Maybe You’re Not as Anxious as You Thought

Too Often, Folks Give themselves a Harsh Psychiatric Diagnosis. Cut that out!

Anxiety in Collective Consciousness? You bet it’s a thing.

A thing you might mistake for a problem in your actual mind. Rather than calling it for what it is. Keep reading and decide for yourself.

Really, Call How You Feel by It’s Rightful Name

Calling yourself “anxious?” That’s likely a fad. A trend. What I call Anxiety in Collective Consciousness.

For a better life, stop calling yourself “anxious.” Don’t misdiagnose yourself.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Gladys, my first Energy Spirituality™ client for today. And how she fell into the trap of “diagnosing” herself unintentionally. Simply by using words sooooooooooo readily available in the popular imagination — what I call “Collective Consciousness.”

Toward the start of our Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING session, guess what? We did a “Before Picture.” And when asked how she was feeling, gee. How did Gladys answer?


Look, Blog-Buddies. I had just done a Skilled Empath Merge with this gal. What did I notice?

  • Big progress since our last Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING Session.
  • A stronger grasp of human-type reality.
  • Some emotional vulnerability — nothing weird. Quite understandable, given some situations in her life right now.

No way did I notice anything like… The mental health diagnosis of anxiety.

In that case, I would have referred her to a mental health professional. Like any Practitioner of Energy Spirituality, I’m qualified to help with emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

Obviously, I’m not a licensed psychotherapist or counselor. Not a psychiatrist. Let’s be clear:

Energy Spirituality™ helps people to grow emotionally and awaken spiritually. Using skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Anxiety Was in Collective Consciousness. Not in Gladys

Two minutes of discussion cleared up the self-labeling as “Anxious.” Turned out, Gladys didn’t really mean a big-deal experience of “Anxious.” More like she felt a bit of trepidation.

And thus we were good to go. Together with Divine help, we co-created a session that helped Gladys a LOT.

So here’s my question to you.

If Gladys wasn’t really “Anxious,” why did she describe her inner state with that word? See if you can guess

So Trendy. Anxiety in Collective Consciousness

Certain words come in and out of vogue. You could blame it on collective consciousness or whatever else you like.

Years ago, the big winner was “Narcissist.” Ever since, collective consciousness has — as it were — “given all of us permission to diagnose another mental health problem.” (Please don’t join in that name calling. Leave it to the mental health experts.)

And maybe you can remember the “Codependent” fad, when that term was used so often. (My best friend at the time told me, with a straight face, “You know, 95% of people are codependent.”)

Correctly used, both these terms refer to significant psychological problems.

Skeptical? Please check out these definitions of narcissism and codependence.

Casually used, of course, the words could be flung around to mean… practically anything.

  • Just because we can do something.
  • And collective consciousness makes it seem cool
  • Doesn’t make it smart to do that thing!

All the Hype over Anxiety in Collective Consciousness? Ridiculous!

These days, approximately 8 out of 10 of my clients will casually use exactly the same language as Gladys did today. During the Before Picture, in a personal session:

ROSE: “Please name one emotion you have right now.”

JOE: “Anxiety.”

GLADYS: “Anxiety.”

Afterwards, when I discuss the use of this very intense term, guess what? My client says, “Hey, I guess I didn’t really have anxiety.”

An Exception that Proves the Rule

Note: Once this year I had a client who with a serious problem. Maybe it was acute anxiety.

I don’t remember for sure if Joe literally used the word “Anxious.” Nor did I presume to diagnose him. Since, as you may know, I’m not a mental health professional. (I’m the founder of Energy Spirituality™ — quite different.)

But I sure found something very troubling during my Skilled Empath Merge with Joe. After brief discussion with Joe, I recommended that he seek the help of a mental health professional. Then I terminated our session.

Does intense anxiety show in a Skilled Empath Merge? Of course!

Anxiety — Acute Anxiety — IS a Big Deal

Counseling professionals describe many different mental health problems that are anxiety disorders.

For instance: “Fears are not normal, however, when they become overwhelming and interfere with daily living…. [they] are symptoms of an anxiety disorder, the most common and most successfully treated form of mental illness. As a group, anxiety disorders afflict nearly nine percent of Americans during any six-month period.”

And here is additional clarification from that same article:

“‘Anxiety’ is a word so commonly used that many people don’t understand what it means in mental health care. Complicating matters is the fact that ‘anxiety’ and fear are often used to describe the same thing.

“When the word ‘anxiety’ is used to discuss a group of mental illnesses, it refers to an unpleasant and overriding mental tension that has no apparent identifiable cause.

“Fear, on the other hand, causes mental tension due to a specific, external reason, such as when your car skids out of control on ice.”

So Do Yourself This Favor, Please

When you speak about how you feel, use words that apply to you. Don’t blurt out the trendiest psychobabble of the day.

BTW, here’s how I define “psychobabble”:

Taking legitimate, helpful terms from psychology. Then playing around with them in a random way that distorts the meaning.

By contrast, people sometimes use “psychobabble” to insult anything that is said about personal development. Which I definitely don’t mean.

Media and entertainment often do all they can to arouse feelings of fear. In the evening news on TV, for instance, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

But you don’t have to live that way. Not in the privacy of your own mind and heart. Or mouth.

Instead, Use Words to Describe How You’re Actually Feeling

What is one way to have, and name, your very own feelings? (Feelings that happen to belong to you!)

Stop using words that should be reserved for mental health expert’s diagnosis.

Every time you refer to yourself incorrectly as feeling “ANXIOUS!!!” — ugh! You’re telling others — and your own subconscious mind — that you have a mental health diagnosis.

Let’s not overdramatize everything unpleasant. Or presume to diagnose it as if we’re self-appointed mental health professionals.

Fear is a part of life for everyone. While unpleasant, fear isn’t as serious as anxiety. Not by a long shot.

Every day, totally normal human beings cycle through four major groups of emotions: Happy. Sad. Scared. Angry.

What Could You Say Instead?

Look, anxiety is an emotion in the SCARED family. But you have so many other words to choose from. Start choosing words like these:

  1. Antsy
  2. Emotionally fidgety
  3. Worried
  4. Worrying
  5. Uneasy
  6. Concerned
  7. Nervous
  8. Apprehensive
  9. Feeling insecure
  10. Fretful
  11. Fearful

Protect yourself from badmouthing yourself, insulting yourself, or scaring yourself.

Sure, scary things are happening now. In Ukraine. In American primaries. Please, follow the news as it is. Then vote wisely and volunteer to help our democracy to survive. Political events aren’t in your head.

Meanwhile, don’t clutter up your head with scary talk that doesn’t have to be.

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And yes, you could learn self-healing skills that don’t require a psychiatric degree. Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protecton. This can help you declutter STUFF from your aura, then live stronger, more effectively.



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