Highly Sensitive Persons: Gain Clarity

Rose Rosetree
5 min readFeb 26, 2021

Highly Sensitive Persons: Gain Clarity. Why on earth have so many confusing and victimey ideas about HSPs gone mainstream?

Why all the bad advice for HSPs? Why, why, why?

Answering that question just might bring us some mighty refreshing clarity.

Highly Sensitive Persons, First of All, Follow the Money

When experts start pushing unhelpful advice, what can help you to figure out the why-why-why? Blog-Buddies, just follow the money.

  1. Undoubtedly you’ve heard that sex sells. Equally profitable can be fear talk; likewise, justification for self-pity.
  2. Evidently plenty of experts with dollar signs in their eyes have figured out one more factor.
  3. What, 1 in 5 people are HSPs? Hey, that market is huuuuge.

Next, Guess Who Has Entered that Market?

No wonder, plenty of mental health experts have begun appealing to Highly Sensitive Persons. Especially since, in recent years, mental health professionals have been having a hard time earning a living. To put it bluntly, psychotherapists have been losing their customers. Unlike them, this founder of Energy Spirituality, doesn’t lack for clients. Nor am have I wedded myself to doom-and-gloom.

  • Of course, if you did all your sessions by cocreating with the Divine, your work would also include a certain amount of joy.
  • In addition, how about the various skills and systems of Energy Spirituality, like Empath Empowerment®?
  • Likewise the Social Sensitivity Skills I’ve developed to help Highly Sensitive Persons? All of them, cocreated with the Divine.

From my perspective, then, the current emphasis on suffering strikes me as just a bit weird. Specifically…

Why Are So Many HSP Helpers… Throwing Pity Parties?

No kidding! Just in case you didn’t read Part 1 of this series yet, here are some crazy-popular examples:

  1. Poor overstimulated HSPs. They often need special support from their loved ones.
  2. Tragedy-prone Highly Sensitive Persons? They need permission from others to get emotional and have a good cry.
  3. And just in case you were wondering, who are the biggest victims around? HSPs suffer more than people who are less sensitive.

Look, finding psychological problems is an occupational hazard for therapists. If YOU constantly were to speak the language of trauma and overwhelm, of course you’ll find plenty. Half the population with serious mental illness? Heck, the link I just gave you with that estimate is probably one of the more cheerful ones.

Witness a psychologist, who told one of my clients: “I can walk down a crowded street and, just by looking at people, I can find psychological problems in every single one of them.”

As the saying goes, to a man with a hammer… everything is a nail. No wonder there’s so much sob-worthy propaganda on the giving end. Setting a really tragic tone for today’s HSP marketplace. But how about the receiving end? Why all the widespread woe?

Quite possibly you’re laughing by now. Unless you’ve spent time traveling down this particular rabbit hole.

Otherwise, isn’t the answer obvious?

Wow, A Free Pass to Cushy Victimhood!

On the receiving end, why buy into the misery version of being a Highly Sensitive Person? Because plenty of people today are suffering. And even if they weren’t, it’s pretty easy to persuade people that they’re suffering more than others. Once that self-pity begins, what’s even more tempting?

Extra Wow, Supposedly The Big Diagnosis Explains Everything!

No need for guilt. Nor need for growth. Supposedly all that extraordinary suffering happens due to having a terrible weakness. For example, try intoning these three words in a voice that drips with tragedy: Highly. Sensitive. Person. Oooooooh! Once the HSP listens to far, how easy it is to believe that they deserve special treatment.

Kind of like when you go to a store like COSTCO (pre- or post-pandemic), where you discover free samples. Many a time I’ve stuffed my face with the cookies or whatever, and why? Because it was FREE. Self-pity samples can seem mighty tempting, too.

In Reality, What IS an HSP?

Here’s my perspective from using energetic literacy skills to learn about thousands of clients since encountering Elaine Aron’s first book.

Yes, HSPs are hardwired for life with a great deal of sensitivity.

Only, please, consider it a talent. Of course, every degree of sensitivity comes with distinctive talent. That said, what’s so great about HSP talent?

  • Any creative activities you do…
  • Or professional skills that you develop for helping others…
  • And also, your appreciation for loved ones in your life…

Automatically, HSPs do all this with more insight and appreciation, compared to those with less sensitivity. Hey, does that sound like a waking nightmare to you?

Therefore, What Really Helps HSPs?

Clarity-Seeking Reader, different HSPs have distinctively different problems. I sure wouldn’t say that my HSP clients suffer particularly from hurt feelings, unhappiness, or superior degrees of suffering. However, many HSPs are so busy appreciating life deeply, guess what? Sometimes we forget to see what’s happening on the surface of life. Therefore, our social skills may be somewhat undeveloped. Look, sometimes I’ll mentor HSPs on social skills they haven’t developed yet; I’ll do that along with facilitating removal of STUFF in auras, with Energy Spirituality skills that I use professionally: One personal session at a time.

What else can help HSPs? Maybe YOU!

How can you help the HSPs in your life? If they’re upset about a problem, ask them to tell you what has happened in objective reality. Who has said what or done what? Together you might be able to do some excellent problem-solving. Alternatively, what if that HSPs:

  • Plays the sensitivity card
  • Or expects special treatment… groaning or moaning.
  • Maybe accusing you of not being caring enough.

Don’t let yourself be guilted into believing that kind of hooey. Being a Highly Sensitive Person isn’t a disability but an opportunity.

In Conclusion

Thank you, Blog-Buddies, for reading this article all the way through. Especially impressive to me is your willingness to read something so counter-culture. At least, counter-culture for now. :-) Whether you agree with me or not, feel free to COMMENT below.

  • If you’re an HSP or an empath, have you heard more than enough victim talk?
  • Has Energy Spirituality ever helped you… and helped you to improve your quality of life.. without resorting to victim talk?

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