Leading Edges of Energetic Literacy in 2023: Summary

27 Skills for Aura Reading — Amazing But Real

Rose Rosetree


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Your Update from Rose Rosetree, the Founder of Energy Spirituality®

Stages of Energetic Literacy in 2023 matter. Just as mathematics is the language of all science, chakra databanks are the language for all this:

  1. Describing consciousness in human terms.
  2. Bringing accountability to methods for personal growth.
  3. Avoiding spiritual side trips for seeking Enlightenment.
  4. Discerning which techniques for personal development have High Truth Value versus Low Truth Value.
  5. And so much more. Using discernment, not judgment.

Look, we humans are just getting started, using the reference tool of researching chakra databanks. So here’s your summary blogpost on Stages of Energetic Literacy.

Learn more about this in the accompanying blogpost: Energetic Literacy Skills in 2023. Discernment Jamboree. Publication is planned for tomorow morning, October 3o, 2023.

First 5 Stages of Energetic Literacy

Stage 1 Energetic Literacy: General Energy Readings

Stage 2 Energetic Literacy: Chakra Readings

And now our list gets interesting.

Stage 3 Energetic Literacy: Reading Chakra Databanks

Stage 4 Energetic Literacy: Aura Reading from Photos. Regular Photographs!

Starting from #5 Stages, Exploring Energetic Literacy

Stage 5 Energetic Literacy: Voice Aura Readings

Stage 6 Energetic Literacy: Skilled Empath Merge, Done in Person

Stage 7 Energetic Literacy: Skilled Empath Merge from a Regular Photo

Stage 8 Energetic Literacy: Skilled Empath Merge with a Non-Human Discovery Person

Stage 9 Energetic Literacy: Research Chakra Databanks from Head Shots

Starting from #10 Stages, Energetic Literacy Skills



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