How to Protect Yourself from Covid

Guest Post from Theodore Scott, an Acupuncturist in Australia, where Covid Is Now the 3rd Leading Cause of Death

Rose Rosetree


Expect to Learn More than You Know So Far

Theodore Scott, Acupuncturist

Covid is still here, unfortunately. And it’s far more dangerous than most people realize. On the bright side, here’s a guest post with excellent recommendations from Theodore Scott. He’s an acupuncturist, and he knows what he is talking about.

Although Covid Is Here, What Else?

What else is still here? Your free will, that’s what.

Covid still presents us with important choices. How will we live in a time of pandemic?

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way;

“Isn’t Covid Basically Over?”

No. It’s still ripping through the world population and causing mass death and disability.

At last count, 32.9 million excess deaths have been estimated since the start of the pandemic. That’s pretty close to the combined population of both Australia and New Zealand. Can you imagine if the entire population of both these countries just got… wiped out within a four year period?

And that grim toll has been speeding up in the last couple of years, not slowing down.

In Australia, Covid has become the third leading cause of deathbut only since 2022, when we collectively stopped fighting it with any seriousness.

“Why Does It Feel Like the Pandemic Is Over?”

There’s a lot of moving parts here and I don’t pretend to understand it all. Here’s what I think I do get:

  1. We’re sick of it! This has been a nightmare plague and it’s been too much to keep worrying about. We just want it to be over already — I certainly do.
  2. This has built up in Collective Consciousness and has become a way of thinking that is difficult to avoid. The collective belief of billions of people has real weight!
  3. Governments and health officials know people are sick of Covid, and that people don’t want to hear any more…



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