Founding Energy Spirituality AURA READING

How Did It Start?

Rose Rosetree
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Here’s my photo. Not fancy, but you can research this picture for a typical sample of my aura in 2020.

Founding Energy Spirituality AURA READING.

Of course, that’s worth describing here at my blog. Especially since we’ve been discussing problems when sweet people feel inspired to make up their own systems. And then they start “healing” clients. Inadvertently hurting them, more often than not.

Does that sound harsh? Not nearly as harsh as living the mess I’ve encountered in auras of self-taught healers and their clients. Sadly, it’s easy to confuse what feels good with what is good. Like whether or not the results are good. Either for the healer or the client.

No wonder, it’s fair to ask: Is Rose Rosetree just another expert wannabe? Did I just make up the distinctive way that I use and teach energetic literacy skills?

Definitely! It’s about Time I Shared Background Info on…

Rose Rosetree’s Credentials for Doing this Work

Previously I haven’t blogged about how I came to create all four specialties of Energy Spirituality. So thank you, JONATHAN, for requesting that in your comments here.

In case any of you would like the quick-ish version, summarizing my credentials… Maybe this last link will save you some time. Because, yes, I did make a brief YouTube video summarizing how I came to found Energy Spirituality.

Yet each of the Energy Spirituality specialties has its own background story. Therefore, I’ll use some Rose Rosetree thoroughness here and create four different blog posts. But if you’re game to read, I’m game to write.

Today, Let’s Start with Founding Energy Spirituality AURA READING

First of all, I had zero talent for reading auras. Since I wasn’t the least bit clairvoyant. Truth to tell, I’ve never seriously studied how to see auras. More that, like a hobbyist, every once in a while I explored.

Several times, I tried-and-failed at “squinting.” “Magic Eye” books never helped. Various approaches for seeing the colours??? Quite consistently, I’d try and fail. Quite hilarious then, that I’d:

  • Develop the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.
  • Successfully teach it internationally through in-person workshops.
  • Equally successfully, teach it in public schools in Virginia. (As adult education.) Like, regularly. And for more that an decade.
  • Publish two aura reading books, including a national bestseller in Germany. Also selling a ton of foreign editions.
  • And I guess we could mention that by now I’ve read an estimated 3,000+ auras.

How It Began

Like many a spiritual seeker during the New Age Years, I studied Energy Healing. (Details will follow in Part 2 of this planned series.)

Note: The New Age Years lasted from 1980 until the Shift into the Age of Awakening, 12–21–12.

Anyhow, while doing Reiki and Healing Touch, hello! I discovered that I was energy sensitive. In my case, that meant feeling energy. Learning about people through their energy. Altogether falling in love with energy!

Meanwhile, another area of study that contributed to reading auras was involvement in Transcendental Meditation. Starting in 1969, I faithfully meditated. By 1971 I completed my second Teacher Training Course with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Later, I took one advanced course after another.

Basically, loads of courses! To put it another way, I meditated my brains out from 1969 until 1991. Because teaching TM was “my life” from 1970 until I resigned in 1986.

In retrospect, I was a really good follower. Whatever I studied, I did it exactly as taught. No exceptions. Never would I have dreamed of becoming any kind of a leader.

Cocreating with God for

Founding Energy Spirituality AURA READING

Meanwhile, yes, I was learning really good skills for cocreating with God. Understanding about that chunk o’ skills will have to wait until Part 4 of the planned series about my credentials. Namely the post about Enlightenment Coaching.

Suffice it to say, for here, that I did learn skills for cocreating with the Divine.

Easiest Thing in the World…

During the 1980s I began to do aura reading by cocreating with the Divine, using the system that developed, one skill at a time. By 1986, I hung out my shingle doing (what would eventually be named) Energy Spirituality.

In order to help my clients, I began to do sessions of aura healing. In order to use those skills, I did aura reading in every session.

Funny Thing About All This

How easy-and-effortless has your life been?

  1. Blog-Buddies, mine hasn’t mainly been easy-and-effortless.
  2. Likewise, academically my grades were middling. Although I worked very hard.
  3. Music, which I loved, was a great example of just about everything I’ve done in my life. Learn about my violin performance, in concert, in a funny little part of my memoir, “Bigger than All the Night Sky.

Yet somehow, everything involved in Energy Spirituality skills has been the big exception. I’d do one thing at a time… effortlessly… joyfully.

As for more specifics, this stat sums things up:

Six Years of Inspiration Alternating with Anticipatory Humiliation

These days, “shameless self-promotion” is a thing. For instance, today Twitter writers can tweet under the hashtag #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday. By contrast, writing has always been sacred to me. Not for bragging but for serving. Not for persuading the world that “I’m special” but for telling the truth about things that matter, as best I can.

No wonder I struggled for 6 1/2 years, writing “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.” Sorta-struggled, since:

  • Draft-writing was blissful. Since I cocreated with a Divine Being.
  • Also, the system developed with so much specific detail. Later I’d appreciate the many innovations. At the time, in consciousness, I was exploring a wonderland.
  • All those years of TM had prepared me to experience how sacred it could be, exploring with consciousness.
  • Editing the book on reading auras was educational. How can I put this? It felt like the Divine Being who was helping me… gentled the experience: More than anything else I felt the joy of developing greater clarity, a higher truth value.

Yet That Was Hardly My Only Experience

Quite often, when not writing or editing, I’d feel scared. Personally scared. How could I ever publishing that book? Partly, fearing how people would laugh at me. Mostly, feeling humiliated in advance.

Because what made me worthy? Who was I to give the world a new model of what auras are. Or 100+ practical ways to use aura reading.

Indirectly, I’d be showing the world. “I flunk at clairvoyance. Yet I have the gall to say that I can read auras really well. And say that you can too, no matter what your gift set. No matter how other people said that you can’t.”

No Wonder I Wrote that One Book Three Times

You see, every morning I’d write away, using my little electric typewriter. Later I’d edit the manuscript. (All pre-word processing.)

Sound simple? After two years or longer, I’d feel such personal terror at publishing that outlier book???

With a sense of great relief (and finality)… haha… I’d throw away all that paper.

Incidentally, this wasn’t like when I published my syndicated column on meditation. Or anything else I’ve published.

Never, before-or-since, would I simply destroy my writing due to fear of what others might think. But in this case I couldn’t help myself.

Soon afterward I would write that same book all over again. After the third time through, finally, I published it.

Ta da! Besides selling copies on my own, I was given my first book club sale. Since One Spirit (a division of the Book of the Month Club) selected “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

Summarizing How I Prepared to Use and Teach Energetic Literacy

  1. Learning Reiki 1.
  2. Learning Reiki 2.
  3. Studying Healing Touch Level 1.
  4. Studying Healing Touch Level 2.
  5. Learning “Conscious Channeling” from Teachings of the Inner Christ (TIC).
  6. Adapting that method significantly, for personal use, so that it became “Cocreating with God.”
  7. Named a “Lay Teacher” for TIC.
  8. Becoming a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Faithfully running TM Centers. Initiating. Checking. Giving “Advanced Lectures.”
  9. Waking up innate abilities as a Consciousness Engineer.
  10. Helping friends with Energy Spirituality sessions.
  11. Helping Energy Spirituality clients since 1986.
  12. Teaching the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® ever since 1986.

Maybe Just as Important

Never studying aura reading as a form of psychic development.

Trying a couple of times to receive guidance from my guardian angel. Or spirit guides. (Epic fails!)

Then giving up. Much later, realizing how fortunate I’d been, that way.

Founding Energy Spirituality AURA READING. Got Questions?

In retrospect, there are loads of technical differences between other aura seeing methods versus the system I cocreated. Since this article is already so long, I won’t go into those technical details.

How about you ask your questions in COMMENTS below, at my main blogging place, “Deeper Perception Made Practical”? Also, feel free to share your reactions.



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