Inside the Head and Aura of a Conspiracy Theorist

Rose Rosetree
4 min readJan 13, 2021
Skilled Empath Merge on Mike Lindell. This conspiracy theorist has been marked by cocaine addiction.

What’s it like to be avid Trump supporter Mike Lindell?

Now’s the Time to Research Conspiracy Theorists

If ever there was time to give them more attention, ick! That time could be now.

For background, last Wednesday America suffered a serious political attack. “Thank” domestic terrorists for that national wake-up call.

Even if not physically present… Indirectly, Mike Lindell has played a role in that.

Meanwhile, it seems like a very long time ago that I opened up this blog post? “Skilled Empath Merge BECAUSE” invites nominations of public figures.

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Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge #1.

Mike Lindell Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Objective Reality

Not-quite-real. Whether he’s looking at trees or houses or money or pillows, ick. Mike Lindell doesn’t have a normal relationship to reality.

Absolutely, blame his former addiction to crack cocaine.

Using that drug even once can shoot a hole through believing in Earth School.

Although the businessman has come back enough to function, sigh! His relationship to human reality is like Humpty Dumpty glued back together. In order to make this bizarre-and-alien experience of life seem real, here are the best words I can offer right now:

  1. Trusting in nothing and nobody.
  2. But pretending to trust, and even have strong enthusiasms.
  3. Nothing is real. At least I know that, and can serve as a leader to those with blind trust.
  4. Due to my disdain and detachment, I have superior wisdom.
  5. Everything is a trade-off. Like a negotiation.
  6. Since nothing can make me truly happy, short of getting high…
  7. At least I can win-and win-and win. Which feels mighty damn good.

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge #2.

Mike Lindell Root Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Honesty

Pervasive bitterness colors Lindell’s emotions. As if he’s using crayons to pretty up a page in the Coloring Book of Life. And that page his black on shades of gray.

Nonetheless, Lindell has resigned himself to that kind of emotional life. So he colors in the brightest, loudest, most cartoonishly fervent emotions he can.

  • Even though he knows that he’s made it all up
  • Even though he’s not capable of honestly-and-spontaneously feeling emotions
  • At least he can keep himself entertained. And, of course, push his intense emotions onto others. Thus, becoming an emotional influencer.

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge #3.

Mike Lindell Root Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

“In this lousy, debased world… There is no truth. Instead I can entertain myself by making other people believe whatever I tell them.”

Observation after doing this part of the Skilled Empath Merge:

Seems to me, Lindell considers Trump a great role model. Absolutely superb at conning people until they bow down to him.

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge #4.

Mike Lindell Crown Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

Ever since getting off crack, Mike has been thrown out of Paradise. (What this Enlightenment Coach would call “High Astral Vibrational Frequencies.” Which is where cocaine positions consciousness.)

Despite his success in throwing off that addiction, Mike can’t get back without drugs. Energies are closed to him. Causing bitterness, hatred. Plus, stimulating a very strong the desire to get even with “ordinary people,” non-addicts. Because they can have some momentary enjoyment of energies, even if they don’t get into the Cocaine Paradise.

Here’s another observation from me, fresh from direct experience of this man’s everyday experience. (At this particular chakra databank.)

To the extent that Mike Lindell cares strongly about human beings…. My experience of him suggests that it makes him feel better to create human misery for others.

Like, “Let them feel pain. Let them create nightmares. They’ll ever feel as numb as I do. At least I can get even by confusing them, destroying their little lives.”

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge #5.

Mike Lindell Root Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Spiritually shut down. Actively feeling wounded, when it comes to God.

Putting it another way, getting past the crack addiction pushed Mike out of Paradise. As if that weren’t unfair enough, he feels banished. Specifically, banished for eternity. By now, he’s proud of that. “Let me take others with me.”

In Conclusion

How does it feel, subconsciously and energetically? How does it feel to be this recovering crack addict?

Every conspiracy theorist is different. To imagine a bit Mike’s inner reality a bit:

  1. What if your human feet felt large and stiff, grotesquely so? Like life in a mud world, with the presence of God sucked completely out of it. (Not due to God or to life. But due to fried nerve endings, etc.)
  2. And what if all humans felt and looked that way to you too? Mud people. Sad little specimens.
  3. What if your “recovery” felt like a curse? Such as being doomed to live for the rest of your life among people who could feel things humanly. But you couldn’t, not any more.

Ach! Now I’ll facilitate cutting my cord of attachment to this confused, energetically damaged, and destructive man. (Right after publishing this article, I’ll facilitate that healing.) Meanwhile…

Thanks for reading this article. If you’re an empath, I’d love to teach you how to do Skilled Empath Merge.

First photo, at the top of this article, is by Sneha Cecil on Unsplash.

Last photo was taken in 2020 by Rose’s husband Mitch Weber, in the same office where she wrote today’s blog post.



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