Meet Your Friendship Chakra Databanks

Inwardly, What Does It Take to Be a True Friend?

Rose Rosetree


You have talent for friendship, but only if you use it.

Friendship Chakra Databanks matter because… No matter how many friends you have already, unique knowledge in this article can improve your social life.

Friendship Chakra Databanks can teach you a lot about yourself. And also about others. Useful because many of us haven’t learned much about friendship… since we were 13 years old.

But for a self-actualizing person? Regarding friendship… The more we know, the more we can grow.

Do You Seek Depth Knowledge of Friends?

Then one particular set of chakra databanks can help you.

Huh, What Is a Set of Chakra Databanks?

Let’s back up a bit and clarify. Among the most practical discoveries of Energy Spirituality® in recent years? Is the discovery of chakra databank arrays.

Each one is a research protocol for learning about a specific aspect of your life. What’s happening with you behind the scenes, subconsciously and energetically.

For background — and maybe also to wake up your respect for the complexities of having YOUR life — click here. Since the link just provided will take you to a wealth of information about practical benefits of researching chakra databanks. Specifically, you can learn about 22 way-practical arrays of chakra databanks.

Now, Let Me Introduce You to our Latest, the Friendship Array of Chakra Databanks

So useful for understand how YOU are doing now as a friend: Also, of course, this array is helpful for researching yourself, prospective dates, and more. But how can you open up this treasure trove of knowledge about a person?

Best would be if you gain good skills of energetic literacy — as many of my students have already done. Important to know: zero clairvoyance required.

Energetic literacy is a great supplement to the word literacy you already have. With good skills of energetic literacy, you can start researching this set of chakra databanks right away: both in person and through aura reading people from…



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