How to Become a Better Friend

7 Tips for a More Fulfilling Social Life

Rose Rosetree


How to Be a True Friend. What really works now?

Now that all of us are living in the Age of Awakening — know it or not — what about friendship has changed? What hasn’t? That’s what we’ll explore together today.

Choose your favorites from the 7 practical tips that follow.

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What follows is actually Part 3 of a trio of articles. Catch up, Readers, by reading these first two in this series:

A. Why Do We Outgrow Friends?

B. Why Do Some of Your Friendships End?

And hey, how about more of an introduction to the field of Energy Spirituality® itself? Since this article is written by the founder of this field.

Energy Spirituality helps people like you with emotional growth and spiritual awakening. Using energy skills that work NOW, in the Age of Awakening.

Worth noting: This is not a path. Rather, it’s a way to improve-and-enrich your current path.

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Also, What If You Don’t Have the Vaguest Idea about the so-called “Age of Awakening”?

In my experience, most folks today don’t know much about it at all. They more about Taylor Swift or Tyler Perry. Among those who do think they know all about this second era on earth, uh-oh! Myths about the Age of Awakening are often more popular than what is true.

No kidding. To see what I mean, read the article at the link just provided.

As Usual, Expect to Find New Ideas Here. Not Recycled Cliches, Because This Article Aims to Give You Up-to-Date Tips for…

How to Be a True Friend in the Age of Awakening. Now: Tip 1



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