Is that Spiritual Teacher HELPFUL?

9 Practical Standards from Enlightenment Teacher Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree
5 min readSep 24, 2021


If you’re seeking God, it helps to have clear standards. Not vague ones. These 9 consumer tips can help.

First of All, the Good News

You’re living in the Age of Awakening. This began on Dec. 21, 2012.

Although many folks don’t know or care about it yet, spiritual seekers like you can benefit from the amazing opportunity that all humans have, living now.

How Can It Help You, Living Now, During the Age of Awakening?

In your lifetime, millions of people can move into Spiritual Enlightenment.

And everybody can make authentic progress at authentic spiritual awakening.

Case in point? Yesterday, at my main blog, I was researching contest winners for a prize-rich Creativity Contest. One winner asked me to research the aura of New-New York Mayor Kathy Hochul. In the process I discovered that she’s living in Spiritual Enlightenment. (For details, see Comments 554–559.)

Of course, that doesn’t guarantee that Mayor Hochul will be an excellent mayor. Nor, btw, does it credential her to serve as a spiritual teacher.

Consumer Tip 1 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

That Teacher Has Skills as a SPIRITUAL Teacher

Other skills, like governing New York State, or being pretty darned good at training a pet poodle? Not relevant to this particular form of work, sacred work.

For starters, pay attention, skill-wise.

Does that spiritual teacher have a systematic body of knowledge, including ways to help you?

Consumer Tip 2 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

DON’T Expect a Special Costume, Like a White Silk Dhoti

In the Age of Awakening, folks have enough discernment to know better than to expect spiritual teachers to look a certain way.

They’re called teachers, not actors, right?

Instead, DO pay attention to what that spiritual teacher is teaching.

Consumer Tip 3 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

DON’T Trust a Teacher Who Pretends that Spiritual Awakening = Enlightenment

They’re definitely different: No wonder “Spiritual Awakening” has a different name from “Spiritual Enlightenment.” Conflating the two is the mark of a teacher who:

  • Lacks standards
  • And may want to flatter students

BTW if you’re not clear yet about the difference between these two terms, you might really-truly-definitely want to read this article, “Spiritual Awakening Is NOT Enlightenment.”

DO study with a teacher who has ethics and standards, including clear knowledge about what Spiritual Enlightenment actually is. Speaking of which:

Consumer Tip 4 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Learn HOW that Spiritual Teacher Sets Standards for Success

For a religious type of spiritual teacher, how do people in that group treat each other? How do they treat you?

For an Enlightenment teacher, what is involved in validating Enlightenment?

If you’d like to learn more about this vital topic, and maybe evaluate what that spiritual teacher does, you’re invited to read — and maybe contribute to — this Discernment Jamboree about Validating Enlightenment.

Consumer Tip 5 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Develop Teaching Smarts.

Which Teachings Are Designed to Help Each Student to Grow Spiritually?

Different from validating success, right?

This consumer tip is about helping people like you

When you’re asking for help to grow spiritually.

Do these teachings come from the Age of Faith? (Traditional ideas have clout, like great SEO. But not necessarily relevance to helping us since the Age of Faith is OVER.)

Are those teachings designed to work in the Age of Awakening? (That could be helpful, right?)

Consumer Tip 6 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Ask, Is the Teaching “One Size Fits All”?

Quite common during the Age of Faith, for sure!

Living now, people are evolving at different rates. For instance, do you realize that baby souls outnumber the more experienced souls?

Sure enough! That alone is one reason to avoid studying with a spiritual teacher who gives everybody the spiritual equivalent of:

“Take two aspirins and call me in the morning.”

Here’s an example of different skills that could be used by a spiritual teacher, helping students where they’re at.

Consumer Tip 7 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Find out: Does that Teacher Have Up-to-Date Skills of Energetic Literacy?

Would you study with a spiritual teacher who couldn’t read? As in word literacy!

Well, how much sense would it make to study with a spiritual teacher who’s energetically illiterate?

The following short list can help you to develop good consumer standards.

  1. A spiritual teacher who tells you about the color of a person’s aura? That’s Stage 1 Energetic Literacy — lacking both skill and accuracy. (And also maybe some of the thoughtfulness you deserve in a spiritual teacher.)
  2. A spiritual teacher who uses the Chakra System. And generalizes about entire chakras. That’s Stage 2 Energetic Literacy. Pretty exciting if you lived in 1880. But now? Energetically speaking, that person is functionally illiterate.
  3. A spiritual teacher who can assess your Chakra Databanks. And read auras from regular photos.) Now you’re talking. That’s Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. That’s the minimum for being able to observe what’s happening with the auras of students.

Incidentally, YOU can develop Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Useful for your spiritual growth and also plenty of everyday consumer choices.

Consumer Tip 8 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Personally Living in Enlightenment

What if you’re not sure? Take advantage of a free service that I offer at my main blog, “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Because this spiritual teacher has the skills to research people’s “consciousness lifestyles.”

Curious? You can check at our most popular post to see if I’ve already researched the “consciousness lifestyle” of a public figure you’d like to study with.

But what if that person isn’t already researched? Follow a few simple steps and I’ll do that research for you… sharing it with others who might be interested as well.

Consumer Tip 9 for Choosing a Spiritual Teacher

Success Stories Include Helping Students to Move into Enlightenment

As a spiritual teacher, of course, I maintain a blogpost like that.

Beware the Enlightenment teacher who’s vague about that. Waffles are for places like the International House of Pancakes.

In Conclusion

If a spiritual teacher doesn’t meet all nine of these criteria, you might want to look elsewhere.

When you come to their online offerings, maybe do your own version of Eye Hop?

Study with a spiritual teacher who is worthy of you. Because trusting in a teacher who’s not up to that job… could be just as bad as not studying with any teacher at all.

Enlightenment teacher Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”



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