John Lewis Chakra Databanks. Inspiring!

Today’s tribute to the congressman and Civil Rights leader will celebrate his life in a way that… Well, might I recommend? Before you start reading, get hankies.

First of All, Who Was John Lewis?

Simply put, Lewis was a long-serving congressman who recently died at age 80. Except there’s so much more to his story. Among other leaders in the House, Lewis stood out as a true leader. Peers called him this:

  1. A genuine American hero and moral leader who commands widespread respect in the chamber.
  2. The Conscience of Congress. (And also the conscience of America)
  3. Bringing a unique combination of outspoken opposition on principled matters… [Long quote from Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton in process here…]
  4. and reconciliation whenever it could be achieved.
  5. Both tough as nails and gentle

Here is a summary of his inspiring story.

It’s Personal, Too. Why John Lewis Matters to Me.

To this founder of Energy Spirituality, who is what in her personal life? She’s also a politically active American, never missing an election… Congressman Lewis also stood out as one of my country’s brightest spiritual lights.

I love this photo of President Obama bestowing the National Medal of Honor on Civil Rights leader Lewis. (Moreover, you can read at this link how Obama said this: “I hugged him on the inauguration stand before I was sworn in and told him I was only there because of the sacrifices he made.”)

Equally, I love this photograph that records young John Lewis alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Click on the image to expand it. Then you’ll see Lewis all the way on the right.

Incidentally, I’m proud that my husband went to the March on Washington. Back in the day, I cared. But did nothing. Zero helpful contribution related to karma.

About Aura Reading, Chakra Databank-Style

Three short videos can bring you up to speed. Soon you’ll be dancing with the rest of the chorus. (Okay, kidding about that dancing idea.)

  1. Developing Stage 1 Energetic Literacy
  2. And then Attaining Stage 2 Energetic Literacy
  3. Finally, Using Stage 3 Energetic Literacy

I’ve learned to do that, and you can too. I just love this man. He is — not was — he is and remains one of my heroes. However, using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, phew! The skill set allows you to naturally put aside all your personal feelings and thoughts.

Just as, you know, Blog-Buddies. When reading these words, you’re probably not going off into personal feelings and thoughts. Reading is that kind of reprieve from our own same old, same old. Both word literacy and energetic literacy afford that kind of reprieve.

#1. John Lewis Chakra Databanks. For Sticking up For Myself through Action

Sometimes we human beings are in situations that we could remedy. Only that requires that we take action. Rather than waiting for somebody else. Quite a fascinating chakra databank!

Symbolic Size

87 feet. Somewhat over-functioning


Learning how to keep going, even when his heart feels broken. How characteristic of the distinctive strength that I find in this chakra databank!

Habitually John Lewis makes the choice to keep going no matter what. It doesn’t even matter to him so much, how he’s going to feel as a result of his actions. (Or if, once again, he’s going to be attacked physically. Or verbally.)

You know, Blog-Buddies, it’s not true that the only people with a spiritual vocation… That they live in monasteries or convents or ashrams. Already, right from this chakra databank, I’ve found something rare. Yet I recognize it: When a human being lives in deep service to the world. Such that he or she will give every last breath, every prayer, everything. If only he can have the privilege of living such a life.

#2. John Lewis Chakra Databanks. For Flow of Energy During Conflict

In the midst of an argument, or other strife, can we keep focus? Can we stay awake? This sort of energy-related question is at issue when researching this particular chakra databank.

Symbolic Size

3 inches. Quite close to shutdown.


Physically John Lewis doesn’t have it any more. Doesn’t have the same physical energy for following through. In part, it’s because of aging.

Partly, as well — and I’m telling you what’s in the chakra databank, not some Rose Rosetree theory.

Partly, as well, he’s encountered so many people who are pigheaded. Or outright wicked. By now he recognizes that kind of immovable object in human form.

To paraphrase a familiar saying: His spirit is no longer willing, because his flesh is way too experienced. No longer will he give all he’s got. Trying valiantly, but foolishly, to change people who will not change

#3. John Lewis Chakra Databanks. For Handling Conflict

When conflict comes up in your career, or personal life, what then? Will you duck and weave? Or will you take a stand? As always with chakra databanks, the info isn’t simplistic either-or. Most important is HOW?

Symbolic Size

4 feet. Somewhat under-functioning.


By this time in his life, Congressman Lewis handles conflict intelligently. What if the other person’s response shows that Lewis would be wasting his breath? Then he moves on to the next conversation… Where, realistically, he just might be able to make a difference.

#4. John Lewis Databanks. For Using Power

Saying things and doing things. In order to get more of what you want. (At least, when this chakra databank is working properly, that’s what it’s for.)

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Significantly, but not horribly, over-functioning. Given the leadership role that John Lewis has played in American politics, understandable. (Involved in the highest level of American politics, ever since he was a young man. Let’s remember that.)


Unlike some politicians, Lewis isn’t posturing to act like a statesman. He IS a statesman. In order to earn that reputation, he’s paid the price. (And then some.)

Therefore, John Lewis actively chooses when he’ll use his power for something. At which time he comports himself appropriately, as the powerhouse he is. Also, by reputation, as the senior statesman he is.

Sometimes I wish that photos were available of another great American, Benjamin Franklin. I have a hunch that Franklin’s aura achieved something similar. At least, during his last few decades. But I guess we’ll never know.

#5. John Lewis Chakra Databanks: For Ethical Ideals

Ethics sure aren’t just for philosophers. We humans can make choices that matter. And do that daily. This chakra databank is one of the most interesting ones to me for researching Congressman Lewis.

Symbolic Size

5,000 miles. Definitely over-functioning


God’s presence is active in this chakra databank. Based on the quality I notice here, this has been true for a considerable number of years.

Picture a brick made of solid gold, shining and solid. That’s like John Lewis’s ethical ideals.

For him: Ethics are not an afterthought. Nor are ethics something he ditched years ago. (Like certain politicians I could name.) Instead, ethics are the essence of governance. Specifically, clear-eyed viewing of likely consequences. And not just the usual political and social and economic consequences, which are essential for honest politicians to consider. No no!

For John Lewis, ethical choices matter most. Of course, his views were shaped by the American visionary who said: The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.

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Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.

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Rose Rosetree

Rose has written a national bestseller in Germany. See all her books at She’s the founder of Energy Spirituality™ for spiritual awakening.