Gillian Anderson’s Aura on “The Crown”

Fireworks may go off in your head.

Rose Rosetree
4 min readNov 30, 2020


Comparison aura readings can blow your mind. Whether you’ve watched “The Crown” or not.

Of course, I can compare this outstanding actress’s aura as HERSELF. Versus her aura while playing MARGARET THATCHER on “The Crown.” Easy-peasy!

At least, if you’ve got reasonably good Energetic Literacy skills. And also an adventurous spirit.

Welcome to “The Crown Week” of Aura Readings here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Moreover, how about some of you Blog-Buddies with good aura reading skills? Would it be fun to research Anderson? Or even do your first Aura Comparison Reading below? Especially fun if, like me, you go gaga over “The Crown.”

That last link takes you to the official trailer for Season 4. Here in America, it just became available recently, via Netflix. Superb, superb acting — that’s one reason to watch it. Which brings us to research Gillian Anderson, imo the show’s most remarkable actor this season. (And that’s saying a lot.)

Exactly How Do Aura Reading TV Reviews Work?

Without further ado, ta da! Here’s your link to the blog post that explains Aura Reading TV Reviews. Such a fun specialty of Energy Spirituality! These are comparison aura readings, contrasting one chakra databank at a time.

Of course, one uses images for references.

Which ones will star in today’s aura reading research?

Gillian Anderson as Herself

As a matter of fact, here she is. Simply pause the YouTube video at 1:12 and take a screenshot.

Gillian Anderson Playing Margaret Thatcher

What a transformation, even visually, as Anderson plays Prime Minister Thatcher. Personally, I recommend that you pause this different YouTube video at 0:16. Again, taking screenshots can help.

And now, let the fun begin!

Gillian Anderson Aura Comparison Reading #1A.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room


Symbolic Size

80 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.


Since she’s “being herself” in this photo, Ms. Anderson is not doing the “fun part.” Namely, no playing a role. Seems to me, being herself is a bland resting state, hardly worth mentioning.

Hardly worth noticing her, really. Granted, she does have minute-and-particular awareness of physical details. And that’s without trying, by now. All that observation can inform her acting, so she’s saving it up.

Gillian Anderson Aura Comparison Reading #1B.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Gillian Anderson Playing MARGARET THATCHER

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Somewhat over-functioning


If I were a mental health professional, I’d find it tempting to use this phrase: Delusions of grandeur. Of course, I’m decidedly not a a mental health professional.

Instead, I’m the founder of Energy Spirituality. As such, I’d describe “Thatcher’s” fictional presence as having these characteristics:

  1. Feeling that her political role is nearly beyond human understanding.
  2. Like an almost God-given right to rule. (Frankly, reminiscent of the Divine Right of Kings.)
  3. Although never needing to brag about her superior standing, this “Thatcher” expects to prevail. Always. In every situation.
  4. Weird? Scary? Might all this shed light on Thatcher’s 11 years of power in England!

Might I add this? First of all, what I’m finding in this chakra databank makes perfect sense. However, it never-ever occurred to me.

And what’s really wild about this? Elsewhere I’ve done detailed aura readings of Queen Elizabeth. (See a bonus goodie in the Aura Reading Collection of Workshops, Workshop Level 101.) Ironically, I’ve found that the real-life monarch has that.

Seriously! First time I read her aura, this shocked me so much, hello! I almost fell off my chair. Since then, I’ve researched this monarch at several different stages in her career. (Through photos, as always.)

As a result, I’m convinced: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor has only grown more imperious over time. More royally entitled than any other person I’ve aura-read so far. Which is saying quite a lot!

Gillian Anderson Aura Comparison Reading #2A.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict


Symbolic Size

1/2 inch. Close to shutdown.


LOL, as I haven’t done in a long time. You see, Blog-Buddies, it would appear that Gillian Anderson:

  1. Is an empath
  2. Coupled with being an unskilled empath
  3. Like many an unskilled empaths, she has figured out a funky kind of workaround. In other words, she’s got plenty of company with that.
  4. To clarify, Gillian has developed a workaround for handling conflict. Whereby she does an unskilled empath merge with the person who’s giving her grief. During this time, she kind of “erases herself.” (Since it’s that kind of unskilled empath merge.)
  5. As a result, this workaround can spare her considerable conflict. Although she also would suffer collateral damage. (Unknown to her conscious mind.)

By all means, ask in the COMMENTS below if you’d like me to spell out… Altogether, the many ways this workaround brings far more disadvantages than advantages. In my humble opinion…

Gillian Anderson Aura Comparison Reading 2B.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict

Gillian Anderson Playing MARGARET THATCHER

Symbolic Size

89 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.


Nothing less than hatred. Really, hatred.

Also contempt for people. In addition, I notice a sense of feeling Divinely inspired. Like, “This must happen. And that must happen.”

Basically, it’s a private-and-undisclosed religious fanaticism. Chilling!

Now Let’s Let Part 1 of this Article Series… Linger

Maybe impacting you like a fireworks display you’ve just seen. Such extraordinary acting by Gillian Anderson. Altogether different from who she is. And going all the way through to her subconscious chakra databanks.

Questions anyone? Comments? While you’re waiting, perhaps you’d like to take a look at other similar articles. Comparing actors as themselves to their roles?

Around here, that’s one of our Energetic Literacy specialties.

Photo by MIO ITO on Unsplash



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