Jan. 6 Committee Leadership

Today I’ll explore Committee Chair Thompson’s “Leadership Chakra Databanks.” What’s it like to be him?

Yes, Leadership Shows in Auras

Out of all forms of “Deeper Perception Made Practical,” Skilled Empath Merge takes the lead.

Fittingly, then, that’s what I’ll employ today. In order to blog about the Jan. 6 Committee Hearings. Following up on yesterday’s commitment to blog about this, off and on, as long as these hearings last. Announced at “Deeper Perception on the January 6 Hearings .”

First of All, Meet Congressman Bennie Thompson

Even before meeting Rep. Thompson in his role as the Jan. 6 Committee Chairman, I knew this: He’s from Mississippi.

Admittedly I didn’t know this part until today: He’s serving his 13th term in the United States House of Representatives.

Indeed, the link just supplied can tell you a lot about him. Likewise this fresh article from the New York Times. “Who Is Bennie Thompson?”

What does the Committe Chairman do? According to the Times: “As the chairman of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault, Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi has been in charge of approving the panel’s subpoenas, authorizing more than 100 of them.”

Among other things.

Last night he began the first presentation in the first Jan. 6 Committee Hearing.

Additional Background, about Skilled Empath Merge

Deeper than your most perceptive reading of body language. Or even aura reading.

Skilled Empath Merge is the jewel in the crown of Empath Empowerment®. Consider this the spiritual purpose of being born as an empath. (Namely, 1 in 20 people. We empaths are not so rare at all.)

Introduce yourself through these easy-watching videos:

Following that, you can answer the question: What IS Empath Empowerment?

But what, exactly, is Skilled Empath Merge? Use the link just provided to answer this question.

Now you’ve got all the essentials so that you can appreciate technically: What’s involved in doing thisSkilled Empath Merge with Bennie Thompson?

Additional-Additional Background, about the Leadership Array of Chakra Datatabanks

For this Skilled Empath Merge with Bennie Thompson, I’ll make use of a particular set of “Chakra Databanks.”

Easily learn all the background you need at this Guide to Chakra Databank Arrays.

Regarding which photo I’ll use for researching Bennie Thompson, easy answer. Simply click on the link just provided.

Skilled Empath Merge with Bennie Thompson, Leadership Chakra Databank 1

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Full dignity, full gravitas. Evidently, Congressman Thompson knows a great deal about political service. Specifically, he wholeheartedly steps into his role as a public servant.

Not much trace remains (for now) of Bernie Thompson, the man. Instead, he’s that congressman who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

By now, he’s so comfortable doing this, the role fits him like a much worn pair of shoes.

Rose Comments

While hearing him and watching him, I wondered about nervousness. Given the high stakes for this first Hearing, how could Chairman Thompson not be shaking inside?

Exactly why I wanted to do this Leadership Chakra Databank reading as a Skilled Empath Merge. All of one’s personal gifts as an empath will make the Merge experience vivid… In a strong and immediate way.

Personally, my empath gifts include Emotional Oneness, Spiritual Oneness, Emotional Intuition, and Spiritual Intuition. Thus, it would have been easy for me to find any:

  • Self-consciousness
  • Squirminess
  • Self-doubt
  • Grandstanding
  • Or arrogance.

Nope. Instead he was rooted like a redwood, rooted in surrender. Simply doing his job.

Skilled Empath Merge Bennie Thompson, Leadership Chakra Databank 2

Root Chakra Databank for Saving Money

Definitely strict about financial prudence. As a way of life.

Rose Comments

Of course, at the time of this photograph, financial considerations are in the background.

Yet I wanted to include it. After all, it’s one of the 10 chakra databanks in this Leadership Array.

Perhaps, representing citizens of Mississippi, Bennie Thompson has considerable knowledge of poverty.

Born and raised in the former slave state, Thompson might have knowledge of ancestors who were enslaved.


As a long-term Democrat I’m fed up with the mythology that Republicans are fiscally conservative.

In my lifetime, presidents who were Democrats have shown far more responsibility than their blue counterparts.

Reagan’s failed myth of “Trickle-Down Economics” is still an excuse for cruel-and-corrupt tax cuts. (In my opinion.)

You bet — I certainly bet — that Bennie Thompson knows plenty about saving money on behalf of his constituents. All the while, he’s seen egregious financial corruption in officials now in Congress and the Senate.

Let’s Pause Now to Hear from You

Tomorrow I plan to complete this Skilled Empath Merge with Bennie Thompson. Over at my personal blogpost. (Consider yourself cordially invited.) Today and tomorrow, feel free to share any reaction you’ve had to the January 6 Committee. For example:

  • So far, are you pleased? Displeased?
  • Have your friends and family been watching? Anything to report?

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