotions Go Up and Down?

Want reasons? There are plenty. Notably, these reasons that have zero to do with being an empath. Check out this article from a mainstream, responsible health-related website.

Practical Answer #2A. Market Share

Hey, let’s talk marketing reasons. Money-seeking reasons. Services for empaths and HSPs have been growing like crazy. And why wouldn’t they?

  • 1 in 5 people was born as an HSP.
  • 1 in 20 people has at least one lifelong gift as an empath.
  • Even more people simply feel a lot of emotions. They’ll gladly pay to learn from an “expert” who tells them: “That’s because you’re special. And now let me tell you how to make it stop.”
  • Who would teach these falsehoods? Only teachers who don’t know much about what they claim to teach. Or salespeople who care only about ka-ching. Either way, pretty bad karma.

All you truth seekers are invited to check out these consumer-related posts here at my blog:

  1. HSP Confusions
  2. Highly Sensitive Persons — Gain Clarity
  3. Discernment Jamboree about Empath Teachings

Incidentally, that third resource is among our most popular blog posts. Check out the comments for a very detailed critiquing of some of today’s most outrageous empath-teaching nonsense and false promises.

Among other research you’ll learn that many so-called empath “experts” aren’t even empaths themselves. (Yes, you just read that right.)

Next, keep reading this article for a specifically Energy Spirituality-type answer to very good Question #2. Because there could be some reasons for mood swings that have nothing whatsoever to do with being an empath. Or HSP. Often personal sessions of Energy Spirituality can really help.

Answer #2B. STUFF in Auras

Did you know that “STUFF” is a term of art in Energy Spirituality? That puts it mildly.

Due to the Energy Healing skills in this field, I’ve developed a lot of related knowledge over the decades. Granted, many of today’s unique healing centerpieces in this field are NOT listed at my website. Since it’s a huge job keeping up with all that. And I’d rather educate readers in personal sessions. Since then I’m informing a client about what we’re going to do. And how it can help to improve their quality of life.

But hey. Are you into geeky knowledge about different skills? Especially learning more about the tested, systematic skills of Energy Spirituality? Skills that could help decrease emotional ups and downs….

Fact is, the ENERGY HEALING Skills of Energy Spirituality? They’re different from our Empath Empowerment Coaching. Or our Social Sensitivity Skills for HSPs and Empaths.

I’ve been developing these skill sets and more… since the 1980’s. So there has been time for thorough research and then responsible service to people like you.

Question #3. Soooo Sensitive

Like: When I’m Soooo Sensitive, doesn’t that make me an empath? What else could be happening to me?

Blog-Buddies, what if you have always felt that you’re very sensitive? Or you have recently “DISCOVERED” that you’re very sensitive? Or you’ve begun to notice energies all the time?

Join a very large club. Only that club isn’t the “Empath Club.” Nor the “HSP Club.” Rather it’s a much, much larger club. (Keep reading for more info.)

Answer #3. Age of Awakening Adjustment Problems

Whether or not you’re an empath, you’re definitely a human being living in the Age of Awakening. This began with the Shift on Dec. 21, 2012. Sadly — and a bit like what has happened in the field of empath coaching — there are three possibilities about adjusting to life since the Shift:

  1. Most people know exactly nothing about the Age of Awakening. They don’t even believe it’s a thing!
  2. Others know something wrong, misleading, and/or unhelpful. Like what’s described in the link just supplied. (Oops, does this bad advice problem sound familiar? ;-))
  3. On the other hand, it’s possible to find a resource that offers truly useful recommendations. Honestly presented help. And help that makes a positive difference. One example of this is “The New Strong.

Incidentally, here’s just one example of an adjustment problem: In the Age of Awakening, millions of people are paying way too much attention to energies. Which is easily confused with being “sensitive.”

No worries, though. In addition to teaching the skill set for The New Strong, here’s a quick read about the noticing-energy problem: Ever hear of “Energy Hypochondria”? The one simple article at this last link… can explain a lot.

In Short

My considered opinion, after decades of work in empath coaching, is this: Most who teach empaths and HSPs are encouraging energy hypochondria. Only they don’t call this by its rightful name.

Actually, that’s just the start of the very long-and-winding story about many of today’s empath teachers. Ones who are ignorant, unqualified, or downright unscrupulous. In reality, certain skills are essential for everybody who lives in the Age of Awakening.

Skills that are poorly designed for empaths and, therefore, don’t much help either empaths or non-empaths? Hello, they’re equally unhelpful for adjusting to the Age of Awakening.

Maybe it’s only a matter of time. Maybe only today’s big craze that cheapens empath teaching will give way to what? Mainstream, unhelpful nonsense about adjusting to the Age of Awakening.

But for now, the big sales push goes in a different direction. As you know, far too many influencers are in the business of telling non-empaths that their problems are due to being… well… empaths.

Finally, Most Important

Different sets of skills can definitely help you, non-empaths. Only they’re just not skills designed for empaths. For example, skills for living The New Strong can make a huge-and-positive difference.

And if you don’t like learning this program from books, you can learn it from these online workshops. Starting with the Free Intro.

Regarding other ways of being stuck in your personal growth and spiritual evolution? Consider booking one personal session of Energy Spirituality. Find out what a difference it can make.

In Conclusion

It can feel terribly upsetting to have a so-called “empath expert” praise you for being an empath. Then promise all sorts of wonderful results.

After a while you’re seeking validation from me because those promised results are taking so long to arrive. And then, ouch! You’re told by me that you’ve never been an empath at all.

Really, if this has been your experience, my heart goes out to you. But I have plenty to offer you that could help you a lot. And even if you prefer to seek help elsewhere, at least you could stop barking up the wrong tree.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading. Thanks for being strong enough to drink a straight-up shot of truth… concerning mainstream empath teaching today.

Photo by Shantaryna Payne on Unsplash



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