“Imposter Syndrome” or Flattery & Excuses

Introducing a Better Way to Spot Underlying Problems: Achievement Readiness Chakra Databanks

Rose Rosetree
8 min readJul 11, 2022


Imposter Syndrome May Not Be What’s Stopping You. Here’s a Way to Find Out

Let’s Lead off with a Pretty Shocking Story

ANNE reported this in Comments at this blogpost about problems with believing in Imposter Syndrome:

I once had a colleague, I’ll call him Joe, who told me he had imposter syndrome. He decided he would create his own hour long “class” on imposter syndrome that other people in the company could sign up to in our dedicated “learning week”.

I asked him whether he had read any of the research literature on this syndrome. And whether he realised that even in the research literature it was generally only applying to extremely accomplished people, predominantly women. (To be clear even then I didn’t think this syndrome was very helpful or useful)

I suggested maybe people in entry level positions who are working in a dysfunctional organisation that doesn’t offer proper training can expect not to feel very confident in their skills and abilities and that’s probably not “imposter syndrome”.

He had not read any research (just short articles/listicles on the internet) and he did not appreciate my questions.

His proposed “training” was accepted and the organisation advertised it internally and he got to tell approx 20 people his advice on how to overcome “imposter syndrome.”

Just How Significant Is Imposter Syndrome Really?

Basically, I’m a skeptic. Since I’ve got skills, Energy Spirituality™ skills.

As the founder of this field, I know how to use chakra databank arrays to discern underlying patterns. Particular individuals, at particular times, may worry they have this terrible syndrome. Today I’m sharing with you a kind of knowledge that can free up countless stuck people. People stuck in wrongly believing their problem is Impostor Syndrome.

Seems to me, this the new array of chakra databanks may be able to help folks discover the truth. Concerning what is so easy to call “Imposter Syndrome.”

Besides, haven’t you ever wondered?

When folks label themselves as suffering from this syndrome, what is going on in their auras?

In which specific ways do people get stuck? Compared with those who are achievement-ready.

To Be Clear

When folks are suffering, that’s real. Also when people can’t get started on a project, that’s definitely real. Boy oh boy, does that stink!

And whenImposter Syndrome” gets well over 10 MILLION hits on Google. (On my computer. Just for today, when I’m first-drafting this blogpost.)

Definitely, something is going on. But what?

All this suffering-searching on search engines does what? Sure adds legitimacy to the idea that “Imposter Syndrome” is a widely recognized mental health problem! Although technically, this is not an official diagnosis, named in America’s current mental health bible, DSM 5.

Today, meet this set of 10 Achievement Readiness Chakra Databanks. They’re my B.S. Defying Resource…

Aiming to make it easier to tell what is really going on, subconsciously and energetically, when a person says: “I suffer from Imposter Syndrome.”

Only a Little Background And You’ll Be Able to Fully Appreciate this Innovation

Just in case you’re not familiar with the following, please click on the links provided.

  1. What is Imposter Syndrome? Begin to develop a counter-culture perspective.
  2. Equally important, what is Energetic Literacy? How can it help us to drill down to what makes a person tick, subconsciously?
  3. Introducing you to other powerful innovations from Energy Spirituality.
  4. In particular, you can quickly learn about the full range of “Chakra Databank Arrays” that have been developed to date. (Including what chakra databank arrays are. And why they matter.)
  5. As a matter of fact, Energy Spirituality provides an ALTERNATIVE to psychotherapy and pop psychology.

Now, learn about this brand new array of chakra databanks.

One “chakra databank” after another, you can use this research tool for assessing… When somebody claims “I am suffering from Imposter Syndrome”… What is really going on?

Achievement Readiness #1. Root Chakra Databank for

Making Contact with Human Reality

According to the latest research I’ve done on Consciousness Lifestyles, the majority of people are not currently able to do this. Namely, make contact with human reality.

If the concept of “Consciousness Lifestyles” is new to you, definitely click on the link just supplied.

For example, it’s important to understand that difficulties with Consciousness Lifestyles are about consciousness. Please do not confuse them with what mental health professionals call “attentional disorders.”

When somebody’s Consciousness Lifestyle disallows clarity about regular human-type life, it’s easy to seek “answers”. Important to realize, a popular one today is… you guessed it, Imposter Syndrome. Even though answers like these would waste time… Distracting those seeking valid solutions, not just answers.

In a personal session, an Energy Spirituality Practitioner like me may be able to help a client. Since we can help in ways that other specialties don’t yet know how to do.

Achievement Readiness #2. Root Chakra Databank for

Persisting at Adult Responsibilities

Knowing what to do is just a start. Of course, whatever the task, an adult needs to keep at it.

A glowing example of this comes from our article on “Enlightenment Validation for Aria.

As a piano teacher, she wrote in Comment #215, “ I find as a teacher that those who show talent early on and those who show talent later on still must develop that talent through work and the acquiring of skills to express that talent.”

So, how’s a person doing in this achievement-related chakra databank?

  • If there’s room for improvement, some healing might be in order.
  • Alternatively, certain kinds of mentoring might help.

Either way, this sort of problem doesn’t deserve to be glorified as a big-deal “syndrome.”

Achievement Readiness #3. Right Knee Chakra Databank for

Using My Power as an Authority Figure (At Work)

Whether in school or at work, power is not optional. Likewise, if you aim to succeed as a writer, an actor, an entrepreneur.

Regardless of age or experience, we possess the skills we possess. Using our knowledge and skills, we can make a difference.

Equally important, though, is to muster up our personal power. Rather than passively waiting for success to come to us.

In particular, problems at this chakra databank (and other power-related ones) could diminish effectiveness. To rephrase it, somebody seeking a grand reason for lackluster performance, such as Imposter Syndrome???

That pursuit of a grand theory won’t help a person to use power as an authority figure. Therefore, it’s useful to rule out problems at this chakra databank. Solving any such problems, rather than overlooking them.

Achievement Readiness #4. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Problem Solving

Nothing less than creativity in action: That’s the potential for this success-related chakra databank.

Each of us was born with immense creativity. Developing more use of creativity can help us succeed. (Also, very likely, causing improvement at this chakra databank.)

For this reason, I’d recommend this research idea:

As you may know, I offer an online workshop called “Creativity Secrets with Soul.”

  1. If you’re interested in taking it, first use your Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. Boldly go forth: Read this entire array of chakra databanks on yourself. Alternatively, you might wish to have me do it for you. Just book a personal session and away we’ll go.
  2. Experience the Free Intro.
  3. Assuming you’re into it: Proceed to take the full online workshop. Definitely brimming with Energy Spirituality™ creativity.
  4. After you finish, repeat Step 1 on this list.
  5. Absolutely report your findings to me. Very likely, you’ll find improvement.

Achievement Readiness #5. Heart Chakra Databank for

Emotional Self-Authority

To be sure, trusting yourself emotionally is essential for accomplishing valuable things in life.

Deep down we can tell if we’re on course or not. Otherwise, we can accomplish things we don’t really value. Such a waste!

Incidentally, what if you’re not yet familiar with the spiritual term “self-authority”? Make a point of clicking on the link just provided. Since, for you, this could be the most helpful part of today’s article.

Achievement Readiness #6. Right Elbow Chakra Databank for

Responding to Criticism at Work

A point often overlooked: Everybody receives criticism for their work, their art, their choices.

Until you get good and strong in this particular chakra databank…

Even some mild criticism could set you back by weeks, months, years. In which case, please don’t blame a “syndrome” for this problem.

On the bright side, STUFF in one’s aura can definitely cause problems with this chakra databank.

Fortunately, we have this motto in Energy Spirituality: STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Achievement Readiness Chakra Databanks #7. High Heart Chakra Databank for

Trusting Myself, This Soul Expression

Yes, you’re a unique individual. What’s more, you’re a quality individual.

Curious about information regarding your soul expression for this lifetime? This particular chakra databank can be a great place to start.

Out of all 50 of your High Heart Chakra Databanks, this one can help you to relax inside. Trusting yourself, your Who You Be, can help us to relax just enough. Empowering us to move forward in life with a deep kind of confidence.

Alternatively, what if this chakra databank isn’t doing so hot? Don’t blame Imposter Syndrome. Find effective ways to improve the functioning of this magnificent chakra databank. Reclaim trust in your inherent goodness.

Achievement Readiness #8. Right Ear Chakra Databank for

Listening To OTHERS at Work

Maybe those other people at work are not you. However, that doesn’t make them all fools. ;-)

Consider the possibility that folks can seemingly sabotage their careers… Simply due to treating other people rudely. Such as disregarding their ideas.

If stuck in your own progress while working with others, hello! It can prove helpful to find out how this chakra databank is doing. This one, in particular.

Otherwise, it’s too easy to blame “those fools” for a career impasse. Or else, hmmmm. Perhaps blame Imposter Syndrome.

Achievement Readiness #9. Right Ear Chakra Databank for

Listening To MYSELF At Work

Quite some balancing act, right! When you can listen to yourself, as well as to others — as evidenced in the previous chakra databank. As a result you can expect to move full speed ahead in your career.

Hanging out at #writer hashtags on Twitter, I often encounter the opposite of this. Such as:

  • Do any of you feel…?
  • How many of you have this problem…?
  • Do you think it is normal that I…?

Undoubtedly other “aspiring writers” blame their #ImposterSyndrome.

Achievement Readiness #10. Third Eye Chakra Databank for

Reading Energies

Almost like a trick question in a test…

Believe it or not, reading energies isn’t a good thing. Unless you choose to do this kind of thing during your official 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

Take it from this Enlightenment Teacher: Excessive energy reading is NOT how to prove you’re spiritual.

Even worse, too much reading energies and vibes, etc.? This can land you in the consciousness lifestyle of Spiritual Addiction. In which case, don’t blame “My Imposter Syndrome.” Learn how to move into a better consciousness lifestyle.

In Conclusion. Or as a Beginning

Definitely, bring it on. If any of you have connections, help me to do a well-funded, rigorous study.

  • How simple it might be to set up a study comparing two different approaches for treating Imposter Syndrome.
  • Find 100 (or whatever number) of adults who consider themselves sufferers from the syndrome. Split the participants into two groups of 50 each.
  • In Group 1, let me research these folks with the chakra databanks listed here. Then let me give them weekly personal sessions of Energy Spirituality.
  • In Group 2, use an established form of psychological treatment. Perhaps choosing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

After six months, see how members of each group do. Compare and contrast and measure. Oh yes, bring on that research.

Wouldn’t that be something: Showing the world how Energy Spirituality can help people use more of their full potential!

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