Look Who’s Graduating from Psychic Work

Maybe It’s Time for SPIRITUAL, not PSYCHIC

Rose Rosetree
4 min readOct 12, 2020


Why today’s smartest psychics are choosing to change their way of life.

Let’s Bring Much Needed Clarity

Clarity is needed because many psychics have been shifting from one mode of personal development to another. Yet not understanding: Why has this been happening to me?

As if they were the only ones!

Actually something similar has been happening to countless beautiful spiritual seekers. Even though they once believed they would follow the same psychic path for life.

Why is this heartbreak happening? And why can we expect the trend of Psychics Becoming Spiritual to accelerate in years to come?

Psychics Becoming Spiritual? Sure, It’s a Trend

Quietly, and sometimes feeling like failures, many truth seekers are making a switch. Because they’re finally drawing away from the psychic readings they’ve done for years.

Likewise, many others have stopped promoting themselves as Reiki healers. Or doing other energy healing from “Spirit” that maybe wasn’t sourced by “spirit” at all.

Unable to continue as they’ve been doing, courageously, they’re moving toward a path that helps them to grow more. To serve others better. To facilitate more effective self-healing.

Beyond that, some are even motivated to seek Enlightenment. Rightly, they sense that tarot readings won’t get them there.

Evolving one’s path can feel uncomfortable. But to all you readers who can relate to what I’ve described so far, I say, “Take heart.”

Because life after psychic development can be a lot better than life before. I’d like to help you to gain more clarity about the reality of what you’ve been going through.

Psychics Feeling Stuck, Turning Spiritual

Many a psychic has been feeling stuck lately. The same with Reiki healers, Eden Energy Medicine healers, angel card readers, tarot readers, and other intuitives.

  • Some have been feeling drained. Or even getting sick. And the distress makes no sense. Yet it lasts and lasts.
  • Emotional ups and downs can be part of it, too. Bringing confusion.
  • All this until a person starts questioning, “Could the path I’ve loved for so long… now be holding back my personal growth?”

For professionals, that’s a devastating experience. Especially when they’re feeling emotionally stuck or physically exhausted.

Maybe equally awful, though, is what happens to those who only seek to help themselves. (And perhaps family and friends.) There’s a sweet name for those avidly pursuing psychic development and/or energy healing just for the love of it. Amateurs! That name means pursuing your path out of love.

Well, what happens if you fall out of love? For good reason: Because what you were promised… Doesn’t deliver.

And What You Were Promised… Has Changed

During the New Age Years — 1980 until the Shift on Dec. 21, 2012 — that’s when a lot of folks got involved. Thanks to Hay House superstars like Doreen Virtue, Sylvia Browne, Esther Hicks… And all the many seminar givers who taught New Age Energy Healing, under names like Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Angelic Healing, and Healing Touch.

Now we’re living in a different era, the Age of Awakening.

For reasons you can read about here, opportunistic spirits have become very active now. Many have made a beeline for psychics.

If you don’t want to be strongly influenced — or even run — by discarnate beings… it’s time to get out of Dodge. Ahem, get out of “Psychic City.”

Of course, if you leave you can always come back. (Although chances are, you won’t want to.)

Before you give a chance to Life-Outside-Psychic-City…

Please Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Either way really, amateur or professional, you have the right to move on from psychic development.

Changing your path, it can help to acknowledge the beauty of all you’ve done. Also helpful? To admit problems that you’re having now, like stuckness.

Eventually it’s time to stop pursuing the same path as always.

You’ve been in love — or even, married to — that path of yours. Only now it feels as though you need a divorce.

Well, you just might need to choose a different path.

And that’s Encouraging

You can choose a different path. If so, that won’t negate all the good from that old path you used to follow. Because sometimes it’s just time to move forward to something new.

Some former psychics wind up studying Energy Spirituality:

What You Do

Is Up to You

A catchy sentiment, right? A big wide world is open for business, open for you to explore.

Of course, the stories I know don’t come from people who choose all the world’s other paths to explore. Folks come to me expressly for Energy Spirituality, not haircuts or ballet lessons or other paths for personal development.

But speaking from my experience, ex-psychics are among my most appreciative clients. Among the most successful, too.



Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at rose-rosetree.com. She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.