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No Faking It. No Spiritual Addiction.

Rose Rosetree
5 min readAug 16, 2021


Use your liberty, combined with knowledge in this article… To avoid the waste-of-life habit of Spiritual Addiction.

Spiritual Addiction is a common problem today.

The purpose of this article is to help you know if you have this problem. And if so, to start solving it.

First of All,

Have You Even Heard of “Spiritual Addiction”?

What if you’re skeptical that there even is such a thing!

For instance, suppose that you’ve read about this at my Energy Spirituality Blog. Again and again, you’ve read it.

  • Yet you have doubts.
  • Or reservations.
  • Or rage! Even outrage! Like why do I describe this intense interest in personal growth as a form of ADDICTION?

In Any Case, Here’s Your Chance to Learn More

Always you’ll decide for yourself how to live. But this Q&A opportunity here… It just might help to educate yourself further.

Now, What IS Spiritual Addiction?

It’s a way of life. Kind of a sneaky way of life.

Since folks living in Spiritual Addiction don’t usually know it.

Hey, with this consciousness-related kind of addiction, hello! We’re talking about a consciousness lifestyle. Namely, a pattern that gets established in people’s auras. Although this pattern can be overcome — and I definitely can help you do that…

Until and unless a person overcomes this consciousness lifestyle, it progresses. Growing worse every year.

Contrary to what folks with this problem believe…

  • Like any other kind of addiction.
  • And even though the spiritual kind of addiction doesn’t include substances like booze or weed
  • Nobody in Spiritual Addiction is growing spiritually. Even if they think they are. (And usually they believe that they are.)

Stage 3 Aura Reading Skills Are Needed to Find It

Look, lacking Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, it’s almost impossible to accurately pinpoint Spiritual Addiction.

Because assessing consciousness lifestyles requires skill. For starters, you’ll have to read chakra databanks. Also, you’ll need to practice a bit, researching auras of other folks with this consciousness lifestyle.

Of course, you can learn this kind of skill. Might I suggest? You’d begin here.

Why Else It’s Tricky,

Telling Who’s in Spiritual Addiction

Because this addiction involves consciousness. That is, what’s going on with a person’s subconscious awareness. And/or what’s happening at the astral level of that person’s aura.

Otherwise, good luck with accurately identifying this problem. For instance:

  • Did you know? Spending 7 hours daily, or more, on spiritual practices…
  • Does that make a person spiritual?
  • More like addicted, out of balance, aura-wise a mess!

Hey, Think About This

Understanding the huge problem in society today, with so many millions in Spiritual Addiction…

What, exactly, is it going to take before mainstream society knows a thing about this problem? Know a blessed thing at all!

Given what I know about how Collective Consciousness works, that’s going to take:

Incidentally, do you think that “experts” outside of Energy Spirituality are going to help the least little bit?

Will a Psychic

Be Able to Find this Problem in a Client?

Let’s face it. To millions of folks who are spiritual but not religious, psychics know things. Important things. “Spiritual things.”

However, as you’ll see if you read the article at that link, just supplied…

Psychics don’t know spiritual things. Instead, they know astral things.

Regarding their skills at aura reading, they’re doing pretty well to gain even Stage 2 Energetic Literacy.

No wonder most psychics are themselves in Spiritual Addiction. (Or worse.) Sad but true!

Purposely or not, they encourage folks to take the Spiritual Bypass. Rather than solve problems in reality. Sadly, his contributes toward guess which consciousness lifestyle?

Will a Psychologist, even a Ph.D.

Be Able to Find this Problem in a Client?

God bless mental health professionals. They know a lot, and can be THE resource for folks with serious mental health problems.

All that said, however, what else?

Although it’s common for today’s therapists to recognize that it’s problem, taking the Spiritual Bypass

Inadvertently they push their clients to take the Psychological Bypass.


Also, mental health professionals aren’t doing as well as one might expect. Not when it comes to their consciousness lifestyles.

Currently, all Energy Spirituality experts are living in Spiritual Enlightenment.

While good-hearted psychotherapists know so much. Yet they’re energetically illiterate — sorry, but that’s true. Honestly, COMMENT below if you know a single one who doesn’t just claim to “see auras.” But who actually has attained Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Of course they can’t tell if somebody’s in either Spiritual Addiction or a variation of it called… Psychological Overwork.

Learn from the Q&A at the Energy Spirituality Blog

Questions are already coming in. Answers are flowing.

Take part in our Comment Conversation. What you learn just might help you.

I’ve helped many hundreds of people to stop living in Spiritual Addiction.

This can make a huge difference for:

1. Learning Life Lessons that you’d otherwise miss.

2. Love — Finding it, keeping it, making the most of it.

3. Writing. Because writers in Spiritual Addiction will mostly interest readers with a similar problem. Such a career limitation!

4. Relationships, because you’ll gain so much more respect from others if you move beyond Spiritual Addiction.

5. Spirituality. Ironically, folks in Spiritual Addiction can spend so many hours a day working on themselves, yet they’re stuck — yes, stuck — in their spiritual evolution. Making zero real progress. Seriously!

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading. Please remember, NOBODY has to live in Spiritual Addiction.

Yes, that how-to I’m holding in this photo is THE book for helping you to identify and overcome … and prevent… Spiritual Addiction.



Rose Rosetree

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