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Our Latest Discoveries for Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening. How many of these are new to you?

The Latest Discoveries for Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening. Here’s your cheat sheet to quick mastery.

Helping you to be all you can be. And do what only you can do.

It won’t take you long to get the hang of these concepts. For every one of our latest discoveries that you learn about, you’ll add to your flair for living juicy. Namely, living at the leading edge for those who seek self-actualization.

Not fashion-forward but wise: Join me at the leading edge of personal growth. Also spiritual awakening.

Besides, your timing couldn’t be better…

Given that the Energy Spirituality Blog Just Reached a New Milestone…

Let’s Celebrate.

Because not too many one-person blogs have 96,000 comments. Let alone MONITORED blogs!

Yet on March 9, 2022, we moved there. Right into that new milestone of comment conversations.

Thank so much to all of you commenting Blog-Buddies. And welcome to you new commenters. Together we’re having an impact on bringing today’s truths into Collective Consciousness.

If you like, you could consider this post to be an Energy Spirituality Glossary of Useful Terms.

Many of them, I’ve used for decades. Others are pretty darned new.

How to Make Use of This

Energy Spirituality Glossary:

Celebrate how much is new to you about our Latest Discoveries for Personal Growth & Spiritual Awakening. Perhaps you’ll learn even more than you know so far. Let’s do this:

  1. I’ll number these brand new truths as we go.
  2. Just for fun, you might keep track of how many are already familiar to you.
  3. Versus how many you didn’t exactly notice or understand before this article.

Everybody knows that knowledge is expanding rapidly today. That is, expanding in every discipline you might care to follow. But how rapidly, exactly?

Some experts believe that human knowledge is now doubling every 12 MONTHS.

Even wilder, that speed is predicted to accelerate. Until human knowledge doubles every 12 HOURS!

What matters most, though? Maybe that’s keeping up with knowledge that you, personally, can use. For instance:

Energy Spirituality Sessions with Clients Worldwide

Are Setting Precedents

Notable because every one of the discoveries below can help you to have a better life. So join me at exploring the leading edge of emotional growth and spiritual awakening.

Just in case you’re wondering: What IS Energy Spirituality?

By definition, Energy Spirituality helps people like you with both of these:

Authentic emotional growth and spiritual awakening that can lead you all the way to Enlightenment.

Using energy skills that work now, in the Age of Awakening.

For more on this Age of Awakening, keep reading. Golly, I’ve got so much to share with you. Let’s get started with this Energy Spirituality Glossary.

Brand New Concept #1.

Age of Awakening Enlightenment

This is a newer form of Spiritual Enlightenment. Emerging around the time of the Shift on December 21, 2012.

Traditional Enlightenment is no longer the only game in town.

If you’re heading toward Enlightenment, fear not. Your soul will choose which destination you’re moving toward.

Of course, it sure can help you to know this destination exists. Speaking of which…

Hey, Hello, Google!

Already you can tell this much, Blog-Buddies. If you’re a self-actualizing person, the Latest Discoveries cited in this article… can be a big deal.

Worth mentioning, then, is this: Like all the new concepts that follow, the term “Age of Awakening” first appeared appeared at this blog. Or else that leading-edge discovery first appeared in an Energy Spirituality book. Or is related to one of the 10 Trademarks of Energy Spirituality.

See for yourself! Starting now I’ll supply a google search on each of our Latest Discoveries. And I’ll electronically paint them in violet. For example, here’s the Google link for the first term in our Energy Spirituality Glossary: Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Click and then see for yourself. Who has written about this online?

The Latest Discoveries #2.

Aura Reading Movie Reviews

Ever watch movies? Don’t you consider yourself a good judge of good acting?

Enhance your perspective by learning how energetic literacy can advance your appreciation of acting. With good aura reading skills, one can compare the degree to which a film actor changes deep inside. Browse articles of this kind by click on this link to Aura Reading Movie Reviews! Quickly you’ll gain new appreciation for what it takes to truly perform as a world-class actor.

Innovative Discovery #3.

Aura Reading TV Reviews

Another application of energetic literacy is to compare the degree that a TV actor changes… Assuming a role imaginatively can alter subconscious functioning and also impact the size and quality of astral energy.

There are no small roles, only small actors. Indeed, that saying applies equally to actor’s auras on the small screen. Find examples here, at Aura Reading TV Reviews.

Brand New Concept #4.

Auric Modeling

Did you know that everybody you meet can read all your chakra databanks… subconciously? Yes indeed.

That has big implications for your greater success as you grow. With more personal growth and spiritual evolution, your presence becomes downright impressive.

At this blog I’ve published many articles that can help you to strengthen your personal presence. But this blogpost on Auric Modeling can make the biggest difference of all.

The Latest Discoveries #5.

Astral Flash

Danger alert! Probably you know that psychic does not mean spiritual. Even though many intuitives, psychics, and tarot readers assume these two are one and the same.

If you care about authentic spiritual evolution, you can protect the purity of your path by learning about Astral Flash.

Once you know the meaning of this term of art from Energy Spirituality, you’ll start to recognize why astral flash can seem so tempting. Yet deliver so little of lasting value.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #6.

Causational STUFF (for Energy Healing)

Maybe you’ve never heard of this term. Definitely one of the latest discoveries in Energy Spirituality.

But pay attention to anything you see from a reputable source about Causational STUFF.

Why? Causational forms of STUFF in auras — Reiki doesn’t deliver that, nor do other techniques of New Age energy healing. Yet the ability to remove these forms of garbage in auras is (imo) vital for the future of energy healing in the Age of Awakening.

The Latest Discoveries #7.

Chakra Databanks

Pretty thrilling to find well over 4,000 hits for this now on Google! Word is spreading.

Already you’ve read about chakra databanks, just in this article. And maybe you’ve seen the term elsewhere as well. Because I was the first person to discover Chakra Databanks, I didn’t know for years if reading them would ever catch on. And why not?

Essential for doing good quality aura reading! Whether you’re giving one or you’re receiving one. Without researching chakra databanks, an aura reading won’t help you to understand the human heart. Including the very human heart of the person whose aura you’re reading.

Brand New Concept #8.

Collective Attention Deficit Disorder

Sure you’ve heard about Attention Deficit Disorder. But how about this variation, the kind in society? And what you can do about it!

Check out comments at the blogpost here about Collective Attention Deficit Disorder; as well as pondering the blogpost itself.

Could be quick way to stop blaming yourself about a big problem in society, a problem not widely acknowledged… yet.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #9.

Consciousness Lifestyles

Shockingly few people today have a clue about Consciousness Lifestyles.

Yet this topic is must reading. For instance if you’re into dating and making new friends.

Innovative Discovery #10.

Consciousness Positioning

(Also, Positioning Consciousness)

Giving credit where credit is due, I appreciate Jozef Dominguez. During an Energy Spirituality workshop, I was sharing my latest discoveries about positioning consciousness… And kinda fishing around for words… When he said, “Maybe a good name for what you’re talking about is “positioning consciousness.”

Was he ever right! Within a few years I had even trademarked a useful system for giving Consciousness Positioning Consults®

Why does positioning consciousness matter to YOU? It’s essential for living The New Strong, or progressing rapidly toward Spiritual Enlightenment.

Watch out for this term to become at least as popular as something you’ll read about later in this article, “The Power of Face Reading.”

The Latest Discoveries #11.

Empath Empowerment

Empath Empowerment® is turning out to be quite a meme, with Dr. Judith Orloff leading the way in trademark infringement. (You’ll see her two books toward the top of the previously-linked Google search.)

Of course, it isn’t easy to duplicate the real-deal method of Empath Empowerment®. Nor to duplicate the system that you can learn, one power-packed skill at a time, from my four books for empaths.

Unless you learn that, you won’t gain true Empath Empowerment, nor become an Empowered Empath. But you can. This Empowerment Coach stands ready to help you do just that.

Brand New Concept #12.

Energetic Literacy

Energetic Literacy means reading auras. Akin to word literacy, there are degrees of learning to read people’s energies. These degrees of proficiency are most common.

Learning to read auras with good skills is one of those ways you can transform your life to an amazing degree. Thereby using more of your full potential. Making your dreams come true.

Innovative Discovery #13.

Energetic Real Time

Got technology? I do. Right now, in fact, I’m using technology to write this blogpost.

Funny thing, given how many hours we may spend on our phones, our laptops, and such, how rare it is… Shockingly rare, really… For people to know about the power of connecting with others in Energetic Real Time.

Click on the link just supplied and it could change your life for the better. Maybe “Energetic Real Time” sounds like science fiction. On the contrary, it’s very-very human. Something you and I need in our lives every single day.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #14.

Energetic Subroutines in Auras

Thanks for this name go to Energy Spirituality Practitioner (and former IT wizard) SANDRA HAERING . Talking with her one day, I was describing a causational form of STUFF in auras.

SANDRA came up with this name. It’s perfect.

Energetic Subroutines are removed permanently through a skill set called Vibrational Re-Positioning®. Quite a common Healing Centerpiece in Energy Spirituality over the past five years! Not to get all geeky on you, removing Energetic Subroutines will free up your… free will. Even if you’re already astoundingly effective in relationships or work, this Healing Centerpiece can make you even more effective. Also, quite possibly, more joyful.

Brand New Concept #15.

Energy Hypochondria

Already you know that hypochondria is a thing for some folks. But did you know there was such a thing as Energy Hypochondria?

Sure is. Know anybody who’s constantly:

  • Grounding
  • Shielding her aura
  • Cleaning up his energies
  • Visualizing a “golden bubble”
  • Wearing an EMF-protection necklace?
  • Or purchasing a crazy-expensive Teslar watch?
  • Etc.?

If you know anybody who’s doing this like this, booking one or two personal sessions of Energy Spirituality might make a positive difference. Learn what works for you. Versus a waste of time. Or worse.

Some of my success stories involve clients who had an underlying problem with STUFF in auras. That’s what set the stage for Energy Hypochondria — which is now, fortunately, over.

Innovative Discovery #16.

Enlightenment Etiquette

Plain good manners, my friends! By now I’ve validated Spiritual Enlightenment for plenty of students. Clearly, there was a need about what was — and wasn’t — good manners for folks in Spiritual Enlightenment. In order to help things along, I published an article on Enlightenment Etiquette.

BTW, it’s supplemented by an article about “Etiquette with an Enlightenment Teacher.” Since many well-meaning spiritual seekers didn’t have a clue about how to gain the most from an Enlightenment Coach. Look, all of us are finding our way.

The Latest Discoveries Include #17.

Enlightenment Eye Flash

When would this happen to you? For a short period of time after you move into Spiritual Enlightenment, random strangers will look at you in a certain way. Worth knowing about, since some day this may happen to you. With so many spiritual teachers around, I wonder why more of them don’t write about this. Maybe they have a different term for Enlightenment Eye Flash?

If you know, please comment below. Since it would be a relief to this Enlightenment Teacher, knowing that others have been teaching about this. The various spiritual teachers I studied with, including those described in my memoir of spiritual awakening, never breathed a word about this.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #18.

Enlightenment Validation

Probably you know this: Enlightenment teachers and NonDuality teachers are common today. Speaking of Google hits, how many hits did I just get at my recent search for them? 734 THOUSAND.

By contrast, who’s offering Enlightenment Validation? You know if you click on that link just provided for this item in this Energy Spirituality Glossary.

Shocked yet?

By all means, ask in COMMENTS below about what I learned about Enlightenment Validation from His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The answer might surprise you.

Brand New Concept #19.

Extreme Spiritual Addiction

One of many reasons to learn about consciousness lifestyles is to be able to flag Extreme Spiritual Addiction.

And avoid it!

Innovative Discovery #20.

Gray Slime (In Energy Healing)

Gray Slime happens, alright. It’s a form of STUFF that gets into people’s auras.

In my experience, this problem is unique to people living in the consciousness lifestyle of Spiritual Shutdown. More rarely, Gray Slime gets stuck in the aura of people who live in a community where just about everybody lives in Spiritual Shutdown.

Brand New Concept #21.

Name Alignment

The term “Name Alignment” originated with the Energy Spirituality website and blog. At the Google link just supplied, you’ll find some folks who started using the term after 2017. That’s when I trademarked the system of Name Alignment® Aura Research.

It’s an advanced application of aura reading to help folks evolve faster spiritually. And gain more success personally. As described in this guest post on Name Alignment.

Definitely Something New #22.

The New Strong

Which is the best consciousness lifestyle you can give yourself? Easy answer: That would be the New Strong.

The Latest Discoveries #23.

New Vibrational Freedom

Did you know? With the Shift into the Age of Awakening, you were given a powerful gift: Humanity’s New Vibrational Freedom.

Namely, a freedom for positioning consciousness: It’s an unprecedented, effortless ability for Positioning Consciousness at Astral and Divine Vibrational Frequencies.

Now the trick is to use it well. Energy Spirituality resources can help. Notably the how-to book called “The New Strong.”

Innovative Discovery #24.

The Power of Face Reading

Here’s a change of pace. Just about everything listed here, there’s a small set of links to Energy Spirituality articles. And then you’ll find some of my articles off the website, plus sometimes some copycats. But at this Google search, you’ll find 9,750,000,000 hits.

Originally a technical term for using the system of Face Reading Secrets, wow, a meme! In xx I published a how-to book on “The Power of Face Reading.” Several editions followed, and I’m now delighted to make available the best of the bunch: “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

Energy Spirituality Aha! #25.

Psychological Bypass

Psychologists have given their clients the useful term “Taking the Spiritual Bypass.” However, they haven’t found the elephant in their own clinic room: “Taking the Psychological Bypass.”

Since publishing the first article on the internet on this topic, I’ve blogged on how to prevent taking the psychological bypass. Likewise, I’ve described this common problem by blogging on Medium.

Otherwise? From psychologists and others, so far? (At least, as picked up by Google.) Crickets. Curious!

Brand New Concept #26.

Psychological Overwork

Another consciousness lifestyle that’s wildly popular in this first decade of the Age of Awakening is… You guessed it… Psychological Overwork.

  • Learn what this consciousness lifestyle is.
  • How it halts emotional growth and spiritual awakening!
  • Plus, discover a fairly simple way to avoid it. (See the most recent link provided.)

More mysterious, when pop psychology is practically America’s unofficial religion, what will it take for more folks to spot this problem?

Energy Spirituality Aha! #27.

The Romance of the Astral

Romance is seductive. Understandably so.

Unfortunately, in these early years of the Age of Awakening, one form of romance in particular is wrecking a lot of lives: The Romance of the Astral.

Good to learn what it is, and how to avoid this particular form of seduction!

Brand New Concept #28.

Scar Tissue in Auras

Talk about uplifting! How about a Divine-level blessing that just might show in your own personal aura?

Come learn about Scar Tissue in Auras.

The Latest Discoveries #29.

Skilled Empath Merge

Very likely, you’ve heard of the term “empath.” But do you know about Skilled Empath Merge?

That’s the spiritual purpose of being an empath.

Incidentally, credit for this term goes to psychiatrist ANITA CHU.

Innovative Discovery #30.

Soul Expression Support

And you thought you knew yourself pretty well. Excellent!

Only do you know much about your Soul Expression Support?

Quite an important part of you — so might I sugget? Come find out what you’ve got by way of a Soul Expression Support. Also why it’s important.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #31.

Soul Retrieval and Validation

Shamanic versions of soul retrieval have been done for hundreds of thousands of years. But that was the Age of Faith.

Now that humanity’s living in the Age of Awakening, Soul Retrieval and Validation takes an entirely different approach to “Soul Retrieval.” That link just supplied will take you to an excellent free education. Via one of our informational “Discernment Jamborees.

Currently it’s one of the most common healing centerpieces in all of Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING.

Brand New Concept #32.

Soul Thrill

Folks, if you click on that Google link just provided you’ll see links to a few YouTube videos with no connection to Energy Spirituality, videos published from 2019 and 2021. Let’s keep in mind, by 2017 I trademarked “Soul Thrill.” Signalizing discovery of intellectual property with this advanced aura reading technique: Soul Thrill® Aura Research.

In general, Energy Spirituality Experts (and our clients) find “Soul Thrill” itself to be a useful concept. Especially if you’re a self-actualizing person.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #33.

Specialized Arrays of Chakra Databanks

Got insight? Talk about The Latest Discoveries!

Specialized Arrays of Chakra Databanks are carefully selected groups of chakra databanks. Indispensible for learning different kinds of info about yourself or others! Examples used at this blog include:

First, Integrity Chakra Databanks

Second, Leadership Chakra Databanks

Third, Inspiring Communicator Chakra Databanks

This Energy Spirituality contains main such research instruments. Once you gain good skills of energetic literacy, you don’t have to take a special course to learn how to learn them. Just as your word literacy skills can serve for reading “Pride and Prejudice,” “The Naked and the Dead,” and/or “War and Peace.” Literacy is, quite simply, literacy.

The Latest Discoveries #34.

Spiritual Enlightenment List

Given how many spiritual teachers are active today on the internet, you may be quite surprised at what you find on the previous Google search link. Evidently not too many of us are clear enough about who’s in Enlightenment.

Weird or what? Anyway, you’re welcome to read our most popular post here, the Spiritual Enlightenment List.

If you like, submit nominees for this consciousness lifestyle research. Absolutely free! Honestly, which seeker of Enlightenment wouldn’t be curious about who’s on this list. Or which public figure could be.

Innovative Discovery #35.

Sympathetic Neutralization

Does that term sound more sophisticated than anything else on this Glossary? No wonder, then, I didn’t come up with this gorgeous technical term.

All I did was to facilitate sessions of Energy Spirituality that centered on using the method of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. After 30 years of this, eventually I discovered the fact of Sympathetic Neutralization.

Sometimes I’ll receive an informational download, cocreating with the Divine, and hello! Sometimes it will take a while before I find good language for the discovery. This was happening during a conversation I had with acupuncturist THEODORE SCOTT. Within seconds he suggested the perfect term for this discovery, Sympathetic Neutralization. Yay, THEODORE!

Back to what’s in it for you, Blog-Buddies, simply put: Sympathetic Neutralization brings you extra-wonderful results from cutting a cord of attachment. At least, provided that good skills are being used. Learn all you need to know from clicking on the link provided a few paragraphs above.

Energy Spirituality Aha! #36.

Voice Aura Reading

Is Clairaudience part of your personal gift set for reading auras? Then you’re eligible to learn how to do Voice Aura Readings. Also known as “Sound-Based Aura Readings.” Such as these ones starring:

Of course, you can just read these blogposts. Pretty fascinating! Seeking even more oomph from The Latest Discoveries?

Then toggle back-and-forth:

  • Between the aura reading examples at these blogposts …
  • And the performance links supplied in each article.
  • For those of us who are fascinated at the prospect of making deeper perception PRACTICAL? Big fun!

Innovative Discovery #37.

Your Power of Command

What a wondrous discovery! Even more fun is to use it. In Energy Spirituality ENERGY HEALING, a great resource built right into you is using Your Power of Command in order to cocreate with the Divine.

Both sacred and delightful, this version of energy healing. To learn in depth, here’s a resource that’s good to know about. When you’re ready, you can take the Spiritually Sparkling Collection of Online Workshops. (By all means, start with the Free Intro.)

In Conclusion

Ha, no conclusion yet! We’re still learning, growing, sharing, having fun!

In fact, this isn’t a complete list of Energy Spirituality-style innovations. At least it’s a start.

Rose Rosetree says, “Thanks for reading.”

You’re invited to join the Innovation Conversation at Rose’s main blog, “Deeper Perception Made PRACTICAL.” Yes, consider yourself warmly invited.



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