Meet the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale

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Particularly pay special attention to this article if:

  1. Sensitivity fascinates you.
  2. Already you know quite a lot about being an HSP or empath.
  3. And/or you’re interested in understanding people whose sensitivity is different from your own.

About the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale

This article is also an announcement for my free newsletter. Today I’m going to experiment by giving you a cold open. Like that first surprising skit on an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Actually what follows is typical of how all my newsletters start. Although I’ve never shared those initial words before in a blog post announcing a newsletter.

Imagine that you’re starring in one of the all-time greatest unboxing videos. There you stand, in all your glory. Along with you, right in the middle of your bedroom, is a large box — beautifully wrapped.

Oddly enough, this isn’t a product that you remember purchasing. Yet somehow it has arrived. And with your name on it. Definitely, your name is on this box.

Maybe you’re tempted to pick up that box and shake it a little. Just to get a sense of what your gift could possibly be.

Only shaking won’t help. Just sayin’. Instead, let me give you a hint: That box contains one glorious number. In particular, that number reveals precious info about your degree of sensitivity. For life!

Altogether, This Newsletter Is Dedicated to YOUR Sensitivity

By the time you’ve finished unboxing your sensitivity…. (And checking out this September Issue of “Reading Life Deeper” can help you do exactly that.) Very likely you’ll better understand that lifelong sensitivity gift of yours.

And speaking of gifts, every article in this issue of “Reading Life Deeper” could give you important knowledge gifts to unbox. So here’s your overview of the full Birthday Present-ey Set:

  • Your Gift of Sensitivity
  • Why Envying Other’s Gifts Won’t Help You One Bit
  • Daily Encouragement for Empaths
  • The Best of the Blog

Important to Realize, Exploring Sensitivity Can Be Spiritually Meaningful

As you go through this day, may you enjoy it as only you can. Being human, living here at Earth School? Of course, you’re uniquely yourself. In addition, from a spiritual perspective, consider this:

Your score on the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale is essential for your soul expression in this lifetime. By living in your inimitable way, guess what?

You become God’s eyes and ears here at Earth School. For example, your way of seeing and your way of hearing, going through your unique experiences of this unique day? All this brings a new thrill of delight to your creator.

In short (and also in long), all your waking hours today, you’ll be creating constantly. Creating as yourself.

Just so happens, your score on the “Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale” will be an important factor in how you do that. Which is why you just might wish to learn more, today, about what it means to be worthy of the name I’ll be calling you in this newsletter… Perfectly Sensitive You.

Especially Cool, for those into Energy Spirituality

Yes, it’s pretty cool how this free, monthly newsletter… Every issue brings you to the leading edge of this unexpected field, Energy Spirituality. Namely a resource for emotional growth and spiritual awakening. Sure, a field with interlocking specialties that are loaded with skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Mysteriously, though, I never meant to found “Energy Spirituality”… or anything else. Instead, I just started making discoveries. Beginning in 1986 with developing my first couple of trademarked systems. And the process hasn’t slowed down yet.

For example, this September issue of “Reading Life Deeper” will be only the second time. Only the second time I’ve published anything about the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale. Where HSPs and empaths have, respectively, just 2 numbers out of a total of 20. Aren’t you curious about understanding people who know who’ve got different scores from your own?

If so… Might I suggest that you sign up for this monthly treat, so that you can share my latest inspiration?

Newsletter publication day will happen this coming Sunday, September 20, 2020. Quite an interesting day numerically. And perhaps an important day, regarding your understanding of the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale!

Signup for the Energy Spirituality Newsletter Is Easy

  1. Simply go to my website’s Home Page. (For a shortcut, just scroll up to the RES logo at the top of this page. Click on it.)
  2. Scroll all the way down. And there you’ll find the signup box. Awaiting you, no special unboxing skills needed.
  3. Incidentally, what if you ever wish to unsubscribe? Hey, that’s easy too.
  4. Also worth knowing: If you should you change your email address, it would be great if you’d unsubscribe out the old. Then subscribe in the new.
  5. Of course, your confidential email address will be handled honorably. No renting. No selling. You kidding?
  6. Did you know that “Reading Life Deeper” has an unusually high “click-through rate”? I think it’s because this newsletter gives you original articles at the leading edge of the Age of Awakening.

Let Me Leave You with a Few Questions

  1. Have you read the popular post (at the Rose Rosetree blog) when I first discovered the Energy Spirituality Sensitivity Scale?
  2. Then or now, how do you react to my way of understanding the range of human sensitivity?
  3. Are you more interested in the Empath Empowerment® aspect of my work? Or the Enlightenment Coaching? (Which strongly flavors part of today’s blog post.) Alternatively, maybe you’re more drawn to one of our other Energy Spirituality specialties?
  4. Do you find Highly INsensitive People to be quite annoying?
  5. So far, are you puzzled, or confused, about YOUR degree of sensitivity? (I do think the upcoming newsletter will help. But meanwhile, it would be great if you’d COMMENT at my personal blog and share the nature of puzzlement for you!)




Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree

Rose is the founder of Energy Spirituality, which helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

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