Kim Kardashian Aura Reading

Think She Might Be Just a Tad Vain?

Most American women are on a diet, alright. A diet that involves vanity influencers, like Kim.

First of All, Isn’t Kardashian’s Fame Kind of Silly?

What do you think about the “profession” of being a television personality and entrepreneur? By now, it’s widely accepted in society as a valid job. That is, a perfectly fine reason to become famous.

Like, what if you’re really-really good at this? Maybe you could even become… Kim Kardashian. Ever since developing the new set of chakra databanks for Vanity Versus Self-Respect, oboy! Putting it mildly, sure. I’ve definitely wanted to research the aura of Kim Kardashian. Especially due to this…

Supposedly Kim Has So Much Self-Respect

Around 2010, when this Kardashian was becoming famous, some of us went “Huh?” Yet others reacted like Gladys. This friend of mine gushed — to paraphrase:

I admire Kim Kardashian so much. Her self-respect is such an inspiration to me. After all, she isn’t thin like a toothpick. But she still loves her body. Isn’t that wonderful?

Look, I’m no fan of the “Anorexic Ideal.” Probably you’d expect me to celebrate a female performer who doesn’t starve herself into Barbie-hood. Nonetheless my reaction wasn’t rapt admiration.

More like… once again… “Huh?”

In Advance of Today’s Aura Reading, a Grab Bag of Info

  1. In 2007 Kardashian became a household name. Thanks to the reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”
  2. In 2012 she posed for the photo I’ll use for today’s aura reading.
  3. Sometime after the Shift into the Age of Awakening, Kim moved into Extreme Spiritual Addiction. As a result her aura stopped being informative about her as a person. Like others with this consciousness lifestyle, her aura became a mess of astral influence. Therefore, unsuitable for an article like this one.
  4. On the bright side, we’ve got the fabulous new set of chakra databanks. Explicitly informative about vanity and self-respect. Best place to find background info? Here.
  5. And here’s your one-click way to find a ton of other aura readings and Skilled Empath Merges.
  6. To be clear, aura reading is just one of the four specialties of Energy Spirituality.
  7. Energy Spirituality aims to help people like you to gain more personal growth. Also, spiritual awakening. Basically, by using skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness

Symbolic Size

50,000 miles. Significantly over-functioning.


Tremendous ambition drives this person, Kim. Ambition has become a substitute for awareness of her body.

Likewise, at the subconscious and energetic level that chakra databanks reveal… To Kim, her body has become a means of seeking power, fame, and recognition. No longer merely “a body,” by any means.

Noteworthy: By now, I’ve done many thousands of aura readings. Despite all that experience, it was jarring for me.

  • The contrast between Kim’s expensive look, exceptionally refined. (For example, how much do you think they cost? Both that statement necklace and the queen-worthy ice-blue blouse?)
  • Versus an aura of such intense pushiness. Reminds me of the nearly sci-fi bullet train I rode from Tokyo to Osaka. (And later, back.)
  • Golly, this aura reading is going to be uncommonly challenging for me to do. Ideally by the end my head won’t be spinning like a pinwheel.

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Vanity is the clear winner. Specifically, vanity in search of all the goodies that Kim can get win through her physical appearance.

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #2.

Root Chakra Databank for Sense of Self When ALONE

Symbolic Size

2 inches. Nearly completely shut down.


Incredibly bored. Maybe the only consolation is planning her next big media appearance?

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Without an audience, Kim experiences little more than a state of expectancy. Like vanity in search of all the admiration she is “DUE.”

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #3.

Root Chakra Databank for Sense of Self When with OTHERS

Symbolic Size

50,000 miles. Significantly over-functioning as well.


Seems to me, even to herself, Kim is a commodity, an object. Exactly what kind of an object? Specifically a fame-generating kind of object. Especially demanding the following

  • First: Love me.
  • Second: Find me irresistibly fascinating.
  • Third: Admire me. Because I’m so beautiful and so successful.

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Definitely this Kim aims to live like a beauty object. Which means living like a vanity object. In the light of her fame seeking, mere personal self-respect seems irrelevant. Only attention from her admirers counts. Besides, doesn’t true self-respect result from living like a good person? Or even living your dharma! Thus far, vanity is the clear winner with Kim.

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #4.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

Symbolic Size

90,000 feet. Quite seriously over-functioning.


Kim’s self-commodification highlights how sexy she’s supposed to be.

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Granted, sex appeal can arise for so many reasons. In Kim Kardashian’s aura, the meaning of “self-esteem” is admiration. And what’s supposed to be the reason for all that admiration? Supposedly her great beauty.

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #5.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Totally shut down.


Evidently Kim is a scene stealer. Have any of you Blog-Buddies ever watched her in a “reality” show? Seems like her version of “sharing” power is to steal every scene she can.

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Once again, self-respect and honor and sharing… Apparently they’re not the least bit relevant to Ms. Kardashian. Whereas looking enviably gorgeous, far better than everyone else? That’s her jam.

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #6.

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Symbolic Size

58 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.


Although this chakra databank is lively, sigh! Fantasy emotions dwell within. Specifically, emotions — and accompanying narrative — about Kim’s great beauty. And also the fame that is her due. (Supposedly.)

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Yes, I’ve encountered this kind of mess before in this chakra databank. Specifically I’ve found it when folks are seriously detached from reality.

  • Since vanity is about Kim’s so-important appearance
  • Whereas self-respect is about character
  • Which do you think is winning in this fantasy-rich chakra databank?

Kim Kardashian Aura Reading. Chakra Databank #7.

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Respect

Symbolic Size

2 inches. Almost completely shut down.


Prevarication as a way of life. Indeed, Kim is a proud specialist at deceiving people. For instance, giving the desired impression.

Vanity Vs. Self-Respect?

Neither really applies. This chakra databank is more about winning. That’s all.

In Conclusion

So much for the idea that Kim’s vanity is some kind of triumph for plus-sized women! Like how Kim bravely manages to hold her head up high, and somehow love her large body.

Earlier I referred to my friend Gladys. How much she wanted to be a good mother to her plus-sized daughter. If memory serves, Gladys watched along with her daughter, as if Kim could make a great role model. Bestowing a contagious kind of confidence?

Yet one more reason to avoid believing in the character-building benefits of “confidence”! Meanwhile, here we are with a vanity role model. COMMENT away at my personal blog, here. I’m interested in what you have to say.

Photo by thom masat on Unsplash

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”



Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.