Jonathan Swan Voice Aura Reading

Today’s VOICE aura reading is a rare treat. Of course, an even bigger treat for America is what Swan recently accomplished. Did you know?

What the Intrepid Journalist Accomplished!

Notably, Australian journalist Jonathan Swan achieved a first. After scoring an interview with Trump, Swan asked repeated questions about Russian Bounties. Specifically, US Intelligence has warned the president: Russia is paying members of the Taliban to kill American soldiers.

Ever since reports of the bounties broke, in the New York Times and elsewhere, nothing! Trump has acted like the topic was no big deal. Somehow he managed to refuse commenting at all.

Except for one brave reporter in a Press Conference who lined up two softball questions. Then asked POTUS his first public question about the bounties. Receiving in return a typically-Trumpian, non-answer-answer.

Although our president has an obligation to pursue intelligence like this. Failing to protect our troops? For the U.S. Commander in Chief? Quite the dereliction of duty! But from America’s noisiest, Tweeting-est president? Crickets.

Until, finally, Swan got him to speak on the record. In this video. Finally, Swan pushed POTUS to answer a series of questions. Deftly, Jonathan Swan avoided the usual Trump distractions. (In lieu of answers.) Or so I’ve been told. Since I turn off the volume when Trump speaks.

Please Don’t You Listen to Trump’s Voice, Either.

Neither in this video. Nor on your phone, nor any TV or radio broadcast. This earlier blog post explains why.

Oh my, what to do? Suppose he comes over to your house? Perhaps put duct tape over his mouth. Since it’s even less likely that he’ll be wearing a mask Than the possibility that he’ll come over to your home any time soon.

Ugh, why not try to make the occasional POTUS joke? I’m living in a country that has just lost over 32% of our GDP! Largely thanks to Donald and his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. For consolation I offer you this, Blog-Buddies:

At least I can explore what was going on with Swan’s aura during this interview. (Probably that’s good news.) Of course, I invite you to COMMENT with all your reactions, questions, Aha!s, inspirations. (Regarding your comments? Definitely, your participation tends to be good news for our entire Energy Spirituality community.)

So Why Do a Jonathan Swan VOICE Aura Reading?

Especially since I recommend that you not listen to the Trump side of the interview? Here’s the deal. I really, really wanted to read Jonathan Swan’s aura. Specifically during the interview.

Because auras change every split second, I wanted to learn directly about Swan’s version of composure and focus. Hey, I wanted to personally learn from that as well. And to give you the chance to learn from that, too.

  • So I scoured the net for a photo or video still. Something aura-reading worthy.
  • Originally I wanted to use that image for a Skilled Empath Merge. Because that’s the deepest form of all kinds of deeper perception. Whether available in Energy Spirituality or maybe anywhere.
  • But no such luck, finding images. At least I have an ace in the hole: Since I can do a different kind of aura reading. A VOICE aura reading.

In Order to Do Today’s Voice Aura Reading…

I needed two things:

  1. My skill set for doing this most challenging type of aura reading. (For instance, I haven’t taught anyone else how to do it. Not yet. Way subtler than Vibrational Re-Positioning and other advanced Energetic Literacy skills.)
  2. And parts of the interview video with Swan’s voice only.

Definitely possible. BTW, here’s your link to the YouTube video with Swan and Voldemort. When doing this research I’ll be listening to bits from 2:35–2:45.

In the COMMENTS section below, I’ll provide some links for background. Just in case you’d like to understand more about this type of aura research. Quite some specialty within Energy Spirituality ENERGY READING!

Now I want to get right to it. Already I’ve written a lot. And you and I are both busy people, right?

Jonathan Swan Voice Aura Reading #1. Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

What is it like to be Jonathan Swan in this particular situation? This chakra databank reveals a summary.

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

87 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.

Quality of the Chakra Databank

Summoning resources available to him at this important moment, Swan brings clarity. Bringing it like a warrior, using his sword. Inwardly this journalist insists on mental fortitude.

Also, he makes himself speak extra-clearly, in order to help Trump to hear the interview questions. (If possible.)

Swan doesn’t have to push. Neither physically or vocally or with gestures. All the push goes into the content of Swan’s words.

Jonathan Swan Voice Aura Reading #2. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

In this situation, Swan needed to use his power. Approximately a million nuances were possible. Fortunately there’s nothing like quality energetic literacy… to pinpoint the WHAT, EXACTLY.

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

80 feet. Slightly over-functioning.

Quality of the Chakra Databank

Power comes from truth. At least in this moment, Reporter Swan is all about truth. Nothing else will do. For him, it’s that simple.

Jonathan Swan Voice Aura Reading #3. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Stability

Can you think of anyone who’d be harder to to interview than POTUS? Or scarier? Add cameras, and gee! I wonder, how did Swan keep himself together emotionally?

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

89 feet. Again, moderately over-functioning.

Quality of the Chakra Databank

Such fierceness! Such rage, although held firmly in check! Emotionally, seems to me, Jonathan isn’t trying to steady himself. (As might be somebody else’s way to get through this high-pressure interview.)

Instead, he feels a long-simmering, boiling hot rage. And, fortunately for those of us watching, what does Jonathan Swan do with this rage? Evidently he’s one of those people whose voice becomes fairly quiet. Uncannily steady, under the circumstances!

As if that rage allows him to turn his voice into a weapon to cut through illusions. Forcing the truth to emerge. Maybe you’ve met somebody who turns quietly dangerous when angry? That’s Jonathan Swan.

Jonathan Swan Voice Aura Reading #4. High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

This chakra databank is a big deal in Energy Spirituality. For instance, with Soul Thrill Aura Research®. I wondered, what helped Swan to keep himself together humanly?

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

50,007 feet. Strongly over-functioning.

Quality of the Chakra Databank

Divine inspiration is strengthening this reporter. Speaking within his voice. Thinking along with his mind. Altogether, providing the huge thrill that one can experience when… Actively co-creating with the Divine.

  1. Sometimes people learn to do that through effective techniques. (This founder of Energy Spirituality has the privilege of teaching some of those skills for co-creating with God.)
  2. Other times, people are inspired in the moment.
  3. Still other times, somebody like Jonathan Swan does is dharma. And in the process, Divine help is there for him. Quite dependably. Like a form of spiritual grace.

Jonathan Swan Voice Aura Reading #5. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Under these circumstances, wouldn’t you inwardly be praying like mad? I wondered what was going on with this reporter.

To be clear, praying-or-not doesn’t show… (Energy Spirituality is entirely different from psychic readings. Which I hope you know by now.) Every split-second one’s chakra databanks change. Providing an excellent, super-detailed picture of what’s happening to a human being’s consciousness.

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

40 feet. Finally, a chakra databank within normal range, haha.

Quality of the Chakra Databank

Jonathan Swan knows how to do this kind of work. Of course, he’s connected with Spiritual Source. How does that happen? In the background Not religiously. Simply all in a day’s work. Dependable.

In Conclusion

On a personal note, Blog-Buddies, I’ll liken Jonathan Swan’s insistence on truth to this: Something unusual that happened here recently, in Sterling, Virginia.

As part of a thunderstorm that lasted for hours, what exactly happened? Only that a bolt of lightning struck very close. Just about 2 feet past the window of my office. MITCH was downstairs, in the kitchen.

Simultaneously, both of us screamed. And, let me tell you, we’re not screamers.

Have you ever stood that close to Zeus? Ahem, to a bolt of lightning? Such was the electrical intensity that it wrecked my printer. Shorted out the DVR box for out cable TV. Apparently ruined my new-ish computer monitor. And created other problems with electrical devices, problems we’re still sorting out.

Personally, I found the split-second experience to be… interesting.

Personally, it felt to me like a reminder that this is a big world. Where underling spiritual forces are powerful. During and right after the lightning, both times: this was a clarifying experience for my consciousness.

Clarifying how, exactly? Lightning that close illuminated some things I already believe: I happen to believe in truth. As well as in behaving like a good person. Basically, caring very much to live my dharma.

For some people, being in the presence of POTUS would be a clarifying moment. Alternatively, it would be in the BIG Zone, simply scoring such a big GET as a reporter. For instance, with the cameras recording every vocal hiccup and facial twitch.

By contrast, what is my big takeaway from today’s chakra databank research on Jonathan? His clarifying moments involve truth. Pure and simple.

Comment Away with Your Takeaways, Please

Large ones. Small ones. Any kind at all. Glad to say, at my blog you simply comment. No new joining anything. And I hope you won’t mind the chance to create-and-store yet another password. ;-)

P.S. Did You First Read this Article Elsewhere?

Yes, recently I’ve started writing on Medium. Eventually some other websites might follow. Wherever you’re reading this article? Thanks for reading all the way to the end. Here!

Wow! I’d love to engage with you personally through comments here. Yes, for time management, I only respond to comments at the original article. Here, at my main blog.

You’ll always find that same article, under the same title, at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Here is where I respond to comments. Yes indeed, if you COMMENT here, I’ll gladly respond.

Let’s get to meet each other in this place… dedicated to truth and mutual respect. And meanwhile, long-term Blog-Buddies: Rest assured. This blog remains my main blogging space. Part of a fairly extensive website. Definitely the place to go if you’re curious about any specialty of Energy Spirituality.



Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.